Life has been throwing a lot of things at me lately that have really tested me.
Tested who I am, what I believe, how I act. Not what I say I am, but who I actually am.

And you know what? I'm really grateful for it.

It's so easy to get stuck in a rut. To get comfortable right where you're at. You know what I'm talking about. We've all been there.

But when a curveball comes your way, you're thrown out of whack a little bit.
I'm learning that instead of watching the curveball go by, I should adjust my stance and take the curveball on! If I miss, so what! I'm sure there will be plenty more curveballs coming at me.
(Excuse the baseball reference :))

Life is so short.
I am so over living it how other people want me to live it.
I'm finished trying to meet expectations that people have placed on me.
I'm the one who has to live with the decisions that I make.
I am embracing ME. And let me tell you, people...it feels pretty darn good!

I'm learning that my flaws make me who I am just as much as my positive traits do.
I'm a diamond in the rough. And that's okay!

That saying, "It is what it is," really annoys me. Such a cop out thing to say. You can change circumstances! Even if you can't change something you can learn from it & grow from it.

So I encourage you, really take a step back and think about where you are and where you want to be.
Where YOU want to be, not where others want you to be. If the two don't match up, today is the day to CHANGE something.

This is your life...make it everything that you want it to be :)

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  1. I love this post :) Sometimes you just have to take life as it comes to you. Keep doing what you're doing, beautiful.

  2. I 100% needed this post today Jessica! I've got some major life decisions coming up, and I'm still trying to accept living for myself. Thank you for the awesome inspiration!

  3. you're a wise woman! :) glad you're turning a tougher time into a growing experience. happy friday girl!

  4. Great post girl! Always do what is best for you, because you are the one who will have to live with it. I hope you have a fantastic weekend.

  5. Great inspiration, especially for me today. There is no better time to start change than right now :)

  6. YESSSSS!!!! I had this deep thought a few weeks ago... so tired of being a people pleaser!! Let's do US and focus on finding the happiness within ourselves before trying with others!!

    Keep on truckin' along this road girlie b/c you far more than deserve this!

    xxo, Bev

  7. Jess!!

    I first have to honestly say that I've missed you in this blogging world :)

    Then I have to say, that I love this post. You are so confident in who you are that it just shines. It inspires others to do the same, including myself.

    I want to have big dreams and actually PURSUE them...like you are.

    I've missed ya girl! Thanks for being awesome :)

  8. Life is a series of choices and adventures. I love you!

  9. I love this post. It is so important to live your life the way you want to live it. I think that is amazing to look at it that way and it truly gives you the advantage over others to take it head on. ANd i love the be-you-tiful!


  10. Thanks for the words. I really needed them today!

  11. Great post!!! I'm learning this (again) this summer too!! I CAN change things I don't want to.

    Love ya gf!

  12. I'm cheering for you, in whatever you're going through! Thanks for always being an inspiration, no time like the present!!

  13. Such a great post! I think we all need this reminder from time to time. It's so easy for me to get immersed in a difficult situation that I forget to lift my head up and see the big picture of the journey I'm on, and the blessings I have here and now!

  14. Nail.on.the.head. I needed this today! Wonderfully written, sweet girl! Thank you :)

  15. sometimes these types of incpirational posts are just what I need in a day! Thanks!


  16. Lovely Quotes!



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