Treat Yo Self!

Hi beauties :) Did you get your relax on this weekend?!
I actually had a fairly productive weekend - I got a ton of stuff marked off of my to do list.
But of course I made some time to do last week's Smell the Roses task.

Last week's Smell the Roses task was to treat yourself. 
My friend Kelsey asked me if I wanted to get a pedi...

1. I will never, ever turn down a pedi!
2. That was perfect for my Smell the Roses task :)

So last week I got a pedi with my friends Kelsey & Danielle.
Then we went to a sushi restaurant. I didn't eat anything but I did get a glass of white peach saki...delicious!

It's SO nice actually having time to spend time with my friends during the week rather than locking myself in my apartment to do homework. SERIOUSLY wonderful!

Did you do anything special last week to treat yourself?
If you did, grab a button and link up with me :)

My good friend Sara posted this video on my blog's Facebook wall yesterday and said that it reminded her of last week's Smell the Roses task...I'd say she was pretty spot on ;) 

This week's task:
Think about what blogging has done for you.

A lot of times I find myself frazzled by this little blog of mine. It takes a lot of time and energy to piece together posts, answer emails & read/comment on other blogs. But you know what? I enjoy doing it. And I appreciate every single one of my readers :) Sometimes I need to be reminded that blogging is a hobby, not a chore. So this week I want to think about all of the things that blogging has done for me and share why I love it so much :) Join me!

Enjoy your Monday, lovelies!


  1. Have you ever seen the show "Parks & Recreation?" They mention 'treat yo self' days in one of their episodes. Such a funny show! Anyways, thought I'd share that and I have to say that nail polish picture is so cool! Such a great angle, love it!

  2. i guess if i can't remember if i did anything to treat myself, then i problly didn't do anything lol. Maybe this week ill treat myself to a pedi cause that sounds amazing.

  3. I am pet sitting so I am basically on a fur-baby vacation! I spent my weekend playing with a lovable pup and kitty pair so I guess you could say that I had lots of de-stressing due to the love that these two animals show :)

    xo Teresa
    *Im hosting 2 giveaways on the blog right now!

  4. That video from Parks & Rec... hahahahahhaa... classic.

  5. I'm getting a massage this week and a pedicure next week to treat myself after a long and crazy school year! Glad you enjoyed some girl time and got to relax!

  6. i love this title. and love that show. : ) I bought myself a starbucks frappacino this week and loved it!

  7. The pedi looks like heaven, I haven't gotten one in months.....I'm booking one ASAP!


  8. Gotta love a pedi - and that glass of wine looks amazing! And crossing stuff of to do lists is the BEST feeling ever :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  9. I've never had a pedi...sad right?

    I bought myself a new purse last week...it's been a whole year since I've bought a new bag for myself. I love it!!

  10. Love girl time and a good pedicure!! The best! Glad you got to treat yo self! Annnd that video is hilarious! haha. Happy Monday!! :)

  11. TREAT YO SELF ;)

    I bought my favorite snack, freeze dried fruit. It's super over-priced, so I got it as my treat for myself for the week. :) It definitely was a fun and tasty splurge!

  12. Im so glad you got to treat your self!!
    I mean wine and pedis!

    Love you sweet girl!

  13. Pedicures are seriously one of the best things ever! Cute polish, massage chairs, and time with friends! Perfect!

  14. Treat yo self!! haha I am still laughing!

  15. I got a mani/pedi last week!!

    I'll be linking up soon :)

    Hope you have a great week!

    <3 Jamie

  16. That pedi looks like one amazing treat :) You deserved it girl! xo
    Love your next Smell The Roses task - such a needed reminder!


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