Protect Your Electronics!

The worst thing about having an iPhone...
is the fear of dropping and shattering the screen of that iPhone.

When Adam & I first got iPhones a few years ago, he dropped his 3 days after having it. The screen looked like a spiderweb. It was NOT pretty. We spend so much money on these electronics of ours that we should probably spend the money to protect them right?!

Well you're in for a treat :) So read on.

I have the opportunity to team up with an awesome company called JAVOedge.
How adorable is that turquoise iPhone case?! And gold on the inside...yes please :)
I love wristlets & cross body bags because they are hands free. And with this one, you can take off the wrist strap and use it as a clutch if you want to! There are a ton of other colors and patterns in this iPhone zipper case. I like the beige with leopard print one, BUT I'm not a huge animal print wearer so I stuck with my fall back...turquoise :)

(I promise that I will be able to take better pictures of myself soon. I'm asking for a camera and tripod for Christmas!)

This thing looks small, but it can pack!
I used it when Adam & I went out for dinner on Saturday night and was able to fit a pack a gum, a lip balm, a tampon, credit cards/ID & of course, my iPhone.

As I mentioned last week, I just got a Kindle Fire. So I need to protect that from a dreaded drop, too!
JAVOedge had my back...again. When I got this Kindle Fire case I jumped for joy, people. This thing is sturdy, and I can tell that it is keeping my Kindle safe and sound ;) 

I love the pattern, but my favorite part is the stand on the back! Being able to prop up the Kindle makes watching my NASM study videos SO much easier. And it helps when I'm reading during breakfast, too. It has magnetic closure and a place to keep my ID and a few credit cards. Perfect to bring to the gym...yes, I'm guilty of reading while I'm on the elliptical. 

Okay, back to the beginning of the post...you being in for a treat :)
JAVOedge is offering you lovely people a discount on all Kindle cases & all zipper wallet cases.
For 15% off of the above mentioned items use the discount code lovelykindle from July 17th-July 31st at check out!

What are you waiting for? Visit JAVOedge to accessorize & protect your gadgets!
Oh and by the way...they ship FAST. I got my items 2 days after receiving the email from them.

And just because, here are a few pictures from my weekend :)

Lunch with some awesome people after church. Not really sure how Keith managed to get a shot of all of us looking terrible, but he did.

One of my weaknesses...frozen yogurt. I may or may not eat it once a week (or more...).

Rays game! They didn't win, but hey, we still had fun :) And yes, that is Adam stuffing his face over there.

One last thing!
I'm thinking about doing an ask all/tell all post. SO if there is something that you're just DYING to ask me, send me an email. I'm gonna put together a post in the near future answering some of the questions :)


  1. Super cute pictures! And I love your iPhone case :) Hopefully this fall we'll be able to afford for me to get an iPhone and I'm so excited! Okay, here's my "question" .. I hope this doesn't sound creepy =/ Will you do a vlog or have you? I like to hear people's voices (weird, I know, promise I'm not "wanted" for being a creepo).... hahaha! Love ya girl!

  2. Both cases are SO cute! I would totally buy one if I wasn't stuck in the 1997 flip phone mode, and actually had something 'smart.' Anyways, you are super cute, and GO RAYS!! I'm reaaally hoping to get tickets to the game this Sat with the Gavin Degraw concert afterwards! ;) Have a great week!

    xoxo Vanessa @ He Says Newcastle

  3. Love cute cases, bags, etc...I am all about spending the extra $$$ to keep things stylishly protected from myself.

    Yes, I am with Amanda, a vlog would be fun too! I can't really think of any good q's though.....

  4. Love the cute stylish wristlet. :) Perfect to use on a night out.

  5. Love the iPhone case! I was going to get one (an iPhone) this month because my mom broke my phone and I've been stuck phone-less since January, but I just found out that my contract ends in November and not July, so I'll have to wait a few months!

    I'm an elliptical reader too! Haha, I read all my blogs on the elliptical and then listen to NPR's Science Friday while I'm doing weights. I'm such a nerd!


  6. Daaaaaaaanf that FROYO looks amazing!! I love the iPhone case :) its super cute and looks to be the perfect size.

    xo Teresa

  7. I love that little wristlet I have been looking for something like that, plus that color is beautiful.

  8. Really cute! I've been wanting one for awhile. I'm gonna have to check them out! I've dropped my iphone all too much haha!

  9. How CUTE!! I have been paranoid to the max about dropping my precious IPhone ever since I got it. Which hasn't been long! Luckily I've been good and haven't dropped it....as of yet! But this would help for sho!

    Do they have covers for the Nook as well as the Kindle Fire?

    Thanks for the discount! :) Have a great Tuesday! :)

  10. I am superrrrrr hard on my technology. I have a case called LIfePoof that Reese finally bought me because he was sick of being concerned that i would break my phone... favorite line of the best buy trip to by the thing... yeah its Lifeproof but the real test is if it Meg-Proof :)

    I am totally checking this out because I am over carrying a big bulky purse all the time!

    Love it LOVE you!

  11. I don't have an iPhone or a Kindle or an iPad, so... I guess I don't need any of those cute little cases.

    But I think YOU'RE cute! Can I just take you instead?

    Love you, sis!

  12. I could live off frozen yogurt...and eat it about once a week too.

    Also, I was scrolling through your health + fitness posts and read this one about the Nike Training Club app:


    I got the app and have been using it--it's KILLER! I'm thinking about doing a post of my own on it, is that okay with you as long as I give credit/link back to you?

    Kayla :)

  13. So cute!!

    Pictures are awesome too :)

  14. Love that teal case! It's actually a replica of the Michael Kors iPhone Wristlet but it's a million times cheaper and MK doesn't make it in that bright teal (plus the black snakeskin one I bought cost $80!). Thanks for sharing girl!


  15. I nominated you for a blog award today!


  16. You are the cutest thing ever! Love your model poses girlie... you're getting sassy with it ;) The wristlet is adorbs and I love the fact that you can fit a bit more than just your phone! And I love the serious picture of you with your Kindle standing up as you eat! :)

  17. I love the earring and wristlet in your first pictures. Super Cute!!!

  18. that clutch is super super cute!! i need to minimize and get rid of the huge purse i carry

  19. Love the cute stylish wristlet. :) Perfect to use on a night out.

    ipad mini case

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