Pass the Cheese

Okay, this post has the potential to be VERY cheesy...don't say that I didn't warn you ;)

Last week's Smell the Roses task was to watch your all time favorite movie. I'm not a a movie buff by any means, and I'm usually behind on times when it comes to keeping up with new releases. But there is a movie that has been very near and dear to my heart since I watched it for the first time.

Ready for this?

Yep, A Walk to Remember! This is the first movie that I remember watching that made me bawl my eyes out throughout the entire thing. I couldn't get over the immense amount of love that was shared between these two total opposite people and it really touched me to watch Landon learn & develop because of love. Talk about going through a few boxes of tissues...

I'm gonna let you guys in on a little secret. But you have to promise not to tell Adam, okay? ;) Before we were officially dating (way back in 2006) Adam wrote me a 3 page letter (front & back) about how he felt about me. One of the lines that stood out to me was, "I want to support you in your dreams of being a wedding planner...I want to be your Landon." 

UM I DIE. How freaking sweet is that? He knew how much the movie meant to me.
Well I can tell you one thing, he has surpassed my "Landon" expectations by far. Oh and by the way, I wanted to be a wedding planner when I was in high school. All it took to get that out of my system was working at a wedding venue on the weekends for a few years...NO THANKS. And yes, I still have the letter that he wrote me over 6 years ago :)

 Ever since Adam wrote me that note, the movie has meant even more to me than it did before. I don't care how cheesy it is, it will always make me cry my eyes out. Just thinking about the movie brings memories flooding back from when Adam & I first started dating and I get all kinds of emotional. Adam is big on paying attention to little details and taking in everything that I say, which usually leads to pretty sweet/unexpected surprises. I love when Landon helps Jamie check off items from her bucket list, that part just makes my heart so full of joy and reminds me of Adam's little surprises :)

Confession: I have the entire soundtrack to the movie and just listening to it brings tears to my eyes. I guess you could say that I'm a cry baby! And another thing, Adam attempted to build me a telescope like the picture down below when we were in high school. Little did he know that it was going to cost him about $2,000...which is kind of out of the question when you're a senior in high school and mowing lawns to make your money. But hey, it's the thought that counted right?!

Did you watch your favorite movie last week? Leave a comment and let me know :) I'd love to go check out your Smell the Roses post if you did one!

This week's task:
Visit somewhere that you've never been before.

Whether it's a new restaurant, a new park, a new bookstore or even a new friend's house...go somewhere that you've never been before, shake it up a little bit :) To make it even more fun, visit somewhere that you've never been before with someone else who's never been there either!


  1. I LOVE this movie so much! It is so adorable and super sad! I cry every time! And so cute about Adam, don't I wish haha

  2. I love this post - there is nothing wrong with a lil cheese! I also will keep your challenge for the week in mind, thanks for the inspiration girl :)

  3. When I saw your challenge, I went through my movie collection and pulled out a few favorites. This was in that stack! I love this movie and its soundtrack.

    Speaking of cheese, my own Smell the Roses post is full of it! I hope you go check it out:http://necklaceslaughterlove.blogspot.com/2012/07/90s-90s-90s.html

  4. oh my goodness, Shane West used to be my favorite. Love this movie so much! I cry so hard every time I watch it. Even looking at the pictures makes me want to cry. and I want to be in 2 places at once.. I'm ridiculous, I know :) Thanks for sharing, love! XO

  5. i love a walk to remember! i lent it out to a friend and never got it back though. sad day. my all time favorite though is dirty dancing.

  6. Hey Jessica - All ready to link up ... but where's the link up tool? Am i missing it? Love that you chose a girly movie too.... here's the link to my post!


