Pumpkin Adventures

I don't love Halloween. I'm a big baby when it comes to anything scary...yikes!
But I do love fall and all of the activities that come along with it :)
To me, once Halloween gets here it is officially holiday season! Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's...those I can handle!

But I don't want to be a total party pooper, so today I want to show you my pumpkins through the years!

2008 was the very first time I ever gutted and carved a pumpkin all by myself. I was super into butterflies at the time (it was actually the year before I got my tattoo). I was actually pretty proud of how this one turned out since I was a rookie :)

2009 was the first year that Adam & I carved pumpkins together. I had the idea to do the "iPumpkin" and he had the idea to do a tree. But to mix things up, we each carved the others' idea...so I did the tree and he did the "iPumpkin."

2010 Adam & I carved a pumpkin together. We looked online for an idea and this one made us both laugh so we went for it. It actually wasn't hard to carve at all!

Sorry 2011...I guess that was not a good year to carve pumpkins ;)

2012! I had planned on decorating my pumpkin with paint & glitter...maybe a chevron pattern or something. When I saw the pumpkin that my mom got me I thought that since it was so tall that I would carve the Eiffel Tower on it. 

What really happened: the pumpkin was the size of my torso (not kidding) and took me like an hour to clean out. By the time I finished that, I was over messing with the pumpkin. SO a friend of mine decided to take over and this is what happened...cracked me up! 

I'm hoping to decorate a glitterriffic pumpkin for 2013 :) We'll see if I stick to the plan!



  1. hahahah that last picture! It's so ironic that it's perfect. I love it. That one of the pumpkin eating another pumpkin is Awesome too. We were going to do that this year but decided it was too much work haha. we're lazy!

    Shabby Apple Giveaway @ The House of Shoes

  2. Haha I was expecting a glorious decorated chic pumpkin with all of the other clever ones. However, this one is a cutie! Here's to 2013. I'm sure the process was fun none-the-less ;)

  3. haha that is so funny! I love the tiny face :)

  4. I haven't carved a pumpkin since middle school. I love how this year's turned out :)

  5. love it!! I suck at carving pumpkins! Way too much of a mess in my opinion (;

  6. this is too funny that our posts are so similar! :) another reason why we are friends!! i like the glitter idea!

  7. LOLLLL @ your pumpkin this year!!! I think it's adorbs... tons of effort I can totes see!

    I love how you documented each year's pumpkin!! I wish I kept pics of each year myself... would be a fun collage to put together! My fave is the one eating the mini pumpkin in 2010!!

    Happy Hween girlie! May you have all the candy you want!

  8. Bahahaha! Well, that's definitely different! I'll bet there's no other pumpkin like it. Way to be different, sister! ;)

    I love the pumpkin-eating pumpkin you guys did two years ago. So cute and funny!

    Have fun celebrating today/tonight, if that's your cup of tea! Are you dressing up or anything?

  9. I love your pumpkin! Too cute and funny. I also love your shirt, I'm wearing it today as we speak!

  10. the 2012 pumpkin is pretty much the best pumpkin I've ever seen. For real. Haha! :)
    xo Heather

  11. What cute pumpkins! Your pumpkin this year cracks me up, but I think 2010 is my favorite!
    Fizz and Frosting

  12. hahaha that last picture is hilarious, you made such fun ones! And i like the one where it's nomming on a tiny pumpkin. Kind of evil!

  13. You are so cute! I don't love Halloween either, don't like the scary! ;) But LOVE all things Fall. Have a great day, friend! Love you!

  14. That last one is hysterical! I have definitely had a few years where when I was done cleaning out the pumpkin, the last thing I wanted to do was carve it! Your hands are frozen and your forearm is killing you!

  15. Love this post and your butterfly is perfect for me! I another one who doesn't like Halloween much because I don't like the scary stuff! Awesome pumpkin carving!



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