New Series! Inspired By...

I'm starting a new series here on Lovely Little Things called "Inspired By..."
Each week (or so I hope) I'll choose something that has been inspiring me and make a few collages of it. It's basically an excuse for me to look at pretty things and brainstorm for ideas of my own :)

This week I am inspired by...

Mason Jars.

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I love the versatility of mason jars. You can use them inside or outside and for formal or informal occasions. To me, they tie country & chic together perfectly. 

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When I give you all my virtual apartment tour at the end of this month, you'll see just how great my love for mason jars is :) They are scattered all throughout my apartment, serving various purposes. I just love their simplicity and how useful they are.

What are you inspired by this week?


  1. Love Mason Jars! I've been meaning to get crafty with them and this has inspired me as well!! Thank you :)

  2. Jars definitely came in handy at my wedding! Flowers, candles, reception table, etc. :) I love them too!

    But I love you more!

  3. Love this! Those mason jar lights are amazing :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. Love the idea of this series! & mason jars, I'll always love them <3
    xo Heather

  5. I love mason jars! I have one that I keep strips of paper with quotes and lists of things that make me happy written on them, little notes from friends, and friendship bracelets I still have. It always makes me so happy to go back and look through it!

  6. i love all of these. mason jars are something i've always loved and have always done neat things with them!

  7. i love mason jars!! Especially to drink out of them :)

  8. OMG lovin' your new inspirational weekly posts you're starting... YOU ROCK!

    Yes.. mason jars are somewhat UHHMAZING, aren't they?! You can snatch em for so cheap if not free, and they are ooberly chic hanging, sitting, or laying around the house!

    I cannot wait to see your new apartment! We should take your tour with a glass of wine :)

    Miss you!! xo, Bev


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