Type A to the Back

My life has been all over the place the last 3 weeks or so. Lots of changes and adjustments, and it's just been crazy. I've been spending basically NO time on the computer so forgive me for that.

I've been out & about spending time with my family & friends. And something else that has been changing...you ready to hear this?

My very intense Type-A personality has toned down quite a bit. It kinda caught me off guard, but now that it's been a few weeks, I realize how much more I'm enjoying life! I haven't opened my planner in 2 weeks, people...that is a BIG DEAL for me. And I haven't made my bed every day either. Another huge deal ;)

I've been trying to schedule less and live more.
And let me tell you...it has been one of the most refreshing things I could have done.
It's so different to wake up and take on the day as it comes, rather than planning out everything that I'm going to be doing by the hour. I feel like I've found a new zest for life!

Don't get me wrong...there is NOTHING wrong with type-A personalities.
I just was taking it a little too far and allowing my obsessive organization to rule my life.
I'm just breaking out of this little shell of mine and seeing what the world has to offer AND showing the world what I have to offer :)

Last week I did a little photo shoot with a friend.

This was very out of my comfort zone...I'm not into having my pictures taken, but instead of letting that keep me from doing it, I decided to take it as an opportunity to learn and grow. And it was actually SO much fun!

I'm tired of living life on the sidelines and watching other people do great things.
I don't know what made me realize it, but it just hit me to start getting out there and doing more.

I don't want to be the girl who talks about doing a lot.
I want to be the girl who is doing  lot.

So I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone.
There is SO much going on around us that we tend to overlook, just because it makes us a bit uncomfortable. Well you know what I think? I think that life begins at the end of our comfort zones.

"Twenty years from now you'll be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."
-Mark Twain

All of these pictures were taken & edited by Rad Red Creative.
Such an awesome thing they've got going...I would suggest checking them out and supporting them in any way that you can. They are two people that are stepping out of their comfort zones and going after their dreams. Such an inspiration!



  1. love your shoe boots in the shoot, where are they from? :D

  2. It sounds like life is treating you well! Really well! I'm a chronic planner but I find there's no other way to tackle the many pies I seem to have a finger in.

    Beautiful photos!

  3. I've fallen off the type A wagon for a little bit too. I probably need to hop back on pretty soon though. It's nice to take a break, but there are some things that won't get done if I don't make plans to do them...exercising...healthy grocery shopping...cleaning...keeping in touch with friends...

    Love your pictures!

  4. Well need I gush....
    Yes I shall...
    I am LOVING these pics!

    I am glad you are getting some time to "chill" from the routine!

    Love you Always! Praying for you ALWAYS!

  5. I love you and your blog! you are beautiful! and those shoes are adorable!

  6. Cute! I'm so Type A, or at least I was in college. Now, since I'm just starting out in my adult life/career, I'm kind of passive and Type B. I'm not really sure where I'm going or what I'm suppose to be doing so my stress level has gone down alot.
    Not to say I'm not stressed, but not as bad!

    carelessly graceful

  7. So glad you are taking the time to relax and just live! I think more people need to do this! :)

    Your pictures are gorgeous! Love the outfit! :)

    Take care girlie!

  8. Congrats are toning down the type A thing! Summer usually has me doing the same thing. My planner is blank and empty and tucked away. Not because my life has been, but because I have been doing exactly what you have.

    Love your little shoot! Your hair is getting longer and longer. What's your goal length again?

    Here's to being girls who don't mainly talk but are out DOING and BECOMING!

  9. I've become less Type A as I get older and the same has happened for me, I find that I enjoy myself more! I no longer freak out at last minute plans, instead I embrace them. And if I don't make my bed one day, oh well is it really gonna kill me? Lol

    Glad to hear that you're enjoying life and seizing every moment =)

  10. Good for you! Letting loose can be so hard to do its you aren't used to it! After our busy season is over, I don't know what to do with myself...it's so hard to relax and stop making lists! So I definitely get it! But there is something so awesome about living the un-planned life sometimes!

    I missed you here on the blog, but I'm so glad that you have been able to retreat a bit! :)

  11. Gorgeous, little sis! So good to see you on the blog again today, but I also understand living life instead of fervently trying to document it. It just gets in the way, really. Unless your business is blogging, just do it when you want to. Keep it fun. :-) Love you!

  12. Good for you girl, and these are gorgeous! I told you that I used to be obsessive, and now I'm very happy that I learned to go with the flow!!

  13. love the pictures! You look beautiful!

  14. Isn't it nice to take a break for a little while? That's how I've felt lately, but now I'm ready to be back. I want to SHARE more on the blog. I haven't been planning as much either because sometimes it's nice to just spend Saturday going to three different HomeGoods in search of some art. Or going for long walks when it's actually nice out (it's humid as heck right now).

    P.S. You should get your picture taken more often...yes indeed!

  15. Your pictures look soooo great!! Whats funny is I wish I had a type A personality sometimes, haha. I wish I HAD to make my bed everyday instead of just saying...you know what I will do it later. Have a great day.

  16. Happy to see you back but also happy you're learning about balance, even if that means less blog time! Great photos, you look great and those shoes are phenommmenal!


  17. i love your pictures!!

    especially those shoes girl!

  18. I need to do this as well... I'm obsessed with planning and being a military wife, I have no control! And love that photo shoot... gorg :)

  19. Love the photo shoot! You're so photogenic!

  20. Yay for you for realizing what you need to live life your way. :) I'm type A too and sometimes it's just nice to let things go and see what happens. A to do list will always be there, ya know what I mean?

  21. I love this!! Good for you for stepping out of your comfort zone and finding joy there!!! Who knows what we might miss when we forget to let go and let live sometimes! :)

  22. How cute are you?! Love the photos from the shoot...you look awesome! And I WISH I could stop planning every second of my life...it makes everything so much more stressful haha :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  23. FIRST of all, you look STUNNING as always girlie!! Love the pictures and I'll be honest... I had to look twice when I first saw them on Instagram b/c i didn't know it was YOU!! I am so proud of you... putting away that planner of yours to enjoy and seize the moment! I have calmed down quite a bit too from my Type A personality, and it happened during my last few years at graduate school! It's just so much easier to enjoy the present and leave the past behind, and the future ahead!

    You go girl!! Love your outlook on life, and so happy to see you enjoying yourself and your family and friends lately!! Makes me smile :) TRUTH!!

    xoxoxo, Bev

  24. hey beauty!! i love beyond love this post... it actually makes me want to cry a little, but that might be because it's combined with this awesomely depressing music in my ears. it really hit me when you said you're tired of living life on the sidelines. i've made a few big steps lately, things i never thought i'd be able to do. each time we step outside our comfort zone it's a step towards more experiences, more life, more diversity. i need to do that more!!

    xo, KV

    p.s. i love the photos too - you look amazing!


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