What Are Pants?

Living in Florida leaves me drawn to shorts & dresses.
I hardly wear long pants, boots, or scarves, because I don't feel like it's necessary.
But honestly, today was pretty chilly outside so I think that I'm ready to branch out and start getting my fall fashion on!

As I was getting ready this morning, I found myself at a loss. I really just wanted to throw on a hoodie & jeans and call it good.
I'm not the best at accessorizing and layering...2 very important factors when it comes to fall fashion.

What's a girl to do when she finds herself in a fashion crisis? Turn to Pinterest, of course!
So this week I am inspired by:

Fall Fashion!

Anytime I'm getting ready and am tempted to venture out in jeans & a hoodie, I plan on using this post as my rescuer ;)

1. Love the idea of pairing a dress with leggings/tights. I have a ton of dresses in my closet already!
2. Big slouchy sweaters = a big heck yes in my book! Comfy & warm, yes please.

3. I never thought about wearing a scarf & belt like this!
4. I like how this outfit pairs a neutral stripe with a pop color scarf.

5. I'm thinking that I love the idea of buying more infinity scarves. And tights. 
6. I'm a sucker for anything lace. And the color of that scarf is to die for!

Verdict: I really need to invest in a pair of tall, leather, brown boots right? And a few infinity scarves wouldn't hurt either. I mean they're used in almost every outfit for fall...

What are some of your favorite fall fashion trends?



  1. you definitely need some boots and scarves! love those outfits!

  2. I live in florida also and was at a total loss yesterday too! It was super chilly.

  3. Get your fall fashion on! A couple of years ago we went to Lakeland around Christmas time and it was windy and cold. I bundled up the same way as Georgia and I could tell people were jealous lol. They all had on jeans, t-shirts and flip flops and were freezing. Invest now and beat the cold! Its definitely hit us here too! :)

  4. love these outfits! I need a shopping spree :)

  5. omg I loveeee those Tory Burch boots in the first set of pics!!! And the different toned heels in the bottom pic... adorbs!!!!

    I love me some tights, boots, scarves, and bell bottoms!!! Love how they look with heels even though you can't see the heels bc the bells cover em!

    I say wear your dresses and shorts with tights to convert your summer clothes until you shop!

    And don't forget... you can totes make any of your scarves an infinity scarf by tying the loose ends together (thank you Pinterest!).

    Happy Tuesday and happy shopping!!!

  6. Those are all such perfect fall looks! I feel like boots make almost any outfit cuter :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  7. Fall outfits are my DREAM closet with several sweater dresses and pairs of boots!

    I just tweeted you a picture of my outfit today. Your post is so fitting! :)

  8. you deff need to hop on the sweater dress bandwagon lol Pair that with leggings and you are set for the winter in fl. My mom kept buying me sweaterdresses and now I have 5 lol I told her no more!
    I've been contemplating wearing a scarf vest like that as well with the belt...

  9. I absolutely love leggings and long boots! my favorite! Yay for cold weather in FLorida!


  10. WANT IT ALL.
    Really I love all these outfits and will be recreating them now that it is kinda, sorta, quazi fall around here!!!


  11. the infinity scarves definitely scream fall. I need to invest in more myself.
    those are really cute outfit inspirations!

  12. Isn't it so awesome it's finally a bit chilly? I literally have no Fall close. Sucks to suck, I guess!
    xo Heather


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