Getting Uncomfortable!

Hi lovelies!
I hope you had a wonderful, relaxing weekend
and that you're ready to take on the new week :)

I'm not gonna waste anytime today...it's all about Smell the Roses.
If you're not sure what that is, no worries...you can read about all of the details here!

Last week's task was a broad one. I wanted it like that so that we could all interpret
it in our own way. "Do something that is out of your comfort zone."
Well let's just say I have a small comfort zone so it was super easy for me
to figure something out. Some of you might think that what I chose to do
isn't that big of a deal...but I promise that it was to me! 

I've always wanted to do a photo shoot in the street.
But it terrifies me. I hate the idea of people driving past and
1. Thinking I'm a crazy person for taking pictures of myself
when I'm by no means a model.
2. Accidentally hitting me with their car.
I mean we were taught as kids not to play in the road...
and here I am 22 years old playing in the street ;)

I've never been one to be comfortable in front of the camera,
but I'm REALLY working on it. I want to be able to post more pictures
for you guys on this little blog.

So last week I sucked it up and asked Adam to take pictures of me
...in the middle of a street :) It ended up being a lot of fun, despite having to run
to the side of the road (in wedges) every 2 minutes to let a few cars & trucks rumble by.

Outfit credits in case you're curious:

Dress & Belt: Target
Bangle: gift
Shoes: Steve Madden (mine are from DSW)

Did you do something that was out of your comfort zone last week?!
Link up :)

This week's task:
Redecorate something in your home!

Sometimes we forget how fortunate that we are to have a roof over our heads.
Or at least, I know that I do. This week I think it would be fun if we took some
time to appreciate our homes by sprucing up a little area...or even a big area if you're
feeling prestigious ;) You can reorganize a bookshelf, create a new wall hanger or even
repaint an entire room. Whatever you choose, as you do it, just remember how
blessed you are to have a home :)

Go out and show this week who's boss 


  1. Okay how cute are you? Love the outfit and the idea of the road shoot in general.


  2. You are too adorable for words, I LOVE this look on you and how cute are your shoes!!! :) Yay for a photoshoot in the street...you rocked it!

  3. I love your link up :) I'll post mine tomorrow. And love your pictures.. You're a natural! Adorable outfit :)

  4. That dress is too adorable! And I love the pop of color those gorgeous wedges add! And I think you did great in this shoot and hopefully we'll see more because you are too cute :)

  5. I'm not very comfortable in front of the camera either. I think it is because I was raised that way... but you look so gorgeous!

  6. I love your pictures! Cute outfit.

  7. I am SO proud of you, sweetie, for facing this fear! I totally know what you mean, being afraid of doing a photoshoot in the middle of the road, but always wanting to :) Way to go, sister! And these pictures turned out ADORABLE.
    I'm in love with those shoes and so glad you added what brand they are at the end because I was seriously about to ask :)

    Hope you had a restful, fun weekend & that your coming week is full of little happy things!!


  8. I don't know what I was thinking when you said you were having a photo shoot in the street, but this quaint little lane wasn't it. I thought it would be busier (city girl here), but that definitely wouldn't be safe! I love the shots you got, and the street is a perfect backdrop. Your dress is beautiful and those shoes match it so well. You're gorgeous, friend.

  9. I love everything about this post- and cute shoes, on my to buy list! i think you are wonderful!:) in my top 3 fav blogs doll!~

  10. You are the cutest ever Jess! Seriously. And those wedges are HOT girl!! Good job this week. :-)

  11. Looking gorgeous Jess!
    And Adam is a sweetie for always helping you!

  12. Too adorable! I love the polka dots and the wedges. Very brave and the pics look great.

  13. I mean reallllllly you are...
    hott (Adam told me to say that ;) )
    the best blogger in the world
    and pretty stinking fun.
    that is all.

    xo xo

  14. Oh my goodness - how cute are YOU?! Love that dress, and it looks amazing with those coral wedges. Glad you got over your fear because these are awesome photos :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  15. OK SO!
    1) I love everything you are wearing!!
    2) Your pictures turned out great- Good for Adam!
    3) I LOVE this week's task!!
    4) I LOVE Smell the Roses!!
    Happy Monday!!

  16. these are the cutest pictures! you're just lovely!

  17. You look SOO cute! I picked that dress up from target a few weeks ago--LOVE it and it looks great on you!

  18. Ah, I almost bought that dress at Target! It looks so cute on you and it is perfect for summer! Love the belt, too!

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Love smell the roses, love that dress, love pics in the street, love your blog!

  21. you are so cute in that outfit!! and yup still loving those coral wedges and way to go for conquering your fear about photos in the street. they turned out great!

  22. Adam is so supportive of your blogging endeavors! What a guy!

    And you look simply FABULOUS, sis! Me love you long time!

  23. I know exactly what you mean with the feeling weird about taking outfit photos in the middle of the street (or wherever) I always have this idea that people will think i'm nuts or just really into myself for taking photos in random locations...but really if they knew how awesome your blog is they would say "hey way to pose in the middle of the street! ....and hey, you look awesome!"

    props for the comfort zone stepping-out.
    cute shoes.
    and hey! ....you look awesome! ;)

  24. You ROCKED it gooooorl!! Look at you looking cute, sexy, sassy and adorbs!! Love the wedges STILL and will always love em b/c they look super comfy and they're so spring!

    I'm pretty sure nobody would come close to running you over... Adam wouldn't let it happen!!! Great photo shoot friend ;)


  25. i adore this outfit!! you look SO cute! and the middle of the street pictures turned out gorgeous!

  26. How cute is this post! Love that dress, and almost bought it at Target over the weekend. You can never go wrong with polka dots. Extra points for Adam for taking those pics! :) I am sure he had just as much fun watching you pose ;).

    Happy Monday girl!

    Melissa from www.grinandbarrettblog.com

  27. Love the pics!! So cute :) this was a great task and I'm excited about the next one too!! Thank you!! Have a wonderful day :)

  28. First of all, way to go on going out of your comfort zone! I would be terrified to do a photo shoot in the middle of the street too!

    Second of all, beautiful pictures!!

    Have a great week girl!

    <3 Jamie

  29. LOVE the photo shoot. That would definitely be out of my comfort zone...and probably more so for the boyfriend to take pictures of me. :)
    I didn't get a chance to participate in this week's challenge, but you better believe I'll do this week's. I LOVE home decorating so I can't wait!!!

    Have a great week girl!!

  30. Your street photo shoot is adorable! Love the dress and shoes.

  31. Ummm you are too cute!!! You don't look nervous at all posing in front of all those passerbys, the pics look awesome! :)

  32. You look awesome in your photoshoot! Love the wedges! :) And I love this weeks challenge. I have yet to join your weekly challenge but if I have time this week... I am totally going to give it a shot! Happy Tuesday dear!

  33. Glad you crossed this task off your list! I'm so proud of you! Unfortunately, I can't do this week's task as we'll be moving soon, so there will be no point, but oh well :)

  34. You are gorgeous and you rocked this photo shoot!

  35. I am SO excited to start linking up to your Smell the Roses posts. That is such a creative idea! P.S. you look super cute in those photos!

  36. You are too cute in this photo shoot!


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