I Cheated...

...on my Erin Condren planner! I have a very unhealthy obsession with planners & notebooks. Anyone else out there who can relate?

Okay, here's the deal.
I'm pretty sure we've all heard of the coveted Erin Condren Life Planner. If you haven't...good for you, because it is one expensive little planner! Don't get me wrong, I adore my EC planner, I just look back and wish that I wouldn't have spent $50 (plus shipping) on a planner. Yes...$50. YIKES.

I was just so enticed by the setup of the EC planner. That was one of those impulse buys that I'm trying my best to steer clear of these days ;)

Anyway, I've had my EC planner since January. It's now June (surprise, surprise) and sadly, my EC planner is looking kinda rough. The month tabs are ripping/falling off...not cool. The shiny cover was taken over by scratches...again not cool. The plastic spiral binding the planner together kept coming undone...lame.

So I decided to look for a new planner that had a lot of similarities to the EC planner, but that seemed a bit more durable (I guess I'm rough with my planners?).

After stalking many Etsy shops I stumbled upon...

Plum Paper.

Check this baby out...

-It's the same style as the EC planner.
-It costs $30 (which is $20 cheaper than the EC planner).
-You can order your planner anytime during the year and they will make it start during the month of your choice.
-The spiral binding is metal...which I prefer over plastic.
-The cover is more of matte look so scratches won't be as evident.
-I love the size: 7"x 9".
-The Plum Paper team is quick to respond, and they send you a proof of your cover before creating your order.

So if you're in the market for a new planner, I'd highly suggest this one :)
They have different cover options to choose from, too.

Lately I've been realizing that buying the "name brand" item isn't necessarily the best idea. So I've been looking for items that work best for me, not what's "in"...it's super freeing and my bank account loves me more.

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It's gonna be FUN! And who doesn't love fun...seriously.



  1. I have a very unhealthy obsession with office supplies in general :)

    I ordered my Plum Paper planner on Saturday! I'm so excited to get it! And the fact that its $20 cheaper is a plus!!

    How long did it take for you to get yours?

  2. So glad I came across this. I've been seriously thinking about buying my first EC planner when the new ones come out this week. I too am obsessed with organization and it looks fabulous.

    Maybe the new laminated tabs will hold up better than yours!

  3. I use to love planners. It would take me a while to find the perfect one every year. Now I just rely on my IPhone calendar. I do love your planner though! :)

  4. Awesome!! I'll have to check them out!

  5. Love it! Going to check them out right now because the EC planner was definitely too expensive for me!

  6. I've had that exact planner bookmarked to buy for awhile now.... With such a high recommendation, I think it's time for me to committ! :)

    Kayla // http://www.kaylanaut.com

  7. I've had that exact planner bookmarked to buy for awhile now.... With such a high recommendation, I think it's time for me to committ! :)

    Kayla // http://www.kaylanaut.com

  8. Love plum paper, I stalk their shop all the time!


  9. I love all of the space these planners have to offer! I always get the small ones because they are a little easier to grab and go. I am thinking my next planner needs to be larger!

  10. I'm really glad you shared the DISadvantages of your Erin Condren planner... it was the FIRST on my list for next years planner! I don't like the idea of the spiral on broke bode... after all my leather Franklin Covey was pretty sturdy!

    Love that your new planner is personalized... the cover is SO you!!!

  11. Oh it is super cute & very similar!!

  12. thanks for the post! will definitely check this out! =)

  13. I have an Erin planner. It was way toooo expensive. I used a coupon so I paid like $25 but that is still too much for me. I will check out this company.

  14. I'm obsessed with planners and this post just made my morning. Thank you so much for sharing.

  15. I have a Franklin Covey planner that I love. I just buy new inserts for it each year instead of a whole new planner because it is like a mini 3ring binder only much cuter! I agree though, name brands are not always the way to go. Cute find!

  16. That planner is seriously the cutest...I might need to invest :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  17. Very very cute!! I still love my EC planner though -- I put clear packing tape over the tabs so they wouldn't get beat up! But this looks like a GREAT alternative (: Love it!!

    Have a great Tuesday!!

  18. Is it bad that I just don't use my EC planner? I won a giveaway so I only had to pay $30 for mine, but it's just so big that I don't like to carry it everywhere, so I'd rather just use my phone...Maybe I just need to find the right purse? lol

  19. You TOTALLY just made my day!!!! I have been waiting for the expensive EC planner and now I love this one! AND its cheaper!! Yay!;) Thanks!

  20. good for you! I refuuuuused to get an EC planner because I still think it is ridic to spend $50 on a planner.

  21. I do love that planner! :-) And you're right. Name brand isn't always what it's cracked up to be. But being that you love Target just like the rest of the world, I'm sure you've gradually learned that over the years. ;-)

    I think one of the biggest perks about Plum Paper is that they'll start the planner on the month that you receive it! That is so great! There is nothing worse than falling in love with a planner only to find that you can only use 7 of the 12 months in it.

    I hope you're having a great week so far! I'm still without internet at home, so I hope I can pull something together quickly enough to link up on Thursday! *fingers crossed*

  22. Oooohhh. Love it. I really just adore all things chevron and organized! I LOVE that they will start it te month that you want it to that is ALWAYS a big problem for me! Def looking into this when I need a new planner for the school year!!


  23. That planner is adorable!! Planners are the only thing that keep me on track! :)

  24. i'm glad you posted about this because I desperately need a new planner! and am too cheap to spend $50!

  25. Well it's definitely cute!! I've never been able to keep up with a planner. I use my iCalendar on both Mac & iPhone to keep up with stuff.

  26. Oooh. I might just need one of those. I have gotten away without using a planner since my classes ended earlier this year, but now that I'm starting my new job I may need to invest in one of these. We'll see :)

  27. Oh this is SO awesome, especially since I wasn't about to spend $50 on an EC planner!

  28. I got an Erin Condren planner last year too and while I love it, the price is nuts! I'm trying to push myself to use my iphone since I got it last month for planner/calendar purposes. It's working so far, but I love planners and office things so I always get the itch to get another one.

    I'll have to keep this one in mind if I do make the move!

    - a

  29. Just found your blog today and I liked it so much I'm following on bloglovin! I LOVE finding expensive things for cheap, Thank you for sharing. I might just have to pick myself up one of these...


  30. this is amazing. I have the same erin planner but with blue chevron! I also got in january and sadly it's so beat up now. i love love love this find! ( maybe i just love love love the price :)

  31. I'm a stationary fan! And this planner looks just perfect! So easy to use. I'm trying to start using my ipad/iphone/cloud as my planner but just not getting the hang of it, just yet.

  32. Thank you so much for sharing this! I've been resisting buying the EC planner so this might be the solution!


  33. Thank you for the recommendation! I just bought one :)

  34. I've been debating this exact thing so I'm glad to know you love your Plum paper one. Thanks for sharing!


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