How You Doin?

Last night was GLORIOUS.
I worked out, watched TV, read, took a bath & did a little 
bit of brainstorming for my fitness goals...and the best part?
It was all at my leisure! No homework to speed me through doing the
things that I enjoy :) I really needed it!

I'm so happy with how things are going post-college so far.
It's all been a bit of a blur, life speeding rapidly by, but
I've really been challenged to 

My friends, family & of course all of you wonderful
bloggers have been the absolute best support that I could ever
ask for & I am beyond excited to see where life takes me.


I know that I'm going to make sure of a few things:

-I'm going to give my all at everything that I do.
- I'm going to make sure that I'm passionate about what I spend my time doing.
- I'm going to do my best to love out loud & show compassion 
to everyone.
- And I'm going to enjoy each day of my journey, rather than just hoping to
reach my "end" goal.

SO basically, whatever stands in my way can go ahead and MOVE,
because there's nothing stopping me :)

Now I'm really, really, REALLY (get it?!) excited
to show off some of my beautiful May sponsors!

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  1. Sounds like an AWESOME way to spend a night...and no homework is the BEST! Thanks for adding me to your blog love page...I'm honored :) And can't wait to go check out these lovely ladies...Happy Thursday!

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. Being post-grad is such a weird feeling! I've done really nothing but apartment searching the past few days (I have been able to take a walk every night, today I'll probably go out and get a run in!).


  3. That sounds awesome! I feel a little more relaxed just reading about your relaxing night! I think I need a bubble bath in the near future!

  4. Sounds like a fabulous night! Great quotes!

  5. Love all those quotes! Glad you're in such a chipper mood! Hopefully it'll rub off on me ;)

  6. So glad you're enjoying life after college!! It's an amazing feeling to not be rushed doing the things you enjoy!! :) Your blog is so so inspiring, thank you! Keep on chasing your dreams! You have inspired me to do the same :)

  7. I love this post! I need to make sure I'm doing those things too. :)

    Thanks so much for having me. :)

  8. I wrote a very similar post to this recently (I think last week) about giving things your all and making sure they are what you WANT to be spending your time on!
    You go girl! It is so great to see you going for things head on!!

  9. Girlfrannnnnd you go with cho bad self!! don't let anything stop you from falling short of being great b/c you are so on your way there!! love the motivational words that come out of your mouth, and if you ever need any to refuel yourself up, you know where to turn ;)

    Thanks for sharing these gal pals... I only recognize on face, Ms. Kara, so I DEF have some new reading to do!

  10. can't wait to check out your sponsors!! :)

    and sounds like you're on the right track with your next chapter. yay!

  11. can't wait to check out your sponsors!! :)

    and sounds like you're on the right track with your next chapter. yay!

  12. I love your attitude! I wish I had as much motivation as you :) Keep it up girl!!

    <3 Jamie

  13. Ahhh leisure. Not something to take lightly. ;) Enjoy it!!

    p.s. I have that essie polish too. :)


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