Raise Up Your Fives!

Cause it's FRIDAY! :) And that means I'm linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk for some High Five for Friday Action.

Here are my top 5 favorite things from this week:

Erin from Living in Yellow always raves about a little boutique called Miss Chic. I finally decided to see what they were all about. Oh man. I don't know if that was a good or a bad thing...good for my closet but bad for my wallet ;) I purchased these gems this week. Can't wait til they come in!

Sorry for cutting your head off, model girl. And Adam said the neon dress is super out of my comfort zone, but that he liked it. Here's to branching out!

One of my sweet readers sent me a link to this quote and told me that it reminded her of my blog. UM YES! Totally made my day! So I ordered a tank top that says it. Again, my wallet hates me this week, but my closet sure does love me.

1 // 2

I've been having some issues with career choices lately, but it was nothing that Meg & Lindsay emails couldn't fix :) I appreciate those girls SO dang much. And let me just tell you, I will meet them one day. TEXAS OR BUST. Truth.

Are you tired of looking at clothes yet? No? Well good, because I have another shirt that I want to show you! My friend Kelsey posted this on my Facebook wall and told me that she wasn't sure why I didn't own it. Adam saw the post before I did and said that he is ordering that shirt for me, because it's so me. Okay...if he insists ;)

I read this verse this week for probably the 50th time in my life. But this time WOW something new just hit me.

God's grace is enough to cover any sin that I commit. ANY and EVERY. That's huge. What I never realized before...me thinking that I'm not good enough or that a sin that I commit is "too bad" to talk to God about is kind of an insult to Jesus. Jesus died on the cross to cover ALL of my sins...not just the ones that don't seem "that bad." I need to accept his gift in full and receive forgiveness and repent from every sin...not just the ones that don't seem like a big deal. Because let's be honest...in God's eyes, a sin is a sin is a sin. I'm so incredibly blown away by the power of God's grace and I'm so glad that it's sufficient for me!

Have a super awesome weekend, friends :)
And don't forget to enter this giveaway! Oh and this one, too!


  1. Love that quote,, seriously reminds me of you for sure! And that's a good thing! And love that piece of scripture. God is so good. Have a wonderful weekend, sweet girl! Love you! XO

  2. Some great purchases! That neon number is going to look great on you!! :)


  3. i wrote that verse down at the beginning of the week and have said it to myself a lot too! and love those new clothes - and that model girl is actually my best friends' bother's girlfriend. miss chic store is in indiana and she does modeling for them!

  4. that neon dress is AMAZING! i am kind of in love with it!!!

    and thanks for the reminder about His grace... sometimes I forget that no matter how bad i feel or what i do... His grace is enough :)

  5. Nothing wrong with a little shopping, that's what we work for, right? I bought 3 pairs of colored skinnies last week :) That dress is going to look SO cute on you!

    happy friday xo

  6. oh I love that verse!!! Sooo good and refreshing!!! (:

  7. I love love love all of your recent purchases!!! That lacey top is soo cute and that quote is sooo you! I love the kiss my sass too!! Looks like a fabulous week for your closet! :). Happy Friday!

  8. Great high five girl!
    By the way, I JUST bought that neon dress too!
    My hubby said the exact same thing!!!
    Love it!
    Have a great weekend!!!

  9. Ok, that neon dress is SO CUTE and good for you for branching out. You will have to post an outfit of the day when you get it. What a great verse, a song I used to sing in church came to mind when I read it. One line especially that says, "Grace that is greater than all my sins." You should check it out, it is an old song but the words are so powerful. It is called Grace by The Martins.

  10. I so almost bought that neon dress this week too, but unlike you I wasn't brave enough. I'm sure it will look super cute on you!!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  11. Love all the clothes! I clicked on every single link, so now my wallet will hate me too, haha.

    Also, enjoy reading Bossypants. It's so good! After, you should read Mindy Kaling's book, "Is Everyone Hanging out Without Me?" It's really funny too. :)

    Happy weekend!

  12. I just found you through Eat Yourself Skinny! Looking forward to perusing!

  13. Loving your purchases girl. I really really love that neon dress, you will for sure have to share when you get it :D have a super weekend :D

  14. Love it! That neon dress is super fun! Can't wait to see you pulling...it...off! (Please tell me you watch How I Met Your Mother...) :)

    Have an awesome weekend!

    <3 Jamie

  15. Love it! That neon dress is super fun! Can't wait to see you pulling...it...off! (Please tell me you watch How I Met Your Mother...) :)

    Have an awesome weekend!

    <3 Jamie

  16. I love you, J! How are you feeling at the end of THIS week about career goals? Any head way? No matter what you decide, it will be the right choice for you!

  17. Aww this makes me happy. :) So glad you liked the quote. Happy Friday!

  18. Lovinggg those shirts! Gotta get down to my goal weight asap so I can buy new workout clothes! :)

  19. Okay that neon dress is going to be SO GOOD on you! You are fantastic and you should just tell your wallet to shut up for now! lol

  20. i love that scripture :)
    and also LOVE that shirt with the quote - i think i may need one.

    have a happy, blessed weekend girl!

  21. I LOVVEEE that Shakespeare quote!! So perfect for your blog!!

    I saw you're sponsoring over at Kelly's blog & I'm your newest follower! :)

  22. Sounds like you had a fun week, I love all your purchases! And that verse is so great, I needed to be reminded of that truth today, so thank you! :)

  23. so cute and inspiring! thanks!


  24. Such a great and powerful message to share with us, friend!! Nothing is too big for Him, and that brings me great comfort!

    I loveeee your new finds, especially the neon dress!! You must do a lil' fashion show and show us all!

    Have a superb weekend girlie!

    xoxo, Bev

  25. Haha that quote totally fits you and your blog!!

  26. I love the t-shirts. Plus they will give you more motivation so thumbs up for both. And the neon dress. SOOOO dang cute! If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest blog posts.



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