Be a Force of Beauty

Please tell me that I am not the only one dealing with acne at the age of 22?! 
I was under the impression that as you got older, acne got better not worse.

Well I think I finally discovered what has been causing my blemish-filled face.
MAKEUP. I've never been a huge makeup wearer. I actually just started using
foundation, concealer, blush & bronzer in November of last year. I went with MAC,
because I was familiar with the brand and knew that it was well-known & respected.

Please don't see this post as me bashing MAC, because that is not the case at all.
But what is the case...MAC totally screwed up my complexion. I've never had flawless
skin, but I've never really considered myself to have problem skin either.
Ever since I started using MAC, I've had these little pimple/bump things all over my
chin & forehead. NOT CUTE. Nothing like acne to smash a girl's confidence...you feel me?!

I didn't want to blame the makeup, so I attributed the issues to stress.
I mean I was taking 5 classes, working 28 hours a week & living far away from 
my loved ones. So I assumed those things, along with lack of sleep, were causing me to 
break out uncontrollably.

Fast forward to now...well 2 weeks ago.
I was totally stress free but my face was still full of the acne. What gives?!
So I stopped using the MAC makeup for a few days and guess what...the acne slowly
started going away. After a lot of research and some wonderful advice from 
Amanda & Lindsay I decided to make the switch to...

Bare Minerals. And let me tell you - I couldn't be happier with that decision :)

I had always heard that BM didn't offer enough coverage and that it dried skin out.
So I wrote it off without giving it a shot. But with the condition that my skin was in,
I needed something that wasn't so harsh and that allowed my skin to breathe. I wasn't really
concerned with a crazy amount of coverage anyway - just something that evened my skin tone out.

Well this stuff is incredible! It helps reduce the shine on my forehead/chin, and PEOPLE...
it has even helped my acne!  I mean it's not a magic potion that has magically taken 
care of all my skin issues, but I can't really tell a difference. My blackheads are almost
completely gone and I haven't had a new break out since using BM. I still have a few 
trouble spots left from where the MAC makeup damaged my skin, but I think that with time 
those will clear up. Plus I absolutely love the "Be a force of beauty" campaign that 
Bare Minerals is using right now!

The products that I am using are:

Skin Care
// Purifying Facial Cleanser
// Purely Nourishing Moisturizer
// Firming Eye Treatment 
(never too early to prevent wrinkles! Or so the sales lady told me...)

// Prime Time Foundation Primer
// SPF 15 Matte Foundation (in medium beige)
// Mineral Veil
// Warmth (bronzer)
// Blush (The One shade)

 I was a little bit intimidated by all of the product that I was about to cover my face in,
but even with all of that it still feels so light! My skin looks clean, feels light & can breathe!
Sounds like a win to me :)

I'm excited to keep using it! Have you tried Bare Minerals?
What do you think?

And here is a little photo drop from my past week for your viewing pleasure ;)

I started doing the Photo a Day May challenge on Instagram (which I am failing miserably
at). This was day 3 "something you wore today." That's one of my favorite skirts :)
Coral & a scalloped hem...yes please! I got it at Forever 21.

one// I started working out with a Kettlebell...my arms have felt like jello all week! 
two// This verse came at the perfect time. Faith will take you places :)
three// One of my friends had her wisdom teeth taken out - I brought her ice cream & flowers!
four// Adam took me to see The Lucky One...the movie was ehh but I have to say that
Zac Efron was looking mighty fine!
five// A flour-less brownie from my graduation dinner at Bonefish Grill with my family!

 Rays game with Keisha, my brother & Shelby!
So much fun...even though they lost...whomp whomp :(

Happy Tuesday to you!



  1. i love bare minerals!

    & we ate that brownie at bonefish tonight! haha its one of our favorite desserts EVER!

  2. I LOVE BM! I've been using it for three years now and its so great! I love how you can choose how much make up to wear :) just make sure you wash your brushes because sometimes I forget to do it for a long time and I wonder why my skin is feeling gross - they recommend every week or two I think. (i probably do it once a month)...i haven't ever tried their cleanser though - just moisturizer and make up. its fantastic - glad you switched and are loving it :)

  3. Yay! I'm glad it's working out for you, babe! Hooray! I love BM so much!

    And you keep looking so fabulous in all of your pictures. How are you doing that, because I need to do it too!

    I love you a whole heap and then some!

  4. Never tried BM but I too have switched from MAC for the same reasons! Although I still use their eye shadows, primer (for the SPF 50), their eyeshadow primer and eyeliner. I've been using Laura Mercier but am not in love...I still feel too shiny sometimes...would you say that BM gives a pretty matte look because that's what I like!

    Another thing I have liked for my acne too is Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Cleanser, cleared my skin right up! I got mine at Ulta or you can buy it through Birchbox =)

    Happy Tuesday girl!

  5. I love BM! I switched about 2 years ago and it has really helped with my breakouts. It does sometimes really stress my dry areas (like my chin), but I just make sure to put some extra moisturizer in those areas and it totally takes care of that issue.

    If you like eye shadow, I love their loose shadows. The pigments are amazing!

