Must Haves for Summer by Alexis

The first thing I want to share is the winner of last week's giveaway (a header design by Paper Crowns)!

Congrats Kayla :) I sent Natasha an email with your info so she should be contacting you soon!

 Today is a special day, because YOU get the pleasure of meeting one really sweet girl!

Her name is Alexis and we have been exchanging emails for a little while now. Let me just tell you, she is absolutely wonderful! She is so encouraging and I have to say that I love watching her blog, Christian WifeStyle, grow. It's one of my regular reads :) PLUS she is a fellow Floridian! So say hi to Alexis!

Like what you see? WELL the rest of this post is brought to you by Alexis herself...so take it away, girl!


Hi Lovely Little Things readers!

I'm Alexis! I am 21 years old, a recent graduate of the University of Florida and have been married for three years. I live in the sunshine state a few counties away from Jess and I love it. I've only lived in Florida and would be perfectly happy if it was the only place I ever lived!

I have always been a makeup, skincare and nail polish junkie. Since Summer is officially here (at least in FL!) or will be in your state soon, I wanted to share some my favorite beauty products that I love to use, specifically tailored for summer heat!

I used to have skin issues, including oily skin and breakouts. I tried many different types of facewash, from super expensive brands to drugstore brands. I eventually developed dry, red patches on my face and was about to give up. I had read so many good things about Cetaphil and decided to give it a try. I will never use anything else on my face! Cetaphil helps control oil in the heat of the summer and keeps breakouts to a minimum.

MAC Prep + Prime Face Protect with SPF 50 is my favorite foundation primer to use. Before this stuff, I would already have an oily t-zone by lunch but this keeps my oily skin under control all day, as well as helps my foundation to last until I take it off at night.

Clinique Acne Solutions liquid makeup helps even my skin tone and keeps oil from clogging my pores. It is pure magic for oily, breakout prone skin!

I picked up this MAC Fleet Fast blush a few days ago and it will be my go-to blush this summer. It isn't too much pigment for tan skin but gives the subtle pink glow on cheeks that I love.

I recently fell in love with Clinique's Almost Lipstick in Tender Honey. The famous Black Honey showed up too dark on my lips because I already have a lot of pigment in them but this color is natural and matches anything. I hope they never stop making it, I don't know what I would do! This is perfect to throw in a bag to take for summer activities to keep your lips moist since it has a chapstick feel.

Can't forget about the nails! Seche Vite is a miracle worker for me! I would always mess up my nails before they dried so gave up on home manicures until I tried it. This top coat dries very shiny and super fast. It is perfect for bright nail colors that are so trendy right now!

Okay, I keep hearing great things about this Seche Vite top coat. You know what? Alexis has sold me, and I'm going to pick some up this weekend :)

I would be forever grateful if you dropped by Alexis' blog and showed her some love from Lovely Little Things :) I promise, you won't regret it!


  1. I've been thinking about trying Cetaphil, maybe I should just get it from Costco this weekend :)

    I'm currently having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested!

  2. Great guest post! I'll check out her blog for sure. And, I love Cetaphil as well. Great suggestions.


  3. I may have to try Cetaphil now!

    Also love the Mac Prep & Prime as well, 50spf and it doesn't make my face oily, win win!

  4. hi,nice blog,follow us if you like our blog and we will follow you too!

  5. OMW to her bloggy blog right now sweet frannnnd!! Happy Thursday!


  6. I can't wait to check out her blog! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I love cetaphil! It's the only face soap that works for me. And I'll have to try that foundation...I'm super breakout prone (even though I'm 23. Ack), and I have the worst time finding foundation.

    Thanks, Alexis!

  8. Yayyyyy! So excited about winning Natasha's header giveaway!! Thank you :)

    Kayla ☆ www.kaylanaut.com

  9. Such a helpful post from Alexis! Definitely going to make my way over to her blog now...and will probably be with you on picking up that Seche Vite. Messed up nails, be gone!

  10. Just found you from Kelly's! LOVE your blog! And love that Clinique lipstick too :) I used to wear Black Honey all the time, you just reminded me I should bring it back out!


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