I love mountain biking.

I love going to the beach.

I love spending time with my loved ones.

I love sitting outside and just soaking in the beauty around me.

I love working out.

I'm striving to make more time to do these things that I love.
I'm making it a priority to wake up every day and appreciate where I am, even if everything around me seems chaotic.
I'm choosing to trust God even when things aren't going exactly how I planned.

I'm living & I'm loving :)

What do you love doing? I'm challenging you to make more time to do those things! Happy weekend!



  1. i love this post!! and your blog! :)

  2. Love this post! You go girl. I hope your life is going well and everything turns out even BETTER than you planned it! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I'm learning to love surrendering my need to have things planned out (like weekends) to the bliss of following my husband's lead of enjoying the minutiae of NOW.

    Love YOU too.

  4. I love, love date nights. Spending time with my man after a long week of routine is so refreshing.
    I love my kiddos and the witty funny things they say.
    I love coffee. I LOVE coffee. haha.

    Thanks for reminding us to love the little things!

  5. I love most of those things as well. Those running kicks are fabulous!

  6. Love what you said here -> "I'm choosing to trust God even when things aren't going exactly how I planned."

    And feeling inspired to do just what you challenged us to do.

    I've been loving heart to hearts with the people I love most. With some, that involves facetiming because they live to (or is it too?) far away. I've been loving baking pies and cookies and biscuits and FALL.

  7. You're making me want to go to the beach!

  8. Preach it goooorl... we should all be waking up striving to make the most out of each day!!

    I love YOU!!

    xo, Bev

  9. This is a great post. So good to remind yourself of what you love and whats joyful

  10. Good for you!!! Love your beach picture...it screams happiness. :)

  11. Such a cute post! I wish your love of working out would rub off on me :)

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