Friday Love!

It's Friday! So that means I'm linking up with Lauren for High Five for Friday :)
Here are 5 of my favorite things from this past week:

1. It's not really chilly enough during the day to wear boots yet, but I went home from work one night and put these on, because I really wanted to wear boots. It was worth having sweaty feet....TMI?

2. One of my best friends turned 21! She was the last of the girls to turn 21, so we're all really excited to be able to go do wine tastings and stuff together :)

3. Adam's sister moved back from Connecticut. I haven't really talked to her or spent time with her since high school, so it was really fun going out to dinner with her and catching up!

4. My favorite time of the day lately has been the morning! I love sitting on my porch with a cup of coffee and staring out over the lake. Starting my day with some quiet time is always a good thing.

5. I bought a plane ticket! I'm going to North Carolina to visit some friends, and I am so incredibly excited :) We are going to submerge ourselves in all things fall since Florida doesn't really have a "fall." Oh and guess what? This will be my first time on a plane...eeek!

Happy weekend, people!



  1. Boots are always and forever worth sweaty feet! And you've never been on a plane?? You're in for a treat;)

  2. I'm so excited to hear about your first plane/airport experience! :) Happy Friday, sis! Love you!

  3. Sounds like 5 great things :)

  4. definitely worth the sweaty feet to wear boots! :) and yeah for a upcoming trip!! have a great weekend!!

  5. BAH!
    I can't wait to hear about your first plane trip! I seriously FREAKING love the airport and planes!!!

    ALSO I love them because one of them is coming to take me to see YOU!!!

    xo xo

  6. such a cute blog! and i agree the best part of the day is definitely the morning and you are so blessed to be able to look out at a beautiful lake! :)


  7. I agree about the boots... not really cold enough yet, but I just can't resist! =)

  8. Love your morning view! So peaceful.

    Have fun in NC. Flying will be fun, just remember not only is God with you (cliche, I know), He's controling the weather and everything in between! Even if they're jerks, just keep smiling through security, at passengers, at flight attendants and anyone else who tempt you to join them in grumpville. :)

    Wishing for my own trip to the carolinas!

  9. I wanna join you for that cup of JOE in my pj's!!! I wish I can sip some coffee outdoors.. in this weather, the coffee would immediately turn to iced coffee if I were to go outside!

    SOOO bring your boots this way and make a 2nd time on a plane to OREGON! WOOOOOP!!!

    Love to see you enjoying life and yourself with good friends... girl time is zeee bayyyst!!!

  10. OOH I wish I had a lake to look out on! that looks amazing!

  11. Hopefully it'll say cool when you visit NC. Next we will be in the 50's, the high. Yay for boot weather! This week we enjoyed the nice high 70/low 80.
    Enjoy your first plane ride. I flew on a plane for the first time this past summer and I'm thirty something. Have to say the window seat is the best....I took pictures the whole time!!! What part of NC are you visiting?

  12. Carolina is beautiful this time of year! You will be just around the corner from me! :)

  13. how exciting that you're going to north carolina!! :)

    have a lovely weekend, friend!

    ps - LOVING your blog design so much.


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