Friday Loving Like I Always Do

This week went by pretty quickly. But don't they all?
I love looking back at the week and remembering all of the little things that made it special.

SO what better way to do that than by linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk for High Five for Friday! Here are my top 5 favorite things from the week :)

My little blog hit 1,000 GFC members this past weekend! I was so excited to see that. I don't do it for the numbers, but it sure is nice to see that what I'm putting my heart into is growing. My goal was to have 100 GFC members by December of this year...consider that goal beyond conquered. Thank you :)

My "baby" brother turned 21 this week! We got the family together and went to Olive Garden for dinner. We don't get together very often so when we do I really make sure to appreciate it! Plus Olive Garden is one of my favorite restaurants...win! That sangria was delicious, in case you were wondering.

I finally found a peanut butter that is all natural that tastes good. And let me tell you, I mean GOOD! Crunchy coconut and peanut butter spread...get in my belly! This stuff is 100% natural, vegan & gluten free.

Tuesday night I stayed at Adam's pretty late playing Killer UNO with some of our friends. That game is addicting...I wanted to keep playing until I won! Which never happened, by the way...sad day, ha!

I've been on the hunt for a product that gives my fine/limp hair some body without weighing it down. I've only used this stuff once this week, but I think this could be a winner!

Happy weekend, lovelies :)
Do something worth remembering!


  1. congrats on 1,000! so exciting!! and what fun family/friends pictures! and I need to use that product - my hair is needs some help!

  2. Congratulations on 1000 followers! That's definitely something to be excited about :)

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend my dear!


  3. Yay! Congrats!
    (Not gunna lie, I got pretty excited when I saw my profile picture in your screenshot of followers!)


  4. Ummm...I literally LIVE off of that peanut butter. I could eat it for the REST of my life.

  5. Congrats on reaching 1000 followers lady. You are awesome! =)

  6. You are amazing, that's for sure! You have seriously earned every single one of your followers because of your great content. :) Olive Garden is a nice placeto celebrate special days. It's because of thm that I love a red cheese sauce - ie the best of both worlds!

    BTW, you should show pics of that new redken spray in your hair! How does it compete with the humidity?

  7. I am so happy for you and the big 1,000!!! That is SO awesome! You deserve it :)

  8. Congrats on 1000, girl! You deserve it. I seriously love your stuff. Keep doing what you do! I also saw you're reading "Sisterhood Everlasting" - I loveddd it - so fantastic, especially after growing up reading the Traveling Pants books. I felt like I got some closure ; )

  9. I love Sangria! If you have a Lazy Dog Cafe near you, try their White Peach Sangria. And better yet, if you have a Benihana near you, try their White Peach Sangria - delish!!

  10. Happy Birthday Jess's baby brother! Woo Hoo 21! and Woo hoo family getting together!

    A Jess approved hair product?!? YES PLEASE!

    YAYYYYY 1000!!!! You crazy bloggin queen! So excited for you and SO glad you are my blog bff! #proudbffmoment!

    Have a GREAT WEEKEND!!!

    (and tell Adam you want a rematch!)

  11. congrats on the milestone! and sounds like an AWESOME week!

  12. So proud of you hitting 1000 followers!!!! You rock! And let me know if you give that produce a seal of approval. I have very straight hair, so something to give it a boost would be awesome :)

  13. That peanut butter sounds awesome...I love coconut. You should try Aquage Uplift Foam or Big Sexy Hair Powder Play (love that stuff)

  14. I love Uno! My sister and I would play that for hours on end when we were kids.

  15. Wahoo! You're officially blog famous! 1,022 and counting!

    I love you, J!

  16. Seriously REDKEN is my fave product.. smells amazing and works wonders ;)

    CONGRATS again for hitting that many followers. Honestly, you're just that adorbs and a magnet to us bloggettes. Your advice, cute pics, outfits and fitness guru gives us great pleasure to come to your hood and read our hearts away!!


  17. Congratulations on reaching 1000 followers, that is such a huge accomplishment! Peanut butter and coconut? Um yes please, that sounds os delicious! I love your tips on workouts and all natural foods! Have a great weekend!


  18. A fun look back at the week! :) Thanks for the review on sangria at Olive Garden, that will be on my list to try next time I'm there! And I have somewhat limp hair too so I'll be giving Redken a try!


  19. Coconut and peanut butter?! Two of my favs in one! :) Thanks for sharing this sweetie! xo

  20. Wow that's a lot of followers, congrats!! And yay for Friday!


  21. Congratulations on the followers, that's fantastic! That peanut butter looks delish, I do love peanut butter!

  22. I was hooked on peter pan peanut butter for a long time but we had to get rid of it because my 3 year old is deathly allergic to it. We don't even keep it in the house anymore!


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  23. Ok what is Killer Uno? I've played regular Uno and Uno Attack, but never heard of Killer Uno? Hope you have a great weekend!!

  24. wow! 1000 followers is huge. congratulations :)

    jen @ whyyyjen.blogspot.com

  25. congrats on the 1000 followers pretty lady!!! well deserved!

  26. congrats on all of the followers!! and that peanut butter looks so yummy :0)

  27. Congratulations on 1000 followers!


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