Is She Seriously Having Another Giveaway?

Why yes, yes I am :) If you haven't entered to win the $50 gift card to SwimSpot you still have time to do that! And today I want to introduce you to a few wonderful, wonderful women that I have had the pleasure of working with a little bit this month. Ready to meet some new blog friends? GOOD!

First up is the oh so lovely Bree from The Thing About Joy!

"Hi everyone! I'm Bree! And I, like you am a hugeeee fan of Jessica and her lovely little blog. From day one of starting my blog I found hers to be so inspiring and creative. She is awesome! So anyways, at my little corner of the blog world I try to do 1/3 of the awesomeness Jessica does. :))
I love to write about things that are inspiring to me, which oftentimes has to do with art journals, fitspiration, family, and amazing pinterest photos! I am a wife, a graphic design student, a Sunday School teacher, a big sister, and so much more that makes up all the craziness you will find at my blog. If you hoped over to my blog today you'd quickly learn that I am obsessed with color as inspiration, I am taking a weight training class that I LOVE but is kicking my butt, and that I just opened my design shop on Etsy! 

So If you have a moment I'd love to meet you! Come stop by and introduce yourself, I love meeting new friends in the blog world! (and real world too, but we know... blog world rocks!)"

Next up is Allison from Feeding My Temple!

"I'm Allison. A 26 year old mom and wife. Follower of Jesus. Sister to 2. Living in Oklahoma. Feeding My Temple follows my life as I try to balance feeding my body, mind and spirit with the Word, fitness, and amazing food."

You guys have already met Sara of The Lovely Lemon, but since she's so awesome, I'm introducing her again :)

"Hello there. I'm Sara!

At the lovely lemon you will find tons of photos...mainly because my Husband Matt and I are photographers! There's also a lot of talk about craftings, my handmade business , my love (love!) of movies, treasures found at the thrift store...and anything else that is making me happy and inspired! 

Come say Hello so that we can be happy and inspired together!"

And last, but far from least is Heather of JustLove.ly!

"Hi I'm Heather Dawn! I blog over at JustLove.ly where I share things that inspire me, bits about my life in Oregon and peeks into my work space. I'm a designer for {just.lovely.things} where I get to follow my passion of creating wardrobe accessories for magazines, tv shows and of course my loyal clientele.  I co-own a paper, fabric & pretty things shop called Fawn & Flora and recently I started an indie subscription service called  Love❤Club  that pairs one of my hair accessories with some amazing goodies from other independent artists."


Giveaway time :)

The Goods:
1. The Thing About Joy: Grande Ad for August & 20% at her design shop
2. Perception is Everything: The headband & necklace pictured below
3. Feeding My Temple: 30 day 200 x 275 ad space ($16 value)
4. JustLove.ly: An August Love❤Club box

One winner takes all! Giveaway will run for a week. Use the Rafflecoptor widget to enter.
Good luck, ladies :) And don't forget to hop on over to these other blogs and share some LLT love!

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