Friday Lovin

Hi beautiful people!
It's that time again...FRIDAY!

I love Fridays now more than I ever have. Wanna know why?
That's right...3 day weekends every week.
For now anyway. Amen to that :)

As usual, I'm linking up with Lauren to tell you guys
about my top 5 favorite things from this week!


Are you ready?!


Free Rays tickets from work...um, YES PLEASE :)

Oh and no, I'm not playing Atari...that is the program that I have to use for work.
TALK ABOUT OLD SCHOOL. My eyes really appreciate staring
at neon-colored text all day ;)


I finally got to wear the Steve Madden coral wedges that my grandma
bought me! There may or may not be an outfit post with these babies
scheduled for Monday...okay fine, there is! I'm excited :)


This stuff is BOMB (yeah I said that). I love the Pink Punch!
It's the perfect amount of color for someone who is afraid of bold lip color like me.
And it actually keeps my lips moisturized. My lips have been sunburnt all
week & this stuff has been my saving grace.


I got the sweetest gift in the mail from a reader/sponsor.
Ellegra made these herself AND she sent me colors that match my blog....
seriously, how thoughtful is that?! The turquoise one has a bobby pin attached &
the coral one is a ponytail holder. Her card congratulated me on graduating &
thanked me for being so nice...UM way to make me shed a tear :)
Thank you so much, girl! Blogging has brought so many wonderful people
into my life...it blows me away every day!

And don't worry - you'll be getting to know Ellegra later on this month,
when I introduce my large sponsors!


From now on, every Sunday my group of friends & I will
be having family dinner night! Each week will have a theme.
This week we're thinking Mexican since Cinco De Mayo is Saturday!

They are some of the greatest people that I have ever known & we truly
are like one big family. Stoked to eat & fellowship with everyone all together every week!

This is a picture that Curt took before we prayed last week.
We were standing in a circle, so he did some weird panoramic shot...
pretty sweet!

Do me a favor...enjoy your weekend :)

Tomorrow will be the last Saturday post that I do for AWHILE.
last thing...I have some brand new sponsor options for June.
Check them out!



  1. Baby Lips is AWESOME-- I just always lose Chapstick :(

    Love your wedges and can't wait to see the outfit post! Have a great weekend!!

    Leigh Anne

  2. Those wedges are SO cute & fabulous...are they comfy? Have a wonderful 3 day weekend Jess :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. LOVE that outfit! Have fun Sunday! Sounds like such a good time!!

  4. Cute shoes! Enjoy your Cinco de Mayo celebration - it's one of my favorite holidays since it involves margaritas AND chips and guac. :)

  5. gah, those wedges are adorable! I can't keep my eyes off of wedges while out shopping.. they are everywhere!

    happy friday :)

  6. Another pair of shoes from your grandma?? How awesome is she?? (p.s. how are your Toms flats?)
    Looks like you are enjoying your time off!! I really need to find a group of local Christians to do Sunday dinner with..my current group of Christian friends lives like 40 mins away, all the wifeys are pregnant/mothers and are not really into doing too much..so now I am on a hunt!!
    Have a great weekend yourself girl!!

  7. I love baby lips!!
    I love your coral wedges.
    I love you and your blog.
    That's all!
    Happy 3 day weekend! :)

  8. I have never heard of Baby Lips! I have been looking for some awesome lip color and even better it is moisturizing!

  9. love that you get free baseball tickets from your work. lucky you! and second where are those coral wedges from they are so cute!!

  10. Yay glad you had an awesome week! :) I'm jealous of those baseball tickets! I've been dying to see a baseball game since the Braves had their spring training here! And those bows are adorable! :) Hope your weekend is great! : )

  11. Congratulations on finishing college! I remember graduating with my undergrad and then working full time and finishing grad school, you feel lost and confused. What should you do with your free time?!? Enjoy every moment before the real world starts calling. :)


  12. cute shoes! and what a sweet package in the mail! AND how fun that you're going to have a family dinner night - that is awesome!

  13. What a cool dinner arrangement! I love that! Keeping close and keeping "community" in friendship.

    I hope your first three-day weekend is off to a fabulous start! I love you, MMM!

  14. Love those shoes! Such a great color. Hope Cinco de Mayo is good to you. Guac and margs? My personal favorite!

  15. I keep hearing and reading about this "baby lips" stuff so I went out and bought some.. lets see if it's everything everyone says it is! :) :) love those adorable shoes. can't wait to see the outfit post!
    Happy Weekend and awesome about 3 day weekends!

  16. There goes those adorbs coral wedges once again.. post as much as you want b/c I will always drool over em!

    AMEN to those baby lips. I totes agree with you... perfect shade of pink for us sissies that can't be bold (ME!!!)... and love the fact you don't have to put your lip balm on before the color! WOOOOOOP!




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