Brickyard Buffalo

I've been really excited about the launch of Brickyard Buffalo :) I've been counting down the days until I got to share it with y'all! Side note: I am obsessed with the layout/design of their website!

Here's what it is:

"Brickyard Buffalo is the newest online pop-up market where you'll find the best discounts on quality, on-trend items. We've done our homework and found only the best of everything to feature all in one place. We'll be featuring items for men, women, children and your home, and are thrilled with the vendors we have in store for you."

I know that I will most definitely be checking the site every day to see what sweet deals they come up with! I'm all about convenient online shopping ;)

Here are some of my current favorite deals:

Interested? Check out Brickyard Buffalo on Facebook, Twitter (#jointheherd), and Instagram!
Happy shopping...just in time for Black Friday! You're welcome ;)



  1. so stinking cute!!
    Those websites will be the death of me and my WALLET!!!

    Oh Vey!

    Love love you!

  2. Such a cute website!! Thanks for sharing it with us! :)


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