Hey 4 Eyes!

I remember back in middle school all of the 7th graders had to have their eyes checked to see if they needed glasses. The day that it was my turn to be checked, I was confident that my vision was perfectly fine and that I would easily pass the eye exam that I was about to take. WRONG. I failed miserably, squinting and winking trying to read the minuscule letters from the dreaded eye chart, only to find out that I am far sighted in one eye, near sighted in the other & to top it off, I have astigmatism. WHAT...me? I needed glasses?! Talk about causing a 7th grade girl's world to come crashing down all around her. I just knew that I would be the biggest nerd in school....I was going to be known as "4 eyes."

Funny how things change as we grow older. Now wearing eyeglasses is an "in" trend, even for people that don't need to wear glasses to help their vision! I don't know what I would do without mine. I wear contacts during the day, because the bright Florida sunshine doesn't mesh well with my glasses, but there are a few times during the day when my glasses are crucial.

If I'm reading for long periods of time or getting ready for bed I cannot stand wearing my contacts. I feel like they are sucking my eyes dry and it drives me CRAZY. I decided to take some pictures of me reading, because let's be honest...pictures of me getting ready for bed just wouldn't have been very cute ;)

One thing that is not so fun about wearing glasses is the price tag that goes along with buying an eyeglasses prescription. When I found out how much my glasses were going to cost, my jaw dropped to the floor. Who knew that something so small, that so many people needed to buy would cost so much money?!

Well people, I'm here to tell you that you don't have to pay an arm & a leg in order to be able to use your eyes. I wish I would have known where to buy some cheap glasses that were still high quality back when I first started wearing them!

Since you guys are so awesome, I want to help you save some money when you purchase your glasses....because let me tell you, I wish someone would've helped me back when I bought mine! Head on over to GlassesUSA.com and use these discount codes to get your eyes in style without breaking the bank.

Take 50% off any pair of prescription eyeglasses/sunglass frames, plus free shipping. 


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Don't know if a pair will work on your face? Well I've got your back! Give the Virtual Mirror a try :)



  1. You are adorbs in glasses! :) cute story and pictures!!

  2. thanks for the info, I'll pass it on to my glasses wearing friends.

  3. You're so cute :)

    I'm currently having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested!

  4. A. you are the cutest human being ever.
    B. I loveee your glasses
    C. Cute story.
    E. loveeeeee ya

  5. cool. p.s. I adore Francine Rivers.

  6. I have had the same glasses for almost 8 years... this is just what I needed! Thanks!

  7. Another Florida girl!? Greetings from Orlando! Love your blog :-)

  8. LOVE your library photo shoot- unfortunately I will have to rethink the one I had planned for next week..bummer! Love your glasses! I think I was in grade 5 when I failed my eye exam miserably!! I also have astigmatism!! It wasn't really until first year of university that I really needed them in the lectures!! Great pics!! and so awesome of you to share the website!!
    Happy day!!

  9. You look SO cute in your glasses! I always wanted glasses and braces growing up - not sure what I was thinking with that one, haha :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  10. I love your glasses, and I love that you showed Redeeming Love (such an incredible book)!

  11. You are so cute! And that is the BEST book EVER! I was just recommending it to a friend last night. I literally could not put it down.

    xoxo, Vanessa

  12. Funny - I am actually heading out to find some new glasses today! :) And ps... GREAT book you are holding there!

  13. You're so adorable! I remember when I first got glasses in 2nd grade...I was so nervous! Now glasses are in!

  14. Your glasses are presh! I LOVE Redeeming Love too btw!

  15. You look SO cute! Love the glasses on you.


  16. So true! Glasses are super expensive. Love yours! I was the same way....felt so nerdy back in middle school but love them now!

  17. Oh, goodness! I just stumbled across your blog. I read Redeeming Love two days ago! Isn't it just the greatest example of how gracious His love is for us? It's my new favorite novel- so I know you'll love it if you haven't read it already :) and your glasses are super chic and gorgeous!

  18. Cuteness girlie. Your glasses definitely have character :) I sooooo remember back in they day when we did NOT wish to wear glasses. Now they make more clear lens glasses than sunglasses! Next trend.... BRACES! Lol

  19. love your glasses!! so cute! i have 4 eyes too! haha. glasses are awesome! annnd i love your outfit & shoes!! super cute! :)

  20. Cute post! Redeeming Love is my FAVORITE love story! I have just started wearing contacts this year but still use my glasses as an accessory on occasion!

  21. Absolutely LOVE the glasses and your whole outfit! You look great :)

    I remember when I was a kid, it was the opposite way; I wanted glasses and never needed them. Now of course I have a slight RX and need some correction and wish I didn't...gotta love human nature.

  22. You look so darn cute in glasses! You should wear them more often for sure!

    High five by the way for getting out of your comfort zone again to take photos in the book store! :)

  23. Redeeming love is on of my favourite books ever!
    Lulu x

  24. I don't think I'll ever get Lasik, because I like being able to wear glasses, REAL glasses. :-)

    I'm wearing my glasses today, actually!


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