    -Simone @ busyasahoneybee.blogspot.com

  7. I watched my favorite movie of all time!! I've got the post up tomorrow!! So excited to link up with you! (:

  8. I absolutely love this movie - makes me bawl every time! Only Hope has gotta be one of my fav songs in the whole universe ;)

  9. Okay, I think this is my FAVORITE post of yours of ALL time :) I'm not even kidding. This has always been one of my very favorite movies and I agree with all that you said about it :)

    You have such great ideas - love this linkup sweetie!


  10. I love a walk to remember! Have you read the book??!?awww...that's so cute that Adam wrote you that letter. Love the amazing soundtrack too, used to listen to Only Hope the original version every night before I fell asleep my freshman year in college


  11. I just died! I thought I was the only one that LOVED A Walk to Remember. I cry (on cue) every time!

  12. Okay totally not cheesy! I love, love, love a Walk to Remember. I love the movie, I love the book and I also have the soundtrack! It's a good one!!! And that's so cute that Adam wrote you that sweet note.

  13. I LOVE this movie too! Def a good one! :) And I watched my favorite movie this week too! I'm excited for next weeks task too! Have a great monday!

  14. Um, this is the cutest and sweetest post ever! Definitely love that movie, and Adam is such a sweetheart :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  15. that is so sweet. he's a keeper! and I love that movie and also have the soundtrack. : )

    Adam is the sweetest!
    Confession this too is one of my top 5 movies!! So stinking great and confession # 2 I also have the sound track. When I listen to it it immediately transports me back to freshman year in HS and all the emotions good and bad that come with it!

    Loveeee it!
    Loveeee YOU!
    LOVEEEEE that we are twinkies on so many different things!

  17. Loveeeeeee this movie!


  18. I loved this movie too, so sweet :) Kudos to Adam for being such a sweetie :)

  19. I have the movie too! And some of the soundtrack on my iPod! :-) Adam is too precious!

    My high school love saw the movie before I did, and he immediately called me. I didn't answer, and he left THE SWEETEST VOICEMAIL through TEARS! He was a total sweetheart, but my boyfriend before him had passed away, and he had seen what it was like for me to be "left behind". Of course, we watched the movie together, and I was sobbing!

    Such a lovely movie!

  20. So cute!

    I LOVE this movie...so much!

  21. That movie ALWAYS makes me cry, definitely one of my favorites. Such a sweet story about Adam too :)


  22. I can't watch this movie anymore because it makes me cry so much! Such a wonderful movie :)

  23. omgosh, melt my heart! I love that movie!!


  24. ahhh my love! i feel like its been so long! and of course this is the first post i'm seeing for a while - its totally made me realize how much i missed you xo walk to remember is soooo good ha, such a classic chick flick

  25. I always see this movie pop up on tv and it has never gotten old <3


  26. FIRST OFF, HIIIII and I've missed you!!! A reading I shall be doing in your hood fo sho!!

    SECONDLY, that movie has been on TV soooo much lately, and I still cry every time they sing that song for their play.... "I lay my head and prayyy...." something like that :/ I'm not a fan of Mandy Moore (she was really mean on a kereoke show on MTV so long ago to some girl that honestly sang a Mandy Moore song sooo good... she bashed her!)... any hoots, I did enjoy that movie.

    THIRDLY, Adam is uh-flippin-mazing! And from day one.... whaaaaa?!?! A KEEPER!!!

    Love to love you my love and can't wait to read up! xoxo

  27. I LOVE this movie. I watched it so many times, I can even say the actors lines. :) Those two had the relationship that I always wanted and still dream to this day that I'd get.

    LOVE your blog. I am your newest GFC follower.

    The Things We Find Inside

  28. That movie is seriously GREAT!!! Those quotes just give me butterflies!! You have a great favorite movie!!!

  29. this is the cutest post ever. i looooooooved that movie. just bawled.

  30. Ok I have to watch this movie! I haven't seen it but sounds right up my alley :)


  31. I love this movie. The book is really good too. I totally added the whole "be in two places at once" thing to my own bucket list. That was my favorite part of the movie for me!


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