Count 'Em...5!

Hi sweet people :)
It's that time of the week again...yes Friday!
Except I'm working today (I usually don't work Fridays) so I am REALLY ready for the weekend!

I'm excited for this weekend: Saturday I'm going mountain biking in the AM and then hanging out with the family in the PM to celebrate my Granddad's birthday! Sunday I'm going fishing with my brother and then spending time with my Dad...it's gonna be good!

But enough about the future, here are my 5 favorite things from this past week!
(Obviously I'm linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk for High Five for Friday!)

Good thing I'm not the only one in my apartment who isn't a morning person ;)
I just love my little nugget!

Adam & I went and saw a movie at the Cinebistro...the movie sucked but the experience was awesome! I honestly don't even remember which movie we saw...oops. But the food & drinks were off the chain (did I just say that? What's wrong with me?) If you've never been to a Cinebistro, let me explain. We sat in these HUGE leather chairs in the theatre and were served delicious food before the movie started. We got to finish our food during the movie. It was glorious. I'm never going to a regular movie theatre again, ever. Okay...I probably will, but whatever ;)

I ate banana batter pancakes while listening to the song Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson. I don't think you understand just how amused I was by this...:)

Sushi. Boyfriend. Boy best friend. All at the same time. BEST EVER.
It's always so hard to take good pictures in sushi restaurants...it's so dark in there!
Don't they know that us bloggers NEED good quality pictures?! ;)

I am so incredibly thankful for the success of the link up that Britt & I hosted yesterday.
"From Blog Life to Real Life" was a real hit - Britt is a genius for coming up with the idea!
If you haven't checked it out, you can here...trust me you will find A TON of new blogs to read!
You're welcome :)



  1. Sushi, yum! And cinebistro looks amazing!


  2. All of that sushi looks wonderful!

  3. That theater looks amazing and just looking at that sushi sealed the deal... making reservations for sushi Sunday night :)

  4. I've never been to a Cinebistro but I've been to something exactly like it and it is so neat! I love the comfy chairs and how spread out your seats are from other people and the yummy food/drinks!

  5. Cinebistro looks fab, wish we had something similar in the UK! x

  6. That Cinebistro looks amazing! It looks like they only have them in a few locations, but I will definitely keep my eye out because it seems like so much fun :)

  7. The Cinebistro is the BEST idea EVER!!!!!

  8. Sounds like a fabulous and fancy way to see a movie!! And girl I have totally made banana pancakes and turned on that song while doing it. It just adds to the atmosphere. Haha. So fun!

  9. i have to admit, i was amused by your banana pancakes/song at the same time too! :)

  10. Hmmm definitely thinking you should post that recipe for Banana Pancakes. Those look awesome.

    And the sushi... OMG.

    Happy Friday! :)

  11. I have always wanted to go to one of those theaters! That sushi looks amazing. They should invent a sushi version of the cinebistro.

  12. Why do I like you so much? Oh just because you're so darn cute and awesome, yeah that's why! I can't wait for the day when we get to meet in real life!

  13. That theater sounds awesome!

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend...sounds like you will :)

  14. OK, I need to get myself to a Cinebistro ASAP - SO cool! The sushi looks amazing and it sounds like you've got an awesome weekend plan...have fun!

    The Other Side of Gray

  15. You are just so so sweet! I adore you even more every time I read your blog! We're gonna have to chit chat about round 2 if you're down :D
    And banana pancakes and jack johnson, is probably the best combination to start your morning! I need to see him in concert, ASAP!

  16. You ALWAYS make me crave sushi!!!! Every time I see it on your blog, I'm like... aww mannnnnnn I NEED sushi!!

    Sorry you have to work today, but it must be comforting to know we're in the same boat, and we shall pull through together!!

    And you ROCK mountain biking your life away!! Love it and LOVE YOU!


  17. All of those things sounds fun, fun, fun! And YES. The link-up was a huge success! Britt was smart to hook up with you! Little Miss Boots is always so adorable. LOVE HER! But you know what?

    LOVE YOU MORE! (Sorry, Boots.)

  18. Mmm, banana pancakes! Havent had those in forever!

  19. I'm glad I'm not the only nerd who would LOVE to EAT banana pancakes while LISTENING To banana pancakes! lol

  20. I love the AMC Dine ins so I bet I'd love the Cinebistro too! And YUM sushi is my fav!


  21. random question. completely unrelated to the post, though it is in a way. I LOOOVE the collages you made with your dude and also the banana pancakes. please tell me what program you used. pretty please?

  22. 1. Cinebistro sounds amazing...it also make me think of cinnabon.

    2. I would be just as amused by the banana pancake moment as you were. :)

    3. Holy Moly sushi. That looks crazy good!

    4. I loved reading all the posts from your link up. I found some awesome new blogs to read.

  23. I don't think I've ever seen that much sushi on one plate. It looks super yummy!


  24. Love the first picture!!! SO CUTE. And your blog design is awesome! Ah! So many good ones I've seen today!

  25. I love the first picture, my kitties (and myself) aren't morning people either!

  26. I had SO much fun with the link up! Thanks again, y'all! PS. My nickname is Banana, so everybody plays that song for me. It has now become my theme song and one of my faves. Haha.


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