5 Things That Made My Week Wonderful

Friday, there are no words to describe how much I love you :) TRUE STATEMENT. 
Since I love Friday so much, today I'm going to tell you 5 of my favorite things from this past week.

I got my temporary diploma! I'm almost official :)


Me & 3 of my girlfriends started a girls' bible study group type thing. I'm SO incredibly excited to get closer with these girls and build unbreakable bonds with them :) Yay community!


BEACH DAY SATURDAY! It hasn't happened yet, but I'm too excited to not include it. What makes this beach day even more special than other ones? Friends from NC are down to visit...stoked to spend some time with them and to meet their new baby girl! 


I finally had my car cleaned & washed. OH MAN I have been putting that off for months. My car was absolutely dis.gust.ing! But now it's as good as new. You know you love my sweet bike rack on the back...


My Thursday night "to do" list was the length of my arm. And guess how much I got done...ZIP! Adam showed up at my apartment when he got off work with a Redbox & ice cream so needless to say I threw my "to do" list out the window last night. I love him so much :) Take that "to do" list!

Did you have a wonderful week?! I sure hope you did! 
And you know what else I hope? That you have an even better weekend :)

I'm linking up with Lauren for High Five for Friday!


  1. Mr. Adam is a lifesaver, isn't he?! And I know that ice cream is only for you right?! I don't do well sharing those mini-me sizes! hahahaha

    Congrats again friend on your accomplishment of finishing up school. Now let's get your training career on and poppin!!

    Happy Friday and have a super cool time at the beach... think of me in the glistening sun b/c it's departing Oregon and I be left with the pathetic rain!!

  2. Oh congrats on the 'temporary' degree :p and an awesome boyfriend!

  3. I adore your blog! I just found you via Hollie Takes Notes! Congrats on the diploma and the BF coming in just the nick of time to squash that to do list :) ps. I am also a Tampa girl :)

    xo Teresa

  4. You are just too cute, sweet friend! Love reading your Friday Fives...always so cheerful and uplifting! Hope your weekend is LOVELY!

  5. yay for graduating!

    And my goodness, our men are os good to us in the "put that list down and relax with me" department! They just know when it's time to unwind....good men. :)

  6. Congratulations! I know your super happy that have that weight off of your shoulders! LOVE the biblestudy group! I was so excited to get in a new one (more like a awesome Sunday school) when I moved to Chalreston. I'm with you on the disgusting car!!!! The rain has been the only thing that washes mine lately :((

  7. I love redbox (and ice cream)!

    I also washed and vacuumed my car this weekend.. gotta love driving in a clean car :)

    happy friday xo

  8. i need to clean my car too. chris and I are started our own small group next week and I am really excited about - fellowship and community is wonderful!! I hope you have a great weekend jessica!!

  9. Yay for graduating! :) Have a great weekend!

  10. yay for the temp diploma! i can't wait to be done with school. and such a sweet boy you have for bringing redbox and ice cream. pretty sure there is no better combination. have a great beach day and weekend!

  11. I don't know why I think it's so funny that you posted your temporary diplmoa! Hahaha! I actually didn't get mine until 5-6 months after I graduated. I still walked at my graduation and everything, but I received my OFFICIAL diploma in the mail when I lived in NYC. One of my professors knew I was voluntarily continuing an internship until I moved at the end of the summer, so she told me I could just turn in my paper then. SAY WHAAA?! I took her up on that offer. :-) And the funny thing is that my name didn't have an asterisk next to my name in the program even though I was a conditional graduate. So weird! Of course, I turned in the paper, got an A, and got my real diploma.

    I hope you have a fantastic beach day tomorrow! I love you!

  12. Yay! Congrats! Graduation is awesome. I feel so relieved more than anything. I can also do more of what I love. Like read other books than textbooks. Go to dinner. Watch TV shows. Haha.

    have an awesome weekend love! You deserve it. Oh and so glad I am sponsoring this month. Wahoo!


  13. ice cream & redbox? Doesn't get any better!!

    I need a beach day pronto...doesn't look like it's happening until July. This is why I need to live on the beach.

  14. Adam is sweet!! I am glad you have a good one.

    My friend Lindsey and I have been talking about starting a girl bible study group! How crazy. We just had this conversation last wk. It will be amazing and will hold us accountable for more of the people we strive to be!!

    Hope you have a great wknd!! Xo

  15. love these! and you got yourself quite the catch!! cookie dough and a movie is the BEST!

  16. Congrats on the diploma!!

    I had to include an activity I am doing tomorrow on my list today, as well. I am just too excited about a river day!

    And, that is awesome about the Bible Study...wish I could attend via skype or something! Can't wait to hear how it goes.

    Happy Friday, Jess!! :))

  17. Ooooh movies & ice cream - sounds like my Saturday night :) Have a great weekend Jess!

    The Other Side of Gray

  18. Congrats on graduating!!!!


  19. Congrats on your temporary diploma!! That's so awesome! You are a graduate! :)
    Sounds like you've had a great week and you're headed into a great Saturday!! Have fun at the beach! :)
    Happy Friday!

  20. Awww, congrats! How exciting :) Have fun at the beach... you should go to Siesta in Sarasota.. best beach ever! I got burnt yesterday though...

    xoxo V

  21. I sooooo should've known you were a Honda girl!!!! Yep, me too! :) Actually bought our first one 20 years ago at Regal Honda in Lakeland!!! Spent a fortune...young and inexperienced, yes...but it was a beaut! 2-door coupe Accord with a spoiler....on the showroom floor with a big red bow!!! Have been driving one ever since....of course, right now its an Odyssey...2 growing boys and constant extra passengers demand it...but they SAY they ARE the hot rod of minvans!!! Hee!
    And love that you threw your to-do list out the window....that is so living life!!!!

  22. Beach day sounds AMAZING!! Kinda jealous. :)

  23. Yay for a beach day! :) Hope you have a blast! :)

  24. Congrats on graduating...and you reminded me how desperately I need to clean my car!! ;)

  25. Congrats to you! You just reminded me that I need to wash my car...BAD!!:-) Oh and thanks for the info on the lemon water. I really appreciate you doing that!!

    Have a great weekend!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  26. So glad you ditched your to do list...sometimes we just have to do that! And that's fun about your bible study. My girl's bible study just finished Crazy Love and we are starting Restoration for Women. Do you all have a book yet?

  27. I would definitely throw my to-do list out the window for that. He is so thoughtful and a keeper! Congrats on getting your diploma notification! That's super exciting.

    PS. I just put your button on my side bar too ;) You are so cute in your little dress, so I had to choose that button. If you want to do a guest post or introduction (and have time to do so) I would love to have you! Have a GREAT weekend! xo

  28. high five for fridays indeed-over from Hollie Takes Notes

  29. Oh my gosh girl, CONGRATS on getting your degree!! What an amazing accomplishment! xo

  30. Sometimes you just need to throw out your to do list and hang out with ice cream and Redbox!

    P.S. Twitter suggested I follow you so I came over to your blog - SO CUTE!

  31. Love the spontaneous Redbox and ice cream! :) Those are the moments you live for.


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