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As I'm sure you know by now, I have officially started studying to take the NASM Certified Personal Trainer exam. I'm not exactly sure when I'll be taking it, but I'll keep you guys in the loop :)

Anyway, I have hardly any prior knowledge when it comes to the technical side of health & fitness. Everything that I know is self taught and barely scrapes the surface of what is going to be on the exam. Needless to say, I will be spending many months cramming and mulling over 20 chapters worth of material (prayers please!).

Another thing you probably know about me...I'm a type-A personality to the MAX. I usually have 4 or 5 lists going every day, everything in my apartment has its spot and I'm all about planning & scheduling. I've tried to be a "free spirit" but it stresses me out. Come to think of it...a lot of things stress me out. Including studying for this exam. I don't have an instructor; it's all me. Talk about pressure.

SO today I want to share with you guys a few of the ways that I de-stress. Okay, let's be serious, I don't think I ever fully de-stress, so these are the ways that I relieve some of my stress ;)

Number 1. Beach getaways
I'm a lucky girl and the beach is only about 45 minutes away. So if I have a few hours that I can afford to spare, going to the beach to watch the sunset always brings my head out of my clouds and re-grounds me. The beauty of beach sunsets make me realize that it's okay if my to-do list for the day hasn't been checked off 100%.

Number 2. Going outside for fresh air
If I only have a few minutes to sound de-stressing, I like to go outside and take a walk and really let my thoughts wander. I let go of whatever is stressing me out and just soak up my surroundings. I love being outside; it's an easy way for me to clear my mind. Added bonus: my favorite place to talk to God is while I'm outside :)

The first picture is from a jogging trail near where my parents live, the second picture is a little creek at the park where I go mountain biking and the third picture is a tree in Adam's dad's backyard that has the word "hope" carved into it.

Number 3. Reading & journaling
I've loved reading for as long as I can remember. Reading allows me to experience different worlds and expand my imagination, which usually causes me to release whatever tension I'm holding onto in that moment. This also includes reading my Bible & journaling. There's just something about writing in my prayer journal that takes a weight off of my shoulders...imagine that ;) (Check Matthew 11:28-30)

Number 4. Drinking a cup of coffee
Coffee makes everything better. Period. Oh and fun fact: I collect coffee mugs!

Number 5. Target runs
Although if I'm gonna be honest, once I'm finished sweeping through the aisles of Target and I leave the check out, I'm usually more stressed out than when I got there because I've spent so much money. I'm convinced that the Target "bullseye" hypnotizes people. JUST KIDDING :)

And if all else fails, spending a little quality time with these two always manages to put a smile on my face and push my stresses aside :)

So tell me, what do YOU do to de-stress? :)


  1. funny you included target because I do the same thing. This summer has been kind of rough for me and I have been to target probably way to many times! but I do have to say wondering around that store, finding a good deal does make me feel better!

  2. Sometimes vegging out in front of the TV watching my favorite shows for an hour or so de-stresses me. And this is probably gonna sound weird but coloring de-stresses me too haha! Having been a nanny for so long I always found that coloring was very calming and soothing =)

  3. Journaling is a BIG way for me to destress! I find that if I put it all on paper, I can compartmentalize better and get a better perspective! Plus, I just simplified my life. Still a process, but it helps! I can't wait to hear more about NASM!

  4. I always go to Target! Last week our power was out for a few hours when it was 107 degrees. Of course I couldn't stay in the house so I wandered around Target and TJ Maxx. Obviously spent too much money, but it relieved my stress :)

  5. I LOVE that one of your de-stressors is a Target run! So amazing :) Good luck with studying - you will do great!

    The Other Side of Gray

  6. I work out! An hour at the gym can take my stress level down so much and usually make me so much less annoyed than I was when I went! Sweating it out helps me clear my mind!

  7. A. Um Beach... WHY CANT YOU BE CLOSER. For that fact why cant you be closer. humph.

    B. I am so glad you know that you find ways to destress! so important!

    C. I have gotten into this new routine for taking an epsom salt bubble bath. Yes cant be stressed after that!!

    Thank you for ALWAYS being there!

