Get Me to the Greek!

Believe it or not, I used to be in a sorority. For a whole whopping semester.
I was an initiated Zeta Tau Alpha.

BUT that's not the kind of Greek that my title is referring to. Nope! I'm talking about Greek yogurt :)

The first time that someone told me that Greek yogurt was "better" for me than regular yogurt I was so sad, because I remember thinking that Greek yogurt was disgusting. But now that I know HOW to eat Greek yogurt I love it so much more than regular yogurt.

What makes Greek yogurt...well, Greek?
No it is not Greek yogurt because it is imported from Greece ;) Greek yogurt is strained, which removes a lot of the excess liquid (whey), making the yogurt creamier and a little bit thicker.

Greek yogurt vs. regular yogurt
-There is about twice the amount of protein in Greek yogurt than there is in regular yogurt...which means that it will fill you up more and for a longer amount of time.

-There are less carbs in Greek yogurt.

-There is less sodium in Greek yogurt.

-There is less lactose in Greek yogurt.

Shopping for Greek yogurt
-I'm VERY careful when it comes to buying yogurt that has added fruit/flavor. Most of the time, those are loaded with tons of sugar that isn't really necessary. I opt for buying "plain" or "vanilla" flavored.

-I also like to buy anything that I can that is organic, which is why I buy Stonyfield Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt. Oikos has 0% fat and uses five live active cultures.

My favorite ways to eat Greek yogurt
-For breakfast I like to have a bowl of Greek yogurt and add blueberries, raspberries & almonds. If I have a little bit of a sweet tooth I'll even add a teaspoon of organic honey. 

-I like to use Greek yogurt in smoothies when I want it to be a little bit thicker and when I want to add a little bit of protein to my smoothie (lean protein, that is :))

-I like to make protein pancakes and use Greek yogurt in the batter.

-For more cooking with Greek yogurt ideas you can go here!

Now that I'm all about the Greek yogurt, I think that's reason enough to take a trip to Greece?!
Yeah? ;)

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  1. mm! love Greek yogurt! Thanks for the info :) Have an awesome Wednesday! XO

  2. Its really good with a bit of honey added to it!


  3. Oh, Greek yogurt... I just can't do it. It's a texture thing. I try and try, because I know it's a great source of lean protein and it's so good for you... But I just can't stomach it!

    I'd love to hear your protein pancake recipe -- maybe then I could work some Greek yogurt into my diet! Ha! Plus... Who doesn't like pancakes??

  4. I was just food shopping last night and looked at the Greek yogurt selection. I love yogurt, but I am lactose intolerant so I have to be very careful because it usually upsets my stomach.

    I wonder if the fact that it's strained that it would be more gentle to digest... now you have me combing Google! thanks girl ;)


  5. LOVE Greek yogurt, especially with honey! And loving it is definitely reason enough for a trip to Greece :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  6. I love greek yogurt! Smoothies with it are amazing- you are so right. I also like to make tzatziki with it, which is that cucumber yogurt dip served with pita (best with wheat pita in my opinion!) Yum!!


  7. I got so excited when you put that picture of Greece up. I was like, "She's giving away a trip to Greece!?!" Then I read. What a let down, just kidding! Seriously, Greek yogurt is the bomb and I have been eating for a number of years. The consistency is definitely better. Frozen Greek yogurt isn't too bad either!

    Have a great Wednesday girl!

    Melissa from Grin and Barrett

  8. i have yet to try greek yogurt but I LOVE yogurt of all other kinds so I really need to try it!

  9. Greek yogurt is pretty awesome! Used some last night to make a healthier chicken salad-- used it in place of mayo and it taste pretty good!

  10. I used to feel the same way about Greek yogurt and actually still do a little bit, but I do use it in smoothies and actually have substituted it for sour cream before and was pleasantly surprised!

  11. The first time I tried Greek Yogurt, I thought it was disgusting. So then, a few weeks later, I tried again...this time though, I bought vanilla and I was in heaven!! I bought some Stoneyfield this last time b/c I only buy organic yogurts and stuff...and it is so good! I've been pairing it up with a sweet potato for lunch every day. Makes a perfect lunch full of nutrients!!

  12. Good to know! I saw some Greek Yogurt at the store yesterday and didn't buy it because it had so much sugar, but it had fruit in the bottom so I'll look for the regular kind now :)

  13. I loveee Greek yogurt. Did you know you can save money and make your own from regular plain yogurt?

  14. I love greek yogurt I always new it was real good for ya but didn't know why till now thank you for sharing!

  15. I am not the biggest fan of Greek yogurt, but trying it in my smoothies sounds like it could be good!
    Haha...well see!
    <3 E

  16. At the recommendation of the doctors I work for and our own research, we've cut way back on dairy, but I was told by one of my bosses that Stonyfield is the best Greek yogurt brand you can buy, so good job! :-)

    Love you, peanut sister!

    (My MIL called me a peanut when she met me, and one of my friends in NYC called me peanut. So now, you're my peanut sister!)

  17. i may have to give greek yogurt another try! hmm.. :)

  18. I love yogurt but I'm not a huge fan of the Greek yogurt. Lately I've been eating vanilla flavored with granola and then either fresh blueberries or strawberries. I'm kinda obsessed! lol

    Ps. I was in a sorority for a whole semester too! I was an initiated Alpha Delta Pi! How funny! :)

  19. Book me on your trip to Greece!!! I wanna go too! ;)

    Have you tried the Fage Greek yogurt yet??

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  20. So it pretty much takes me dipping things in chocolate for Ryan to eat anything healthy. But I got the Zoi brand of the Greek Yogurt with Honey, and he narfs that stuff down like no other!!! I like the one with honey cause then it tastes more like a custard and doesn't leave that weirdo aftertaste in your mouth like most greek yogurts do. We go through 2-3 big containers a week!

  21. I think that's absolutely reason enough to take a trip to Greece! Although, it might not be a good idea to listen to me...I've been looking for a good excuse to visit for YEARS! I'm a huge Greek yogurt fan too. Once you're used to the rich creamy texture, it's so hard to go back! Happy Wednesday to you!

  22. I love Greek yogurt too--I feel like the texture is much more satisfying than liquidy yogurts. Plus the extra protein never hurts either!

  23. Gah Greece is on my list. Whoever decided to paint those buildings white next to that deep blue water was a GENIUS.


  24. This is so helpful, friend! I've actually recently started buying Greek yogurt because I think it has a richer, better flavor - and I have seriously been wondering what exactly makes Greek yogurt Greek! Thanks for your helpful post :)


  25. It took me so long to try Greek yogurt but now I can't even eat the old stuff!


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