Life Lately Photo Drop

It's been quite awhile since I've done a photo drop.
So today I'm going to show you guys what I've been up to...via pictures :)
P.S. These were all taken with iPhones...so excuse the quality of some of them!

Danielle & I acting 12 trying out our new favorite iPhone app. It's called "PuddingCam" and I would suggest everyone downloading it...it's free!

Bahama Breeze for dinner & drinks with Cole & Jon. That was my first time eating there... holy delicious!

 Ashton's 21st birthday dinner :)

My 2 best friends in the whole world & I at Christine's going away party.

Lunch at Datz with Christine & Britt (they're sisters...can you tell?!)

 I love these people a ton.

Okay I'm not really sure what took me so long to start watching this show, but now I am OBSESSED. I've been watching from the very beginning and I'm on season 3 already!

My chunky nugget is almost 1...I can't believe it! And I can't believe how fat she is...

Nautical themed party at the Wilson's house. They don't play...they spread sand throughout their entire house for this! So awesome!

Check out our tats from the nautical party ;)

Starting my day off right :) Always love my morning quiet time!

I went jet skiing & tubing for the first time! Kinda sad since I've lived in Florida my entire life...oops!

I am SO proud of Christine! She is moving to NYC for a few months to do an internship for an organization called Do Something. She is gonna take over NYC...mark my words!

Starbucks hangs with some of my favorites!

I swear I should just set up a tent outside of Starbucks since I spend so much time there anyway...

We celebrated my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary last week by throwing a surprise dinner for my Grandma! Granddad never properly proposed so he got down on his knee that night and proposed and they renewed their vows...I should have skipped the mascara that night. I cried like a baby! Love them :)



  1. Loved this post because all these pictures WOOHOO! And proposing grandparents? You had be at super swoon. That is the most adorable thing! Getting that app ASAP. And THE CAT! I'm sorry, I'm totally going backwards in this post but I keep remembering photos I loved.

  2. Girl, your hair is getting so long!!! :) && the pictures of your grandparents are just too cute!

  3. I am dying for that cat.
    I love it!!

  4. I was just praying for youuuuu!!!!!
    A. I want that app! SO FUN.
    B. I think you're great
    C. I am glad to see you out and about having so much fun!!!
    E. Come live in Tx.

  5. I reallllly need to get back into quiet time in the morning. Are you doing a specific devotional?

    I LOVE and miss Bahama Breeze!!!

    What a blessing to have such wonderful and fun friends!!

    AND....I LOVE LOVE LOVE How I Met Your Mother! Got the Hubby watching it now too.

  6. Looks like an amazing time to me!

  7. Who knew that you lived in Florida!? That's where my home, or shall I say old home is :) I've been a FL girl my entire life up until now! That along with the fact that Datz, Sbux & Bahama Breeze are some of my favs - I'm lovin' this post!

  8. what great pics and cute friends you have! : ) I love the nautical party! and your grandparents are so cute!

  9. these pictures are so great and all just make me smile!

  10. Lol. So I think a friend of mine is friends with some of your friends....do you know Jordan bates? Well ask your guy friends to find out lol

    Looks like you have been having an awesome time! What's going on with your training to be a fitness instructor thing? Lol

  11. I LOVE HIMYM, too! I discovered it back and May, and I swear my husband and I watched 6 episodes a night and finished all the seasons on Netflix in about 2 months! Now, the latest season needs to come out so I can catch up before the new season comes on at the end of this month!

  12. I love the photodrop, especially the last pictures of your grandparents. Oh.my.word! It looks like you have been having a lot of fun!

  13. Sending you so much love, J! I MISS YOU! I love these photos, and I feel like a good big sister, because stayed current with all of your Instagram photos. :) So happy to see your heart filled with joy recently. I love you so much!

    Come to Houston to be with Meg and me.

  14. love all these photos, jessica!! also, i've never seen HIMYM. sad, i know.

  15. Great pictures and oh my gosh, how sweet are your grandparents? I love it.

  16. LOOOOOVE HIMYM! One of the best shows, hands down! I can't believe you've never jet ski'ed before, its the best! :) I need to download that app, it looks really cool! And seriously your grandparents are way toooo cute.

  17. Looks like you have been having so so much fun!! Your so stinkin cute

  18. i would totally stalk your cat if i lived in fl. because i'm a cat creep and he looks sooooo funny ;)

    loved that picture of your grandparents. honestly that is so SO sweet. i can't believe it's real life!

    looks like you've had a great summer jess :)

  19. Love all of the pictures!! Ohh, what a SWEET proposal!! Precious!

  20. YOU, my friend, have been having a blast in a glass it looks like! Good friends, great family, superb memories!! Love that you captured those lovely moments of your grandparents. I cried when I first saw those flicks posted on your Instagram!

    Hope all is honky dory in your hood gooorlfrannnd!!

    xxo, Bev

  21. Such an adorable blog!!! And such cute pictures :)

    Newest follower!!!

  22. So fun! I need to set up a tent outside Starbucks too haha! Love these pictures- looks like you're really enjoying the last days of summer! :)

  23. Girl you have been buuuuuusssssy. So many fun things! Love the nautical theme for a summer party!

  24. Awww I totally just teared up at your grandparents!! I strive for that, and I love seeing wonderful couples such as this! Fifty years...wow. Sounds like a lot of fun going on!

  25. love all these fun photos! I am excited to read more on your blog. I am a new follower, come follow along http://sjdmiller.blogspot.com

  26. I love this post, its so fun to have a sneak peek into your life :)Your cat is so cute, I've always wanted a black and white cat, maybe I still will some day!

  27. I LOVE seeing your photos...you're too cute! How I Met Your Mother only gets better...SO funny :)

    The Other Side of Gray


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