Connecting With My Southern Roots

I come from a very mixed family.
My Mom's side of the family is mostly from Ohio...Northerners.
My Dad's side of the family is mostly from West Virginia & Tennessee...Southerners.
I've lived in South Florida my whole life...technically in the South, but not really a Southern pride/Deep South part of the state if you ask me.
My parents are both rock & roll people...metal heads, if you will. Growing up, country music was a no-no in our household.

So where does that leave me? Confused...that's where ;)

Toy (my Grandma) & my Granddad are very proud of their Southern roots. Granddad has always been a hardcore hunter, Toy can cook with the best of them, they both have a little twang in their accent, and country & gospel are their music genres of choice.

Fast forward to 2006. I started dating Adam. Adam is also very in tune with the southern way of life. It's how he was raised. Fishing, hunting, big trucks, drinking sweet tea, wearing camo as if it were going out of style...you know, the whole nine yards.

I always gave him a hard time about it, since my parents never really supported that way of living. I never really gave the "southern lifestyle" a chance. Well lately, I've been trying to branch out and expand my horizons. I'm taking the time to learn to appreciate my southern roots & my southern boyfriend.

And can I just say something out of honesty? I have been missing out!

I went to my first country concert (Brad Paisley) and guys, it was a BLAST! Seriously, one of the most fun concerts I've ever been to! The music is so relatable. All of the people there were SO sweet and actually had manners. And guess what? I even wore boots (I may or may not have asked my Texan blog BFF for help on picking them out)!

I've always been a lover of sweet tea. 
Y'all has always been a part of my vocabulary.
Adam even bought me a Guy Harvey shirt, and I agreed to go fishing with him.
I guess I'm finally embracing the Southern part of my blood line ;)
And you know what? I'm actually becoming proud of it.

Next up on the list: making a visit to Texas...Meg, get ready!

Oh, and this next picture is awful. But I had to show off my little southern belle bump ;)

So to all of you Southern lovelies out there:

*Disclaimer: excuse me if any of the lingo I used makes me sound ignorant. I didn't intend to offend anyone with this post :)


  1. How did you make that bump? I can never get mine to work! Also, I am from Michigan born and raised but a country girl at heart. Embrace it, its awesome :)

  2. I've never been to a country concert because I'm not a big fan of country music. A few singers I enjoy but not many, but your pictures look like a blast!

    When you first mentioned a bump I thought you were talking about a baby bump and I was like, wait? what? her belly is as flat as can be. and then i realized you were talking about your hair.

    i think i'm following way too many preggo blogs, haha.

  3. Embrace it girl...<3'n this post!

  4. You are the cutest! I love your boots and have been searching for a pair for ever! Where did you find these ones?
    In Australia we don't tend to have very different cultures in different areas, and definitely not a shoe 'southern area' but I really would love to say y'all!

  5. I'm from Texas! Looks like you could fit right in ;)

  6. Way to embrace the south!

    I love your boots! Where did you get them?

    Y'all need to hit up a country bar for some two steppin. I kind of doubt they have that in florida so make sure your Texas friend takes you when you come to visit!

  7. Ummm... I demand a revision. Hello! I live in Texas too. ;)

    LOVE YOU! You really are rockin' those boots too! Shockingly, I don't have any. I always wanted some when I lived in CA, but I don't want any now that I live in TX. They were more of a fashion statement in CA, but I'm self-conscious to wear any here. Haha!

  8. Love the outfit you look so cute!! Your hair really is getting SO long!!
    Have a great weekend girly

  9. I'm pretty sure I was always meant to live in the south! I grew up all 22 years of my life in Pittsburgh, and for the past 3 months of living in Memphis I am in love. I love that everything shuts down Saturdays (SEC football) and Sundays (church!).
    Don't get me wrong, I miss Pittsburgh! I'm still passionate about my city. But I've always said y'all, and now people don't look at me strange when I say it!

    I need to find me a nice southern country boy who loves hunting and fishing.. my Dad would be proud! ;)

    carelessly graceful

  10. I am from Alabama so sweet tea, fishing, hunting, big trucks, camp etc. are a norm. Although, we are not all hicks haha.

  11. I'm so jealous of your perfect poof! I'm from NY, and have always wished I had southern roots! I know I was born to be southern haha. I just saw brad paisley in west palm beach last week, he's so amazing!

  12. Country concerts are my FAVORITE! And I'm from Ohio as well :)

    You look adorable! Glad you had fun :)

  13. Well, from a Southern girl, welcome to the club :) we're happy to have you haha you look FABULOUS in red and I'm super jealous of that perfect poof! I think, when you go visit Meg, you should stop in MS and pick me up :)

  14. Hot thang right thur.
    You are so cute!!
    YES. Boots.
    YES. country.
    YES. you.

  15. Love Love Brad Paisley. I am from Chicago and still convinced that I am a southern girl at heart...It just works :)

  16. I have ALWAYS wanted to live down South - that lifestyle sounds awesome! And you look SO cute in that dress and those boots :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  17. I'm technically a southern girl (never lived anywhere but Alabama, North Carolina, and Georgia) but you wouldn't know it if you met me. No accent, no country music, no cowgirl boots, and no camo. BUT i will say that there are some things I do love about the south! Chick-fil-a, southern hospitality, the Atlanta Braves...I guess I am a little souther ;)

  18. Love this post because of the embracing of country music! Seriously I am so like you with country being a no-no (lol at you saying that... love it!). Until my hubs introduced me to the heart filled loving music that sooths the soul! I love it and appreciate it now more than ever!

    Your outfit, southern belle bump and boots are super duper cute girlie!! Love how you have different styles and how you rock em all!!

    xo, Bev

  19. The South fits you well ;) I can relate to this since I'm from Florida, but I'm happy that I'm from the Panhandle. At least that area is called LA, as in Lower Alabama!

  20. LOVE YOUR BOOTS! What brand are they? Where did you get them from?


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