My Undeniable Love for Snail Mail

I'm pretty sure that I've made it perfectly clear just how much I adore snail mail. All kinds of it!
I love a good mail day...you know the days when you open your mailbox to find the cutest little handwritten letter or a package that you've been impatiently waiting for? Those days are awesome. I find myself running into my apartment and throwing everything else on the ground so that I can dedicate all of my attention to the mail...am I the only one who does that? Emails are wonderful, but there is nothing like getting some good old fashioned snail mail, you know?

I love writing letters, too! Especially when I get to write them on adorable stationary. Kind of like this:

I have a list of all of the thank you letters and just because letters that I need to write and send out. My list was getting a bit out of control when Natalie from A Moment of Wonderful told me about her new Etsy shop wonderfulwriting. I was planning on buying some stationary since my old set (the blue & green pictured above) was running slim. I had 8 letters to write this weekend and only 5 cards left. UH OH.

Well Natalie pretty much saved me and sent me 3 of her creations for me to write letters on and send to others! How sweet is she?! Let me answer that for you...really freaking sweet! :) She is just starting up her shop, so if you are in the market for some stationary HIT HER UP! I promise you that she is absolutely one of the sweetest people to work with! Thanks for letting me show off your work, Natalie!

Saturday I went mountain biking with a good friend, Danielle. We hit the trails for almost 3 hours and it was SO MUCH FUN. I know that I live in Florida and there aren't any mountains here, but I promise you that this bike ride was intense! I love getting fit and having fun while doing it. Biking is a great way to get in some cardio, while still having fun with friends!

This is us "prepping" for the ride. You know, adjusting our CamelBaks (yes, we bought CamelBaks) and putting air in our tires...being legit bikers and all.

Danielle sporting her CamelBak and me sporting my...thumbs up? 

We had so much fun riding the trails and looking at all of the beautiful things that surrounded us, despite the 95*+ heat that was beating on us the entire time...

The aftermath - my dirty legs & ankles. Pretty disgusting but SO worth it. After we biked, we stopped at Publix to get subs for lunch. When I got home I walked into my apartment and I kid you not...I fell asleep on the floor right inside the door. I was PASSED OUT. 

After we napped and showered (one of the best showers of my life...I was disgusting) we got ready and got sushi and fro-yo...2 of my favorite things!

Then on Sunday it was the infamous Toy's birthday! Toy is my Grandma for those of you who don't know. UM how awesome does she look for being almost 70?! PRETTY DANG GOOD if you ask me! Thank you for the good genes, Grandma ;) And the other picture is my Granddad & I. He has lost A LOT of weight since January, when he decided to revamp his life and start living a healthy lifestyle. I'm so proud of him!

And I couldn't leave this one out...we were trying to snap pictures in between the random bursts of wind. Yeah, our timing was a little off on this one. Check out my sweet hair...

Hey at least it's long enough to finally be blown crazily by the wind right?! ;) 



  1. Yummmmm menchies and sushi! My perfect meal :-) Looks like you had a great weekend!


  2. Seriously, getting the mail is one of the highlights in my day.. Ridiculous right? I LOVE getting snail mail!! :) biking looks awesome! You look adorable as always & Toy looks great for almost being 70.. Young grandma! :) happy Tuesday, lovely! XO

  3. dayummmm you were pretty productive!! mountain biking ... you crayyyy but lovely kinda cay!!! it was all worth the sushi and froyo in the end, right?!?!

    and you and TOY are absolutely adorbs!! wind, rain or shine!! nothing can prevent those pretty smiles from brightening up the day!!


  4. You little cutie! I love snail mail too.. but having only recently moved to France and not being exactly legit here I never get mail... but sometimes the Chef lets me open the bills... oh JOY! Love Elle xo

  5. I love getting mail too! Sometimes I get mad at my hubby if he gets home and checks it before me...I know, I'm crazy...I just love seeing what we get every day - usually just junk and bills, but every once in a while something good :)

  6. A. cute cards ... duh
    B. you look so stinking cute mountain biking
    C. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOY so looks so GREAT for 70!!!
    D. Glad you had a WONDERFUL weekend!!
    E. I decided to have an "unplugged weekend" so I didnt get to email you back but thank you very much for the verse it was prob the most helpful thing said to me on Friday!


  7. snail mail - love it too! what cute pictures! and seriously sushi and frozen yogurt - that is my dream meal! glad you had a great weekend!!

  8. Ahh I would LOVE to go mountain biking, but I'm not sure my bike would hold up to well on a mountain. I'm contemplating buying a mountain bike though =P

    and they just started opening Menchie's in CA... so so yummy! =)

  9. love a good handwritten note. nothing compares.
    and that yogurt. yum!

  10. I love snail mail too! I love writing and getting handwritten letters, there's something so special about it!

    Biking is such a fun and easy workout, and like you said - you get to see awesome scenery :) I'd buy CamelBaks too!


  11. you are so right!....Toy looks AMAZING!

    and you are so darn cute!...do the adorable outfits never end?! ;)

  12. I love snail mail and sushi. Sounds like a wonderful weekend and a great kick off to the summer.

    Happy Tuesday!!!

  13. I love snail mail! And those cards are so cute!!

  14. I agree with you, I love getting mail in my mailbox or a package delivered to my door. However, my least favorite thing is getting a bill in the mail. I wish I was little again and did not have any bills to pay!

  15. Toy looks AMAZING for her age! You are one lucky girl to have genes like that! And you are totally inspiring me to get my butt moving and to start working out in fun ways! :o)

  16. I would love a good bike ride!! Looks like so much fun, despite the heat and dirt :)

    Your Grandmother & Grandfather BOTH look fabulous! As do you, love your outfit!

  17. Snail mail is the best! I love homemade cards and notes--so much more meaningful!

  18. Love those cards! And a bike ride is one of my fav things!!! And you gotta get sweaty and messy!! Very cute outfit!

  19. Your bike ride looks amazing...and anything followed by Froyo and Sushi is good! Glad you had a fun weekend!!

  20. I admire you for going on that bike ride!! You are awesome! Now I'm craving some sushi ;)

  21. Happy belated birthday to your lovely grandma!! :) Snail mail is the best, love getting fun things in the mail! Your bike ride looked like so much fun! Kinda made me wanna pull my bike out, fix the flat tires and go for a ride! Hmm maybe this weekend :)

  22. Hey Jessica! I love your posts. SO refreshing and personable. I like your outfit with your grandparents. There's nothing that beats getting something pretty and refreshing in the mail from a loved one.

  23. STOP IT. There is NO WAY she is 70. Seriously. 50? Maybeeeee. But 70...no. Jealous of those genes girl!

  24. I'm exactly the same when it comes to snail mail. I wait impatiently all day to get home to check the mail box and then nothing gets done until I've read the beautifully hand written letter or opened the package. I often buy things online just some things can come in the mail. So if you're ever looking for a new pen pal, Im open to it!

  25. My husband thinks I'm bananas for loving to check the mail...

    SO glad I'm not the only one!


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