Pallet Love!

It's been quite awhile since I've linked up with Michelle for Oh, How Pinteresting.
So today, I'm doing just that!

Adam is moving this weekend. We'll still live the same distance away from each other... basically.
Until I move in October, that is! Then I'll be moving closer to friends & family :)

Guess what we did this past weekend? We scoured Pinterest...together! WHAT! Yeah, that probably won't happen again any time soon. But we're both loving pallet furniture right now. And Adam is planning on building a few pieces to use in his new bedroom!

I'll definitely share some pictures once that's all put together.
But for now, I have some pictures of a few pallet furniture pieces that stood out to me!
I love the rustic vibe that it gives off.

1 // 2 // 3 

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

1 // 2 // 3

I'm hoping that Adam likes making the pallet pieces for his room, because when we get married, I'm planning on living in a pallet palace ;)

How do you feel about pallet furniture?
And holy crap...happy AUGUST?!


  1. LOVE these! there's a home depot right by my house and i'm always SO tempted to go ask them if i can have their extra pallets they have lying around out back... :)

  2. I love that theater style couch, so awesome!

  3. I have a palet I'm going to make into a headboard!! :) I love these book shelves though, the ones on the wall would be awesome in a kids room or nursery!

  4. That's so fun you browsed Pinterest together for ideas! I love the stadium seating with pallets. So cool!!!

  5. i love pallet projects!! good luck!

    visiting from the vintage apple :)


  6. Hey there - Congratulations!
    You were nominated for the Sunshine Award - you can read about it on my blog and follow the instructions you find there as what you are to do in order to accept this award

  7. great post! I love everything pallets especially the shelves!


  8. Love that you guys were on pinterest together - too cute! And that furniture looks super cool! Happy Wednesday Jess :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  9. I love pallets! I see them all over the place and have been tempted to pick some up! I would really like to make a coffee table like the one in the picture! Thanks for sharing and good luck with your projects!
    Kristen : )

  10. That tiered pallet sofa is incredible!! Great finds Jessica! :) I got my BF hooked on pinterest (for boy stuff), he's even on it!


  11. I think we're all living in pallet land b/c I've been drooling over these furniture pieces myself lately!! But for Adam to bring it up is a MIRACLE!! Gotta hurry up and move forward with it all before he changes his mind!! My fave is the couch out of pallets!!!

    Help him now, and when you get married, you can reap the benefits!! WAHOOOOO!!!

  12. I love pallet furniture, there are just so many things a person can do with pallets so they do not end up in a land fill! :)

    ***Stopping by from the hop, have a great day!

  13. Cute blog!


  14. omg great pins girl- i love all of them :) just wanted to say super cute blog! you should check out the giveaway im having over at my blog! it ends friday! xo

  15. mm!!! i love these. have you seen flat pack homes? they are my favorite!

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  16. I'm OBSESSED with palettes! I love this collection. I can tell that Adam loves you a ton, so I'm sure he won't mind making that palette palace for you. ;-)

    Love you, dear!

  17. I love the vintage furniture look.


  18. I don't know if my husband paid attention last time I showed him Pinterest...Haha. I LOVE all things pallets! They can make just about anything.


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