What A Wonderful Feeling!

To wake up and know that it's FRIDAY! I don't work at the office on Fridays so it has been deemed as my designated "stay home and power through 2-3 chapters of my NASM textbook day"...fun huh?! ;)

As usual, I'm linking up with the lovely Lauren for High Five for Friday.
Because who wouldn't want to share their 5 favorite things from the week?

Coffee date with my love at a cute little bistro! I love this place, because everything is fresh & organic. I'm not really sure why he's not looking at the camera though? Oh well!

I had the best lunch this week...a black bean burger salad. My grandma made a ton of black bean burgers when I went over there for dinner on Tuesday night, so I took some with me and brought one for lunch the next day. UM talk about delicious! Here's what's in it: mixed greens, spinach, banana peppers, tomatoes, red onions, green onions, bell peppers, cucumber, avocado & of course the black bean burger with a little bit of balsamic vinegar drizzled on top.

Florida summers = rain just about every afternoon. I took advantage of it this week and spent 20 minutes sitting by my window reading, sipping on coffee and watching the rain fall. Boots, on the other hand, spent that 20 minutes hiding in a hole in hopes of escaping the thunder.

I don't know how I'm just now hearing about She Reads Truth. It's basically a bunch of women reading God's Word together, a community to hold each other accountable, people to learn and grow in God with. The hashtag #SheReadsTruth is all over my Twitter feed. A new reading plan using the YouVersion Bible app was just started yesterday, so join in if you want to :) This plan is titled "Prayer" and I am so excited to be joining the ladies of She Reads Truth!

In case I haven't talked about it enough, I began studying for my CPT exam this week :) And with that came an idea that I am excited to put into action on this blog of mine! I asked you guys earlier this week how you felt about me posting an exercise "Move of the Week" and the idea went over well! I'm going to do some brainstorming this weekend and try to have the series up and running by next week or the week after. Thank you so much for your support!

This picture is from my first night of studying. I have my work cut out for me, no doubt. But I'm ready to make my dreams a reality, people! And by the way, that is Zico coconut water that you see sitting there. That's the chocolate flavor...holy delicious!

Have a beautiful weekend sweet friends :)



  1. I am so jealous...we haven't had rain in weeks!
    Have a great weekend, looking forward to the exercize move of the week!

  2. Boots is SO cute!! I love afternoon rain storms, they're so calming! And that cupcake looks delicious! I love cupcakes :) ha. Have an awesome 3day weekend, they're the best for sure, even if you have to get work done. XO

  3. Boots is adorable. From the way you describe her, she seems just like my Athena!

    Oh and that black bean burger salad looks delish! I need to make me some black bean burgers STAT!

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  4. I am excited about your move of the week. I am trying to lose weight and get my body where I want it to be...so this would be a fun way to learn new moves :)

  5. I love Boots! He's so cute! THe chocolate zico's are sooo good! I can't stand the regular, but the chocolate is amazing.

    By the way, congratulations! You're 5 followers away from a 1000! I'd follow again if I could, your blog is so great!


  6. Ok so 1)I want to try that bistro! I don't live there... But maybe someday! 2) Those burgers look so good! You should post a recipe ;) and 3) it rained during he summer in SoCal too today. That literally never happens but it was, indeed, perfect for curling up near a window with my favorite thing ever, coffee.

  7. Aw coffee date with your man sounds fabulous - and hello cupcake :)


  8. YAY! so excited you're joining shereadstruth! it's so encouraging :)

  9. Love coffee dates.. and that salad looks AMAZING. Definitely making my tummy growl

    happy friday xo

  10. She Reads Truth! I love it. It's such a good way to keep you accountable and read God's Word in lots of different ways! Looking forward to your move of the week too!

  11. that lunch looks so good! i love avacados! and i'm jealous of your rain - it is SO dry here!

  12. i was just thinking about starting with She Reads Truth this morning! happy friday!

  13. I just joined She Reads Truth a few weeks ago and I love it so far!! I'm excited about the new Prayer plan! Happy Friday!

  14. Black bean burger salad. Very interesting! But surprisingly it looked good, haha. I found your blog via Confessions of a GDS, and so glad I did!

  15. When I lived in FL we could almost set our watches by when it rained! I loved it... my brother not so much!

    I am so freaking proud of you and your clean eating/ personal training stuff! I will eventually get back in the swing of things on that front! Promise... cause i know youll come kick my butt if i dont!

    I have just started the She Reads Truth and love it so far!!

    Loveeeee you as ususalllllll.

  16. YOU have a beautiful weekend sweet friend! I love that you have coffee dates with your man AND that you're studying so hard while eating healthy. I'm so proud of you already :)

  17. That black bean burger looks delish!

  18. so funny about #shereadstruth. I saw them this week from Small Things and got an iPhone wallpaper! I put this up on my blog too. It really is a great site! Glad you're a part of it now!


  19. That cupcake looks yummy. I remember when I used to live in Florida, I would love to just sit and watch it rain from time to time. Poor kitty though!

  20. Every time I read your posts, for some reason, I either am CRAVING sushi or I want to work out!! Both GREAT things in life!!

    That cupcake looks like something out of a Dr. Seuss movie... looks delish! And your boo isn't looking at the camera b/c he's staring at your gorg face... duh! ;)

    Happy studying my friend... you're going to be awesome b/c you fight for what you want, and I know you want this BAD!! Get err' done!


  21. YUM that salad is making me hungry. I cannot live without avocados, seriously. :) Just wanted to stop by and say Thanks for always coming by my blog and commenting. A lot of bloggers just reply via e-mail and it means a lot to me that you actually stop by my blog too! You're the best Jessica!


  22. Thant looks like the best coffee and cupcake in the whole world!

  23. 1) I like cupcakes too.

    2) Poor Boots! She has those wide-open scared eyes!

    3) Nice (kitchen) work, Toy!

    Oh, and hey! You're only 5 GFC followers away from 1000! :-)


  24. I'm going to have to investigate She Reads Truth, looks like a great idea. Thanks for sharing it. By the way, such a cute photo of your little cat Boots =)

  25. So jealous of your rainy summers! :) Summer thunderstorms are one of my all-time favorite things :)

    Boots is the cutest and I love that we have matching kitties!

    I've recently joined in on She Reads Truth too! So encouraging :)

    Happy weekend love!

  26. Oh my gosh, that cupcake looks awesome. I've been craving them so much lately.

  27. I started following She Reads Truth after reading this post. I LOVE it!! It's already been such a blessing. Thanks for sharing! :)


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