  8. I would also like to point out that clearly we are on the same type A level... I just commented in list form.

    or well I kinda always comment in list form... TYPE-A-ERS UNITE!

  9. I would love to have the option of going to the beach to de-stress! Hiking, blogging and ice cream are my de-stressors. Ice cream probably isn't the best choice, but it helps. Haha.

  10. I love being on the water; it can be as fun and crazy, or as quiet and relaxing as I want/need it to be. Best of luck to you on your exam!!!

  11. I also love taking a little trip to Target and wandering the aisles. My only problem is that I usually cannot leave without buying something even if it is just a pack of tic-tacs. Target will be the death of all my paychecks! Playing guitar is another way of distresssing; focus on playing and your mind is instantly distracted!

  12. Being near the beach is def a perk! Nothin is more soothing then listening to the ocean waves as you lay on beach. Also reading is one of my favorite ways to get away from the world if I need too! :)

    I used to de-stress by taking a drive through some of my favorite parts of San Marcos (where I went to school) but my car isn't in the best of shape anymore and I really don't like driving it anymore.

    Anywho, Good luck with your studying! :) You're gonna do fabulous! I know it! :)

  13. If I didn't live 4 hours from the beach, I could imagine that the beach would be on my de-stressing list.

    But Target is there...and zoning out into some blogs (or reading) is on my list too.

  14. I'm 100% with you on Target! I also like to hit up Barnes and Noble when I'm stressed. Sitting down with a cup of tea to read takes my mind off of whatever is stressing me out, but just being surrounded by shelves filled with books is ususally enough to calm me for some reason. (Anthropologie has a similar effect, but not being able to make the purchases I'd like to is just a bummer).

  15. Working out has become a new stress reliever. But I love going to the library or the bookstore and just browsing (these days its the library, trying to save here!).

    Beach is always a good choice too! The perk of living in Florida. :)

  16. I do the same thing at Target! I go in there to pick up some dish soap and walk about with $100 worth of stuff.

    I do yoga and go running. That is what de-stresses and grounds me. I also love to spend time with my dog, even though he's a huge brat.

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  17. If the beach was only 45 minutes from my house I wouldn't get anything done! I'd be there all the time! But maybe I just say that because there aren't beaches near me.

    I love getting lost in a book!

    I think Target would stress me out because I worry about spending too much money! And I'm an impulsive shopper :)

    Good luck studying for that test!

  18. What great de-stressers! I love all those things!

  19. Great destressing ideas! I like to take bubble baths when I'm extremely stressed out or reading a good book. Lots of luck in studying for the exam!


  20. Oh so jealous that the beach is so close to you! To destress for me, I watch a little reality TV (I know SO healthy right?!?) but something about Real Housewives just makes me forget things for awhile. Hahaha. Also I like to dive into projects when I'm stressed, staying busy works for me!


  21. I love this post! I do mostly the same things to de-stress! Job hunting has been an absolute monster, so what I love to do is not only wander around Target but thrift and antique stores! The idea of finding a treasure totally brightens the day. That or playing with my dog Roscoe he is always good for a cuddle or a good play.

  22. Yes! Coffee!! Haha I cracked up when I read that. Definitely my favorite way to destress :) I love to go for a run/drive, read a book, bake something, or play the piano :)

  23. We hear you on the Target runs!! Sounds just like us!! Man, we must really be stressed out as much as we go to Target. Gotta love working about 5 minutes away from one!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  24. My fav thing to do to de-stress is grab a good book and read a little in a bubble bath! Always makes me feel better after getting sucked into a story and forgetting about whatever it was that was bothering me!

    Good luck studying!!

  25. Jesss I'm so excited for you and your future as a personal trainer! You will be the bomb diggity at it. Almost everything stresses me out- I agree with coffee, getting outside, and being with the man... but the biggest thing that de-stresses me is probably the two things all personal trainers will shun... EATING JUNK and DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! I'm pretty sure I could substitute that for running or something productive... I think I'm going to need your help the most!!

  26. A good movie, get out of the house (even if it means just running errands with the mister), or taking a nap (because I've found that lack of sleep DIRECTLY affects my mood)!


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