Leap of Faith

Last week's Smell the Roses task was to take a leap of faith, and do something that you've been afraid to do. I did just that. Let me explain.

Ever since I graduated college in May, I have been a basket case (to say the least). I feel like I'm in a weird place in my life...a place where I am waiting. And not patiently waiting but more of a "what the heck am I supposed to do with my life now" kind of waiting. After talking to a few people, I realize that these feelings are normal post-college.

Of course I want to choose a career that makes me successful.
A stable career. But I also want to follow my heart. I want to wake up every day (okay let's be realistic...most days) excited to go to work. I've been on the hunt for what I am passionate about. My plan was to go to grad school in January for Elementary Education. I've tried my best to pump myself up about it.

But I still felt like something was missing. The passion wasn't there. I talked to Adam about it a few weeks ago and he challenged me. He told me that I should stop fighting it and go after my high school dream. We both knew what he was referring to...event planning.

Event planning has been my passion since I can remember. I love planning, organizing, managing, directing, etc. I'm good at it; I'm in the zone when I'm doing it. I worked at a special events venue on the weekends while I was in high school. That is where my love for event planning sparked. When I was moving I found a box of old letters from Adam. I read one in particular that tugged at my heart. He wrote, "I want to be your Landon. I want to support you in your dream to become a wedding planner."

The first part "I want to be your Landon" is talking about the character from the movie A Walk to Remember. Awww, right? ;) And then the second part. Adam knows that event planning is what makes me come alive. He also knows that I've been terrified to pursue it, because it's not a "stable" career when you're first starting out. He's always pushed me toward it, and I've always made excuses. But he still knew that's where my passion was.

Well you know what I did? I took a leap. I emailed a few event planning companies in my area asking if they had any open spots for an intern to come in and get some hands on experience. I didn't know any of these people, but I knew that I had to put myself out there. And you know what? I heard back from quite a few of the people that I contacted.

I had an interview last week with an event decor company. I was interviewed for an intern position, which they hope can turn into a full time position eventually. I was also invited to an inspiration photo shoot (it's actually going on today!) with another company (an event planning company) and then to meet with the owner of that company for coffee this Friday. Guys! Look at all of these opportunities that are arising just because I took a leap of faith and went for my dreams!

Success won't happen overnight, but taking small steps each day will get you where you want to be. I promise! Here is to squishing fear under my feet and giving my all to go after my dreams.

Here is a a look at what I wore to the interview last week :)

Did you do anything last week that required you to take a leap of faith? I want to read about it :)
I'm not making today's post a "link up" since it's the return of Smell the Roses. But if you do a Smell the Roses post this week leave me a link in a comment, and I'll come check it out!

This week's task:
Make your favorite drink and enjoy it outside.



  1. I LOVED THIS POST! I am so impressed with YOU! Way to get out there and take a leap of faith for your dreams! I seriously loved everything you wrote here! I wish you the best in chasing after those dreams of yours, you go girl!


  2. Sooooo fun! I've actually thought about doing event/wedding planning as well. I did a lot of that in high school and always loved it! =)

    Killer outfit for the interview girl!!

  3. Wow. I feel like Im in a similar place to you at the moment...really enjoyed reading it:)
    I shared mine here:

  4. How crazily inspirational for this Monday morning. Sometimes taking a leap is the scariest thing.. I know all about that... and I totally get what you mean when you say you feel like you are waiting around... I have that feeling ALL the time, like I am waiting for my life to start... you know? Good luck with it all... and oh my how I love those shoes.

    Love Elle xo


  5. i am so proud of your jessica! that is so exciting!!!!!

  6. Congratulations on pursuing your dream! Isn't it funny how we all come out of college thinking we're all that and that the world is our oyster and then we get a wake up call? I think we've all been there. It's great that you are pursuing this now though. It's better to be unstable now before you have commitments and children and such and can't take the risk!

  7. OH CHILD!

    Good for you!! I am excited for all the opportunities that are coming your way!!
    YAY exciting things!!!

  8. You go girl!! I love how you've been stepping outside of the box... relaxing with your planning day to day, enjoying life for what it's worth, and chasing your dream, even if it means a different direction from what you planned. I appreciate how you're so open and honest in your blogging to help the rest of us out who are always questioning ourselves!

    Love your Landon too!! He's quite a cheerleader in your life!

    Congrats on hearing back from those peeps.. they'd be lucky to have you working alongside of em!

  9. How exciting! Good for you. Life is way to short to do something you hate.

  10. HELLO! Your big sister worked in events for a non-profit and a famous boutique hotel! #sistervibes

    LOVE YOU, and I'm so proud of you! You will be great!

  11. Yay girl! I'm so excited for you :) I've been wanting to take the leap into event planning for a long time but I've been too afraid to do it! I have a steady job with a good company and I'm having a hard time trading that in for an internship which I would totally need. Maybe reading abouy your journey will be just the push I need!

  12. Seriously so exciting! I definitely need to take a leap of faith soon...
    xo Heather

  13. Sheesh...Your passion and courage inspire me. You're always talking about how much you want to follow your dreams and then...Bam! You do!

    I know it wasn't as easy as that, but I'm inspired by your bravery. It pulls at my own heart strings...some deep things that I feel like I need to have the courage to do.

    Thanks, friend :)

  14. This has totally been my motto these last few months! I graduate in less than two months and had been having those same feelings.

    I took a leap of faith and traveled from Nebraska to Dallas for a photography conference! Which was so intimidating, scary, and exciting for me.

    And I just did it again yesterday when I applied for Teach for America. I had been throwing around the idea and it scared me a little, but in the long run I realized there was no reason not to apply and I've heard back from them already.

    It's such a good feeling!

  15. Great post, Jess! That sounds super exciting! I worked in event planning management and it was STRESSFUL but totally fun! Word of advice (since I know you'll totally get the job) make best friends with the chef because they feed you amazing food. Amazing food = best perk! ;)

  16. Congrats Jess! That is so exciting! The first step is usually the hardest and it sounds like you are well on your way! Yayyy!

  17. I know what you mean about the whole after college feeling. I felt like I was in limbo for a while when I graduated. But this post is awesome and I am so excited for you for going after your dreams!!! Best of luck to yoU!

  18. Yay! Way to go for taking a leap of faith and for going after your dreams :)


  19. That's so great! Good for you! That's a fantastic idea - putting yourself out there for internships! Maybe I should do that. I don't know what the heck I'm doing with my life. I'm a high school teacher by trade but there are no jobs here and I hated substitute teaching... I'd like to work with youth but in a different avenue... I'm big on not-for-profits. Maybe I'll follow your lead :)

  20. Congrats girl!! I used to be an event planner and it was SO much fun. I believe in you!


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