These Are a Few of My Favorite Things!

Happy Friday, lovelies :)

As always, I'm linking up with Lauren for High Five for Friday to share my top 5 favorite things from this week! I love looking back at my week and choosing 5 little moments that made my week a little bit brighter.


Danielle & I went mountain biking on Saturday and let me just say - if you want a good butt workout, mountain biking is the way to go! We had a blast and my buns were sore for like 3 days! 


I got my first Love Club package in the mail this week :) I'm SO glad that I signed up, because this is definitely something that I'll be looking forward to every month. 

What is it you ask? Well I'll let Heather, the founder, explain, "A monthly subscription service delivering accessories, beauty oviducts & unique items from handmade small business owners. With a love for supporting independent business and handmade, you get the best products from smaller shops that we want to help grow!" via


The last half of this week I've been waking up 30 minutes early so that I can sit in bed with my coffee & Bible to do my quiet time. I'm loving taking the extra time in the morning to spend with Jesus - it really makes my days so much better. Oh, and this cute mug is a gift from Steph :)


After seeing Annie rock these with a few of her outfits, I took the plunge and bought a pair! I've been looking for a cute, light brown wedge that I can wear with my summer dresses...I'm hoping these pass the test once they arrive in the mail! Oh and guess what? They're on sale ;) 


I just love my boyfriend a whole freaking lot :)
Little things like this make my days so much better!



  1. That text messages is friggen adorable!

  2. yay! i wanna go biking :) and i have been trying to start my day in the word, too and it's been awesome!

  3. Ok here we go another list...surprised? Me either...
    A. I haven't ridden a bike since I was eight and am slightly deathly afraid to get on one again...although I've heard it comes back just like riding a bike ;)
    B. Ok I have been thinking of if I wanted to do a monthly box but really hadn't decided... LOVE CLUB might just be the one. It's everything I want and a little bit more!!
    C. Jesus time. 'nuf said. HOLLA.
    D. I have been on the search for a good pair of nutral wedges... WHY DID I NOT LOOK AT TARGET. dumb.
    E. Y'ALL ARE SO CUTE. amen.

    Happy weekend sweet sweet blog BFF

  4. That text from Adam is so sweet! And I love that you are reading the Bible in the AM. Maybe I'll start doing that when M takes Louie for his walk. I especially like what you underlined: "Above all, keep loving"

    Wishing you a fantabulous weekend! (I think it's time we became text friends.)

  5. I love biking too!


  6. Love quiet time in the morning! And those are some cute wedges! =)

  7. Love the wedges, they are too cute. What a sweet text. It looks like you had a great week, I hope your weekend is just as wonderful.

  8. Very cute text! Really like the concept for the Love Club as well! Great post!


  9. Love that text message! and thanks for sharing about the Love Club, just added myself to the waiting list!

  10. Sounds like a great week! Thanks for sharing!!

    The text message is beyond sweet and I completely agree with 30 minutes of quiet time with Jesus in the mornings! Think I may start to do so :)

  11. So excited you got the wedges - I love 'em! Mountain biking sounds awesome - and so does the Love Club - such cute stuff! Have a great weekend Jess :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  12. I love that text from your sweet boyfriend... My hubby isn't a big texter, but ever now and then, he sends me the best texts that make my day. :)

  13. Cute shoes! You can pull those off, I'm sure.. you've got that kind of skill ;) What a sweet text from Adam!! He sure adores you : ) Have a wonderful weekend, pretty girl! XO

  14. great shoes!

    what a sweet text,you are one lucky girl :)

    happy friday!

  15. your boyfriend is officially adorable!! hehe love it!!! (:

  16. 1) love the mug, and how much underlining is in your bible!


  17. I love that you take time for yourself to do quit time I am sure that that brightens your day a whole lot and I mean I don't know how your days couldn't be already bright with such an adorable bf so cute seriously!

  18. I agree! Waking up early to read the Bible and drink coffee gets my day off to a much better start!

  19. you seriously are the cutest! i love your blog, lady!


