Oh, The Little Things

Happy Friday, wonderful people :) I'm linking up with Lauren for High Five for Friday. Such a surprise, I know!

Here are my top 5 things from the week! They are little things that made me smile!

one. One of my best friends, Danielle (you see her in all of my mountain biking pictures), sent me this card via snail mail this week. Guys, it's a singing card! And she lives like 30 minutes away so she totally could have hand delivered it, but she knows how much I love snail mail :) The card was celebrating my blog hitting 1,000 readers. UM, yeah my friends are awesome. They don't blog, but still celebrate mine with me!

two. My Dad turned the big 49 this week! I brought him a balloon & cupcakes to work. We also had family dinner at my Grandma's house...breakfast for dinner, Dad's pick! I've been told that I look like my Dad all my life...what do you think?

three. I hope I'm not the only loser who gets excited about getting my yearly IKEA magazine in the mail...

four. One of my other best friends, Brittany, went to NYC a few weeks ago and she brought me back this cute necklace :) I was supposed to go on the trip with her but couldn't due to some financial stuff. It means so much that she thought about me anyway!

five. Okay. This is an excerpt from one of mine & Danielle's (see #1) text conversations. We were talking about how fast time has been going by lately. And she sent me this...

I about DIED. How hilarious is that?! Gotta love a good emoji ;)

Do you have any fun weekend plans?
I'll be at the Rays game tonight & helping Adam move tomorrow!
Whatever you do, enjoy it! Oh and while you're here, take a look at my August sponsors over on my sidebar...they're pretty great if I do say so myself :)


  1. You definitely look like your dad :) love the necklace & that text is hilarious :) Happy Weekend, pretty girl!!! I hope yours is wonderful. XO

  2. one. love singing cards. they are the best.
    two. you look EXACTLY like your dad.
    three. your not the only one who gets excited for the ikea catalogue...i had a friend say he was embarrassed that he got excited for his in the mail today also.
    four. that necklace is beautiful!
    five. hilarious!
    have fun at the rays game!

  3. I heart snail mail, and congrats again, on 1,000 followers! So amazing! I totally think that's how your life is going to go...Does that make her and "emoji reader" instead of a tarot card reader? Haha.

  4. You totally look like your dad. Happy 49 to him.

    And umm...I am still waiting by the mailbox for my IKEA book to arrive.

  5. You have some pretty great friends! We love snail mail and singing cards around these parts too.

    I have to say, while you and your dad are very different, you two have the same eyes. I can't tell color, but the shape and smile is there! Also, I can see that you definitely get your height from him....Okay, so maybe not on the height thing!;)

    Enjoy your weekend! I am having a nice, slow weekend at home. Hopefully, anyway. I need to spend time in the garden, with my flower pots, and in this house....I haven't vaccummed in WEEKS because I have been gone so much.

  6. You definitely look like your Dad.

    Have a good weekend!

  7. HOly hilarious text! Love it!!

    Have fun at the game...and moving ;)

  8. Ha just got an ikea magazine in the mail too. Score!

  9. haha emoji conversations are the best! I also LOVE the necklace!

  10. love that necklace! My IKEA magazine was in the mail when I got home from camping and I am very excited to look through it. : )

  11. Yes, you absolutely look like your dad! (I look just like my dad too!) And I was wondering why you didn't make it up here to NYC because I had it in my calendar that you were coming... The necklace is super pretty though. And I thoroughly enjoy the Ikea catalog too! Have a fantastic weekend, pretty girl!

  12. I love snail mail too and congrats at reaching 1,000! That is great! Glad you had a good week and hope your weekend is even better!


  13. I was super excited to see my Ikea catalog in the mail yesterday! I'm kind of in love with the chair/pillow/blanket combo on the front page :)

  14. What a sweet card!

    I die at the text message. hilarious!

  15. What a sweet friend! Sometimes its hard for my friends who don't blog, to understand the blogging world but I love their support regardless. Uhm TOTALLY spent hours perusing the IKEA catalog last night, I love that thing. I built like 5 different houses in my head. Have fun at the game and have a great weekend girl!!!


  16. You do look like your dad and if I were not anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Ikea magazine I would be beyond excited about too. Have a great weekend!

  17. I got really excited about my Ikea magazine, too! It sounds like you have some pretty sweet friends :) Congrats on 1000 followers!

    Happy Friday!
    Amber @ Tiny Turtles

  18. That emoji is HILARIOUS!!! And that's so sweet of your friend to send you a card because you reached 1000 followers - congrats, by the way :)

    Have a great weekend!!

  19. awe happy Birthday to your daddy!! breakfast for dinner is one of my favs too!!! :)

    that convo is too funny!! you are correct though, time is FLYING... please allow it to slow down for a bit!!!

    I will be home for the FIRST time this weekend in a while just to be busy the next 3 weekends - so we are going to paint, and get the house ready for wedding fun!!!

    Happy Friday!!
    ENjoy your weekend!!

  20. This blogs makes me smile! :)
    Fun, fresh, and uplifting!

    Keep it up!


  21. Ms. Daniel is quite a superwoman (in addition to you of course). I love the time she spent sending that pictoral text message! Very thoughtful AND the singing card... as good as a live singing telegram!!!

    Happy birthday month to your pops again!!

    xoxo, Bev

  22. laughing so hard at "the life of jess and adam" LOL! :)

  23. HILARIOUS emoji story from Danielle! That is so funny!!

    That necklace is so pretty! Turquoise is my favorite color. I can't wait to see it on you!

    Happy belated birthday to your dad!

  24. I too love that IKEA catalog. I actually took that bad boy to the pool, haha.

    I love that emoji text convo too, so cute/funny.

    xo happy weekend girlie!


  25. I looove that cute card :) Well, can't help it, i am snail mail lover :)

  26. oh goodness that text message is hilarious! and how sweet of her to send you a singing card :) LOVE it! and happy birthday to your dad!

    Hope you had a lovely weekend! <3 Amy from Interpret As You May
    {Giveaway going on now at amyreneonline.com. Would love to see you there!}

  27. I'm sorry I'm so late in reading this! Forgive me? I love you, and I'm glad you had such a great week last week!


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