I Have A Really Bad Habit...

Okay, so it's not THAT bad, but it does get kind of expensive if I'm not careful.
Wanna know what it is?

I fall asleep in my glasses all the time.
I know...rebel ;) But seriously, I try so hard to not fall asleep with my glasses on, because guess what happened to mine last week? If you guessed that they broke...ding, ding, ding!

I was pretty bummed out, because my glasses cost me a good chunk of change.
Firmoo, the world's most popular online eyeglasses store, must have felt my pain, because they contacted me and wanted to send me a pair of glasses to review. How perfect is that?!

You don't even want know how long it took me to choose a pair. I went back and forth between 4 pairs, because there were so many cute options!

I eventually made a decision (shocking, I know) and this is what I ended up with:

After looking at that bright wall, you probably need to hop on over to Firmoo and buy yourself a pair of sunglasses ;) No but really, you should. Because they are offering a free eyewear to all first-time buyers...YES! They launched this program so that we can all experience their quality products that they sell for affordable prices. How nice of them!

Let me just tell you, I love my new glasses :) They fit my face perfectly, because Firmoo had me fill out an application with all of my personal eyewear information. And get this, my glasses arrived in 3 days! Talk about speedy service. The customer service staff was incredible and very helpful, too.

So do you want to try out a Firmoo product for free? Head on over here, to the first time-buyer page and see what's up! Oh and good luck choosing just one pair...you've been warned.

Oh and I almost forgot, Firmoo wants to extend this review opportunity to some of you fabulous bloggers! If you're interested, shoot Antonio an email. Tell him that you saw the opportunity on Lovely Little Things blog :)

A note about the walls:
As I mentioned in yesterday's post, Adam is moving. Well these neon graffiti walls are what used to make up his room. I had a seizure every time I walked in. Just kidding. But it wasn't the most soothing environment in the world. Anyway, the walls are in the process of being painted this week since he's moving out, so I wanted to take my pictures in front of them...kind of like a tribute to the walls...ha!

And the winner of the July giveaway is...
Shane Prather! Congrats, girl :) I emailed you!


  1. super cute new glasses!! Definitely checking into the program :) Thanks, girl! XO

  2. you are right, they have way too many cute frames! love the ones you went with. trying to find one i can't live without. such a hard decision! love them all!

  3. You fall asleep with them on? Do you wake up sore? I did that a couple times while reading and I was super uncomfortable when I woke up.

  4. Your glasses are adorable, they fit you perfectly!

  5. youre adorabibble !!!
    ummm THE walls????? Why haven't you taken all your pictures in front of these UBER cool walls!!!!

    AND it dosen't surprise me at all that these are Adam's walls!

  6. Your new glasses look SO cute, and I love love love that lace top!

    The Other Side of Gray

  7. I would totally keep my walls like this ALL The time... so cool! Love the glasses!

  8. i can't wait to pick out my firmoo glasses they contacted me too but i can't decide what pair to get. also where did you get that cute lace top i love it.

  9. Love your new glasses, I fall asleep in mine too! EEK! I feel like I'm always having to fix them! I need to quit doing that!

    xo Kayla

  10. I love your new specs! I'm getting mine sometime soon. Hopefully, by Saturday! :-)

    And those walls are awesome, but I don't know if I can picture them in the palette palace... ;-)


  11. In 10 months my husband will officially be an eye doctor. And as an optometrist wife I must have cool glasses, but glasses are expensive! This site is great! I will be sharing with all my glasses friends!

  12. You are too cute Jessica! I love the new glasses my dear, but I hope you stop falling asleep in them :) I can't judge though...I've definitely done it before too!


  13. GREAT glasses choice! you look adorable. i love your top too, its so cute!

    xo Kelly

    PS. Come & Enter my BLING Giveaway!

  14. Such cute frames on you!

    I have the opposite problem--I always fall asleep in my contacts! Ouch!

  15. Your glasses are adorable! I used to fall asleep with my glasses on every now, but I've gotten better about taking them off lately. It's a little uncomfortable to wake up with glasses smashed into your face.

  16. Those glasses look great on you! Good choice. If I needed glasses I'd be checking out this company. I secretly always wished I had glasses...and kind of still do. Haha.

  17. Those glasses are great! I'm going to buy some new ones soon, I always have the hardest time deciding what I like :P

  18. This is fantastic! I'm in the market for new glasses at the moment. My current ones I have had for nearly 2 years and have significant scratches! I wear them all the time. How does it work to get perscription lenses in them? Do they make them up for you?

  19. Those glasses are so nice! I'm also diggin' your top and that super-cool background!
    I love your blog in general (:
    I'd appreciate it if you could check out my blog, too: one-tu-three.blogspot.com

  20. I need to go get my eyes checked! Maybe if they select me to review a pair, it will put a fire under my butt!

  21. Those glasses look FAB on you Jessica! What a great opportunity and I can't wait to check them out! Thanks for sharing :)


  22. spill the beans on the actual pair you got? which ones are they?


  23. I LOVE your glasses! Definitely checking the website out!

  24. Thanks for sharing!! It's awesome they let you have your first pair for free. May or may not have just placed the order for mine! Can't wait.


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