  20. Oh what a great week!!
    The biking doesn't even look like fl. Lol
    I am so thrilled that the love club is taking off and I'm a part of it!! I hope I get some sales!
    You are setting a great example. I've been doing Devos too but it's not enough. I love the Jesus calling book but I think I need more. Thanks for sharing.
    Mad props to your man. ;-)

  21. Seriously? My boyfriend has never texted me something that sweet before. I think your bf needs to call my bf and have a little talk with him. :)

    And the Love Club sounds awesome. Going to check it out now.

    Happy Friday girl!

  22. I love biking, such a great workout and fun too!

    happy friday xo

  23. I love Jesus and my daily quiet time too! :-) I'm your newest follower from Eat Yourself Skinny! :-)

  24. I have those same shoes from Target and rock them several times a week! Great choice. Have a beautiful weekend lovely!

    Melissa from G&B

  25. i am AWWWINGGG over that text!! what a great guy. i hope my prince charming graces me with his presence sometime soon :)

    and love club!? this sounds so fantastic! i'm heading over the heather's site right now!

  26. New to your blog. I found you from A Brew of Blessings link up with you the other day.

    Those tan wedges are the same ones that a co-worker of mine wears almost everyday and today she tripped over the front of them while walking and face planted it! hahahaha it was quite the laugh for everyone (including her) in the office today. Just a warning when walking on carpet. haha

  27. Sweetest text ever! You got a keeper!

  28. The Love Club sounds amazing! I am definitely going to check it out.
    Penniless Socialite

  29. Love love love! I was looking at target wedges too. :-) Maybe I'll find some at Kohl's tomorrow. They're having a sale, and guess who got an extra 30% off everything coupon? Yeah. THIS GIRL. Yes.

    I mean, really, I love all five of your highlights. Yes, even the quiet time with Jesus. :-) All of it!


  30. I've been trying to wake up early to spend time with God in his word, I admire you for being diligent about it! I always feel so connected and full of joy when I start my days like that.

  31. i love all these things!! i love annie's outfits, what a sweet text message and so proud of you and your 30 extra minutes in the morning. I did that this morning and am working on it to happen more!

  32. Looks like you've had a lovely week. Love that text, so sweet. Hope you have a great weekend.

  33. I have never heard of the love club! I'm going to have to try it. Thank you.

    And I am loving my bible reading time. Don't you just love time with God :)

  34. Love those shoes!! And isn't Adam the sweetest?!?!

    Hope you have an awesome weekend!!

    <3 Jamie

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  37. Now isn't that text message just the cutest!? How very sweet of him to make you feel so special :) That's one of the many reasons I'm head over hills for my guy. He is good at sweet things like that.

    The love box thing sounds like SO much fun! How do you get in to something like that??! I'd LOVE to know!

    Mountain biking sounds like a BLAST! I prob wouldn't walk for 3 weeks after I did that, but if I had a buddy to go with, I'd try it out!

  38. I love that you mountain bike. Looks like a blast! And the Love Club sounds like such a good idea! Have a great weekend!!

  39. Great week you've had! Now I'm checking out the wedges because I've been looking for a pair, too!

  40. Am I the only one that sings when I read "these are a few of my favorite things"? Either way, loved it all :)

  41. Jessica,

    I have been searching for the mug everywhere! Where did you get that coffee mug! LOVE IT! Thanks!

  42. i love that coffee mug :) and good for you girl, i need to be more disciplined about reading my Bible in the mornings. AND working out :) you are an inspiration!!

  43. I love messages like that from my hubby :) I love wedges and nude shoes, so those are the perfect combo to go with everything!

  44. beachchiki-

    I got it as a gift from a blog friend!
    You can find her blog here and email her to ask where she got it :)


  45. Thanks Jessica! Love your Blog!

  46. What a fun week! I love the idea of the Love Club. Maybe I'll get in on some of that action. I like that the items are from small businesses.

    And "aww" at your sweet boyfriend. I can tell he's a keeper! But I'm sure you already know that.


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