5 Things That Are Worth a Thumbs Up!

Happy Friday :)
I'm so glad that the weekend is finally here. I feel like I haven't been able to breathe this whole week...which isn't a bad thing, I've just been super busy!

So that means today is a good day to slow down & link up with Lauren to reflect on my top 5 favorite things from the week...High Five for Friday!

My hair is getting long enough to do a little wave. AH! Grow, hair, grow! In case you didn't know, I've been growing my hair out for almost 9 months...yeah it used to be SUPER short. Like it's 5 inches longer (in the back) than it was when I started!!

Adam & I went grocery shopping together this week, and when we finished we were so hungry that we sat at a table outside of the grocery store and had a little picnic :) Oh, the little things!

I've been making an effort to eat better meals and I've been doing just that! The first one is something that I ate at my Grandma's house...salmon, spaghetti squash & asparagus. The second one is water with mint leaves & raspberries and then a lettuce wrap with chicken, avocado, tomato, onion & peppers. And the third one is a salad, a sweet potato (my first time ever trying one...YUM) & then a cilantro lime chicken dish that I threw together.

New running shoes! Okay listen, I've always been a Nike girl. Like hardcore. But I'm gonna be real with you - my ankles were getting sore after my runs. I figured out that it was because I was wearing training shoes and not running shoes...in other words, I didn't have enough support. Adam & I went to a running store called Fit2Run and they helped me find a shoe that had enough support for my ankles.

Enter... Brooks! These are the Brooks Ghost 5 shoes. I've done 2 runs in them and so far I'm loving them :) (I'll always be a Nike girl at heart though ;)) I know they're not the cutest, but Adam (and the guy at the store) told me it's not like I'm wearing them out anywhere...plus I didn't want to be THAT girl who passed up a comfortable running shoe because it wasn't "cute" enough...haha!

Have you ever heard of the band Bon Iver? No...well look them up. And thank me later. I went and saw them Thursday night and HOLY INCREDIBLE SHOW. I wasn't too familiar with very many of their songs, but the tickets were free so I figured why not? So glad that I went...they were seriously phenomenal! Not only did the music make my ears happy, the lights/effects were spot on!

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!
And don't forget to come party with Britt & I on June 14th :)



  1. So much to be happy about! Love your hair and new running shoes!

  2. Bon Iver is the greatest band. Their music is just amazing.

  3. I really like your running shoes, but that's probably because purple and teal are my two favourite colours. :)

  4. Love your hair like that! How did you do it?

    happy friday xo

  5. Your healthy food looks so fresh and yummy!! And that picnic is too cute. I find myself so hungry after going to the grocery store, too!

    Glad you had a good week! Hope you have an awesome weekend! I've had a busy week so I'm looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. :)

  6. I need new running shoes too! My ankles are killing me after runs, I think my shoes are just done!

    I'm gonna try a running store too and see what they suggest!


  7. YAYYYY love that picture bc I think your hurrrrr is rocking gorg!!! Short, long, whatever..... THE NOW is looking pretty fantab!!!

    I hate going shopping while starving... makes me wanna eat everything in the cart. But we always opt to do what you two did... sit outside the grocery store and eat something else!! HAHA

    Happy Friday my love!


  8. Your hair looks cute girly! You and Adam are darling hahaa gotta enjoy the little things thank you for always reminding me of that! Have a great weekend!

  9. That food looks delish! And as far as the running shoes...you're inspiring me to be healthier! I even wrote down the songs you listen to so I can download them for myself. Hoping that will be enough motivation... :)

  10. Those meals look amazing. I LOVE spaghetti squash. When I go to the store I feel like I always have to buy one thing for snacking on the way home. Happy Friday =)

  11. Happy Friday, ga-ga-ga-gorgeous girl!

    I'm jealous that you went to a Bon Iver concert! That's awesome, and the photo looks rad too.

    Also, the food? WELL DONE! *high five* (for Friday) <-- Did you catch that? Hardy-har-har.

    LOVE YOU! Enjoy your weekend, love!

  12. Love your hair & the food looks delish!

    You are the second or third blogger that has mentioned Bon Iver, so I guess I'm gonna hafta go check 'em out!

    Happy Friday!!

  13. yum! I love salmon and sweet potatoes!! Have you ever made sweet potato fries?? They are so easy and SO good! Have a great weekend jessica!

