If You Really Knew Me

Before I get into today's post, I want to give a big thank you for all of your sweet comments on this post. I appreciate your understanding & support :) You guys are awesome...but you already knew that!

I finally decided to jump on the "if you really knew me" train! Rumor has it that this girl started it, so props to her for being a genius! Okay, ready?

If you really knew me...

You'd know that I am sassy. A whole lot sassier than I come off as on this blog ;) No one really associated the word "sweet" with me until I started blogging. I guess you guys bring out the nice in me!

You'd know that I am a people pleaser. Well a people I care about pleaser. I love making my loved ones happy and surprising them with little things.

You'd know that 80% of the time I act like I'm 12 years old. I laugh A LOT and love making other people laugh, too :)

You'd know that I have very thin patience. I'm working on it though. Except for my road rage...I'm failing at getting better about screaming at the people who share the road with me.

You'd know that I spend the majority of my time in gym clothes (they're clean I promise).

You'd know that I don't like taking showers. I guess it's really that I just don't like having to do my hair after I wash it. Maybe if I knew how to french braid this wouldn't be a problem.

You'd know that I am terrified of the dark. Always have been.

You'd know that I am a tiny bit bossy. What can I say, I'm a natural born leader ;)

You'd know that Death Cab for Cutie is my favorite band.

You'd know that I never skip breakfast. Which includes a big, old cup of coffee...always. I get nauseous if I don't eat right when I wake up.

You'd know that I obsessively plan every detail of my life.

You'd know that I was born without muscles on the right side of my mouth. I used to be really self conscious about this, because it causes the right side of my smile to droop a little. Now I just say that it gives me character!

You'd know that I am the most indecisive person on the planet. Whether a big decision like career path or a small decision like where to go to eat...either way, I constantly change my mind.

You'd know that I don't really have a filter. What I'm thinking in my brain usually finds its way out of my mouth...which gets me in trouble sometimes...oops!

You'd know that if I want something, you better believe I will do anything and everything that I can to make it happen.

Well that was fun :)
I'll probably do another one of these someday!


  1. yey for jumping on the wagon :) ... for some reason I knew that you are sassy. Don't take that in a negative way at all.. It actually cracks me up when I think about it! :) You're little but sassy & fierce :) You've got character and are one of kind. :) all of that was said out of love and no rudeness at all. promise. :) I admire your spunky self!!
    OH! and I HATE the dark too.. scares me so bad.. hence the reason I wake up Tyler when I need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night :D

  2. I have been seeing this pop up all over my reading list.. I'll have to try it soon! I am horrible at thinking of things about me, lol.

    I am super indecisive too. My boyfriend and I both. We have literally spent 4 hours in a parking lot trying to decide what to do before. It's so sad.

    Also, the face muscle thing? That is actually really cool! Definitely a nifty little fact I'm sure people would be interested to hear! :)

  3. What a great post! I so enjoy getting to know you through your blog. I am so afraid of the Dark too, lol you are not alone.

  4. I'm the same way with the indecisiveness! It goes hand in hand with being a people pleaser and not even being able to decide where to eat lunch because I want everyone to be okay with the decision! Grr!

  5. genius?? Probably not :) But I'm glad you jumped on the bandwagon, and thanks for the shout out! I too can't make a decision to save my life. And currently, I am making some of the BIGGEST decisions I've ever made.

    This from the girl that has to "eenie meenie miney moe" a DVD selection for an evening movie. Sad.

    And I read your other post - don't feel bad for needing "you" time. How can you blog about life if you aren't living it?? I have taken frequent times out for my sanity, as it has been a rough few years. Your followers still love you - will always love you - and will remain for the posts that DO come to Lovely Little Things.

    kudos to you for keeping your priorities straight.


  6. I hate showers too. Too much work!

  7. I love this post because I felt like I got to know a lot more about the girl behind the blog. I am sassy as ever too and more sarcastic than anyone I know. I have terrible road rage so can really relate and if I could, I would live in 'clean' gym clothes 24/7.

  8. So adorable! && I'm pretty sure we have 90% of these in common :)


  9. "You'd know that I am the most indecisive person on the planet. Whether a big decision like career path or a small decision like where to go to eat...either way, I constantly change my mind."

