Give Me 5!

Oh what's up, Friday?! I am so, so glad that the weekend has arrived. 
And I'm also so excited to link up with Lauren for some High Five for Friday action.

So let's do it, my top 5 favorite things from this week :)

one. Adam & I went to breakfast on Sunday before we finished moving his stuff to his new place. We always used to go to breakfast at a place called The Brunchery when I lived closer. It was nice to go again :) 2 more months until I move near him again! And let me tell you...I ate about 1/4 of this goblet-sized parfait and about 1/3 of the muffin. SO. GOOD!

two. Toy (my Grandma) & I were texting about some of my future plans. I was worrying, and she sent me this picture...she walked out of the gym during our conversation and saw this in the sky. It's the little reminders like this that mean the most to me!

three. I got to go to the Rays game last weekend with some friends :) Adam was supposed to go, but he was working...boo. We still had a blast though. And FYI, I'm terrified of mascots. I just feel like they're so creepy! 

four. I went to study at Barnes & Noble (it's a lot easier to study without a cat pouncing on my notebook) and got this drink. Delicious! New Starbucks favorite. It's an iced tall skinny caramel macchiato. Only 100 calories and totally worth it. Best study buddy I ever had ;)

five. I tweeted this the other night and Teresa's reply totally made my night! After I read her reply, I put the yogurt covered raisins back in the fridge for safe keeping, haha! More squats & lunges and less yogurt covered raisins...noted.

Enjoy your weekend, lovelies :)



  1. i love yogurt parfaits -that looks delicious!! and I love yogurt covered raisins!!

  2. Yum, that Starbucks treat looks amazing.

  3. That breakfast looks delicious!! How neat when things like that happen (the clouds, etc) God does things like that you know ;) He's got whatever it is that you're worrying about! Keep your chin up! Love ya, sweet girl! && for real about the gymnast legs... You got um!

  4. I am definitely getting that Starbucks drink next time. I usually get frappuccinos because I don't know what to order! And HOW COOL is that sign written in the sky?! Love it, and what a great reminder to trust in Him!

  5. Your breakfast looks insanely yummy!

  6. Your jumbo size breakfast looks delicious!
    I just discovered your blog via Lauren and I'm excited to read more about you & your life.

    for more about me & my newlywed life,

  7. Iced caramel macchiatos are so delicious and refreshing!

  8. The skinny iced caramel macchiato is my favorite too & anything in a big giant fuzzy suit is creepy, haha. Have a Great Weekend!

  9. I love when someone makes your night with a tweet! That goblet I want to swim in! Yum!

  10. That picture your Grandma sent you is so awesome! It looks like you've had a great week :-)


  11. What a great week! That parfait look delicious! And I'm impressed your Gandma knows how to text you a picture!

  12. Reading about your fear of mascots made me laugh because I thought I was the only one who's scared of them! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one.


  13. I see that "Trust" and "Jesus" in the sky all the time in Orlando! Well at least when the sky is clear! That guy has been doing it at least since 2008! That was the first time I moved to Florida to work for Disney! Anytime I see it I smile and feel like my day is better! :) He also does U + Jesus = : ) and a few others. But that last one is my favorite!

    Have a great weekend friend! :)

  14. Is that the Brunchery in South Tampa, I used to go there all the time when I lived in those parts! Ha.

    Thanks for the shout-out! My tweet reply came from the heart! xo


  15. You have such good self-control. I would have eaten the entire parfait. And muffin. ;-)

    Love you, J!

  16. That skinny macchiato looks delicious!


  17. I love what you grandma sent you - little things like that are so encouraging! :) Happy weekend friend!

  18. Wow that picture in the sky is amazing! He's got perfect timing, always!


  19. That breakfast parfait looks so yummy! And I love the reminder from your grandmother, that's just what I needed today too :) Have a great weekend!

  20. Oh my the breakfast looks really good! And your grandma is so sweet, it's such a lovely message she sent you =)

    love from the NANA girls xoxo

  21. Oh my gosh that parfait! GIRLLLL. YUM!

  22. I totally agree with her...you DO look like a gymnast! PS. That muffin is making me hungry...


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