  14. I'm so glad you found great running shoes. I've never been a Nike girl, but don't worry, there are still other cute things out there. And you can always wear the clothes!

  15. I'm trying to grow my hair out too! I had an a-line cut for about a year and I'm ready to grow it out again :) I have started to use a wave/crimper on my hair and it looks great!

    The right shoes are so important and that's great that it will help your ankles!!

    Happy Friday!

  16. Happy week! Good food, fun, and descisions! I know what you mean about the shoes....I am definitely a brand girl too. Sometimes though you have to go with what you need when who you like most isn't helping you.

  17. Your little picnic outside the grocery store is cute :-) And those meals all look delicious!

  18. I know exactly what you mean about the short hair. I used to have an inverted bob a few years ago and it took forever to grow it out. The inbetween stage was the worst but once it hit my shoulders, I could do a lot more with it!

    Mmm I love spaghetti squash! I tried it for the first time about a year ago and wish I would have tried it sooner--it's so delicious!

  19. love your hair! super cute. and all your meals look very yummy! sounds like you had a great week! :) Happy Friday!

  20. how do you get that wave in your hair?

  21. Good choice on the running shoes (:

  22. That food made me soo hungry just looking at it. And I honestly think those shoes are totes adorable!

    BTW I read your blog like EVERY DAY so I was hoping you would read my current post and lend me some of your wonderful advice on blogging. I posted the five things I wonder about the most. Id appreciate it girl!


  23. When I went to the running store and had them analyze my gait and stuff the Brooks Ghost was my favorite too.

    I have heard of Bon Iver. But it was from SNL. I think they won a Grammy and they were poking fun at them a bit...was it Justin Timberlake pretending to be the front guy? I don't know. I could be making this all up. haha

  24. Im pretty sure I'm repeating every one else, but im so jealous of your FREE tickets to Bon iver...even the fact that ive been to that hall before too!
    and whhhaaaaat? Your first time eating a sweet potato?? Oh snap girl, how have you lived before? Heres a secret for you to try...
    Cut them in half, poke them a couple times with a fork, put some butter,cinnamon, and brown sugar on top, then wrap them up in foil and stick in the oven for about 45 min i think. Comes out amazing!
    You will thank me later...

  25. Your hair looks AWESOME! I love the color! :)

  26. Love your hair. Can you do a tutorial to show us how you styled it?

  27. Bon Iver is from Wisconsin - my home. Love their music and I'm jealous you got to go to such a great show!

    And, your spaghetti squash looks divine! Yummm...

    youandmearewe.blogspot.com (stop by!)

  28. okay, you are the cutest.
    another list! (hope this isn't getting old haha)

    1. i LOVE love love your wavy hair - how pretty!
    2. your iPhone case is to die for!
    3. what a sweet little picnic - memories!
    4.good for you eating better meals - those look amaze :)
    5. i'm a nike girl too & have never heard of these shoes - they look comfy and great!
    6. YES i've heard of bon iver!!! so jelly that you went and saw them! ;) how FUN!!!
    7. happy weekend, love!! HUGS!

  29. That cilantro chicken dish looks soo yummy!!!

    And I am super excited about the link up :)

    Hope you weekend is going well@

    <3 Jamie

  30. You know I'm a Saucony girl when it comes to running! My newest are the Kinvaras and i HEART them! Do you read mile-posts.com? Dorothy is AMAZING!!! Her running blog is the BEST! LOVE HER! That's how I found the Kinvaras! Anyhoo! Love your blog girl! I've been an every day reader for the past couple weeks now!!!

  31. I'm loving those healthy meal options! I've been trying to track my calories and eat a bit healthier these days too (blame it on bikini season?). Spaghetti squash is a must-try for me!

  32. Psh, those running shoes are super cute girl!! Ur crazy :)) lol

  33. 5 very good things to be happy about! I love getting new running shoes too. Makes such a difference!! And I love the waves in your hair... super cute.


  34. Gasp! You were wearing training shoes as running shoes?! OMG. As a former long-distnace runner (5 miles hahaha), I have to say you are lucky it was just your ankles hurting. Brooks make GREAT running shoes. Worth every penny. I'm a Nike girl too. I always went back and forth until I found the right shoe. I hope you got fitted at a running store! (where they watch you walk/run…if not you should next time!)

  35. I heart Brooks running shoes <3



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