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA. So the reason that I love you.

    I love this post about you! I wish I could live in gym clothes! jelly!


    oh and i love ya!

  10. I love these kinda of posts! We have so much in common, especially the road rage :) haha!

  11. I love you, little! I'm so glad you wrote on of these IYRKM posts! Wahoo! And when we meet, I'll teach you how to French braid your own hair. I promise.

  12. Yay! SO glad you did one of these posts! :)

    Ps. I didn't comment on it, but I loved your post from yesterday. I know you've probably heard this a bunch by now, but I'm right up there with you. I love blogging but I just can't seem to bring myself to consistently post everyday. But it's ok because I blog for me. You can bet your booty I will still read every single thing you post though! :) Because you're fabulous!

  13. I loved learning all of these things about you, however, I could tell from most of your posts that these different personality traits were you to a T :) And I love you more for them! Happy Thursday!

  14. i love these posts!
    i'm quite sassy and bossy myself i've been told :)

  15. We are very similar! I am also a bossy person who plans every detail who has road rage! Ha! It was good to learn more about you!

  16. Awww. As if I didn't already know this before but if we met in real life we'd pretty much be best friends. Hahaha. Not to sound to weird. Love this, I'm totally the same way on a lot of these! I'm a total sassy / boss / people I know person pleaser! <3

  17. hehehe. i love those pictures!!! so stinking cute!

    I started a little link up for 'if you really knew me' on Tuesdays if you wanted to join it once in a while. (:

    I am TERRIBLE at making decisions. It drives my hubby crazy when I need to pick where to eat or what to make for dinner.
    I changed my ENTIRE wedding four months before the date too. I am that bad.
    As a stay at home wife... I am always in (clean) gym clothes as well. I dont see a point in wearing cute clothes when I am home all day. lol.
    I dont like showering for that hair reason too. haha. And so I shower every other day because of it. lol. My husband doesnt understand it.



  18. You and me both...on being indecisive. It absolutely drives me bonkers that I am that way, but I can't help it. That's probably why I changed my focus in college a thousand times :)

    I love these posts! They make other bloggers seem like real people ;)

    Happy Thursday, friend!

  19. i'm not sure - i'll take it as a tie for the most indecisive! everyone always gets so annoyed with me because i constantly am changing my mind about EVERYTHING and even if there is some place i may want to eat - i never really say because if someone says some place else i'd rather they be happy, plus once they say some place else i'm usually like oh ok, thats good too haha but believe me -i've changed my blog around 10 million times, changed career paths, changed business ideas, and changed my clothes too many times to count!


  20. Indecisiveness is the worst! I get made fun of all the time by friends and family for taking forever on even the smallest decisions.


  21. So fun getting to know more about you Jessica! :) I'm afraid of the dark too and I'm crazy indecisive even though I'm an obsessive planner. :) And your smile looks great!


  22. Thanks for sharing all that with us! It makes me feel like I know you so much better!


  23. I always love learning about other bloggers, so thanks for all these fun facts!! xoxo

  24. I loved this post! It's so much fun to get to know bloggers better. Thank you for sharing :)

  25. I plan every detail of my life too haha! And coffee is a MUST! I am stealing this post idea :)

  26. i love 12yr olds and i'd say i average on about 14 myself. it's good to stay young at heart!!

  27. I love these posts - it's such a great opportunity to learn a little more about 'you'. And lady - we have so much in common - seriously!

    I hate showering because I hate having to do my hair.

    And I am super afraid of the dark - I still need a night light.

    I am a lot bossy.

    Like a lot!

  28. Cute post! I have a really bad filter too. I've gotten better at maintaining it, but I'm a big believer in honesty. People need to know the truth! xD Also, what's funny is that eating breakfast makes me nauseous. Not the other way around.

    Love from Horses of Ares.

  29. I never knew that you were missing muscles...I guess that means that it's not noticeable! I wonder if you are hypoglycemic...I get nauseous in the morning because of that. I used to have road rage, but it has calmed down. Perhaps yours will too!


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