    PS: I ADORE that coral skirt:)

    Happy Tuesday!

  6. I use Bare Minerals TOO and LOVE it! Love your pics a day - that coral skirt is so cute Jess. Happy Tuesday :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  7. I use bm too. :-) it has helped my oily skin to calm down. I have been using one of their tinted mineral veils over a tinted moisturizer for the past month! It's less coverage but I'm ok with that. I also highly suggest the stripper from posh. Deff has helped the trouble spots.

    I'm so sad that things didn't work out with our date. I'll still send you the cd I made. Just need your address. :-)

  8. I love Bare Minerals! I used to use Sheer Cover, but it dried my skin out and I would continually have to switch up my make-up. That hasn't happened with Bare Minerals!

    P.S. You should post about working out with a kettle bell! I've been thinking about adding one to my workouts!

  9. I've never tried this Bare Minerals, but I'm not a big make up fan.

    Your sandals & skirt are SO cute! And loved your outfit in yesterday's post, but never got time to comment!! :)

  10. I need to try Bare Minerals! I LOVE the nail polish on your toes & that skirt!!

  11. Bare Minerals is great - I only use their foundation and warmth on a regular basis, but it is great! It was the first powder foundation I ever used, and it was great - so much less messy in the mornings!

  12. Okay, so I am righthere with you 100% ! I get cystic acne, which is really unseeable from the outside until it gets infected and surfaces. I am 23, and am waiting for the day that I can stop dealing with this crap.

    I too use bare minerals, BUT, I don't think my skin liked it at first. I broke out a lot for the first 1-2 months on it, but I guess now that my skin is used to it, it is a lot better.

    The pros: It really is great at covering blemishes. I always can cover something with one brush stroke. I love that about it. And since it's mineral base, it makes me feel good and fresh.

    I hope you like it! If you're like me and tke some time adjusting to it, don't give up yet, because it worked wonders soon after

    Have a lovely day!

  13. Bare Minerals is my favorite -- but you already knew that (: Also-- I have a bone fish grill right by me and I've never been! Maybe thats where I'll take my mom for her mothers day lunch! (:

  14. Happy Tuesday!! :)
    I have been using Bare Minerals for close to a year now and I LOVE it!! I was nervous about the coverage issue when I started but it actually covers great! Glad you're loving it too! :)
    And...LOVE your coral skirt!! So adorable. Thanks for sharing your sweet pics with us!
    Have a wonderful day!! :)

  15. I have tried Bare Minerals and it just didn't do justice for me. I have since been using Clinique Pressed Powder and I absolutely love it. The worst thing about makeup is that it does not work the same for each person!!

    Glad you found a product that works.

  16. I LOVE Bare Minerals!! I've been using it off and on since high school.

  17. Oh my goodness, you are SO not alone! I'm 23, and my acne recently just got SO much worse! I was using MAC too, and I switched to the same sort of powder make-up, but from Merle Norman. I might have to give Bare Minerals a try. Glad I'm not the only one that has this problem though!

    Have a great day!

  18. good luck with your new beauty routine... I have been wanting to test out BM for a while... but am just so against change (mostly because I'm lazy!).
    Love that coral scalloped skirt... scallops are my current obsession!

  19. I have been using bare minerals for almost ten years and I would never use any other "powder" ever! I love that you don't have to wear everything to look put together. Just a little mineral veil is all I use most days. Glad you're liking it!

  20. ugh youre amazing - i love all of the pictures -you are too cute!

    but yes - I dont have acne (not really since middle school) but omgosh i started wearing foundation for about a year now, and my skin is so angry with me. its just not naturally glowing anymore and its all messed up. not blemishes, but not smooth as it used to be before!!! gah! (Bad) makeup totally messes you up!

  21. I LOVE that skirt! Very cute blog :)

  22. LOVE bare minerals! I've been using it about 5 years now. For some reason, in the winter it seems like it doesn't give me as much coverage, so I supplement with a little extra foundation underneath. I need to get some new blush and stuff. So darn pricey though :) I'm glad you mentioned that about MAC..I considered trying it, but I've heard it's made a lot of girls break out. Also, I'm 23 and still fighting the acne. Ugh! I swear it will never quit!

  23. You sound just like me a few years ago. I used to use MAC and it TOTALLY screwed up my skin! I started using BM and fell in love. It has helped my skin a TON especially keeping it not so oily. MAC made me look like I could fry an egg on my face!! SERIOUSLY! So glad you started using it. I always use Make Up Forever HD Finishing Powder on top of my BM. I like it better than BM Mineral Veil.
    Because Shanna Said So

  24. I LOVE my Bare Minerals! :) I just started using it at the beginning of this year and I just ran out of it at the end of April. I'm actually heading out to buy more this evening. I can totally tell a difference too! Also LOVE LOVE LOVE your new blog design! It's perfect! : )

  25. I got turned onto Bare Minerals by a couple friends and have been using it ever since. That was about 2 1/2 years ago. It's wonderful! Blog looks amazing btw!

  26. I love it!!!!



  27. LOVE LOVE LOVE your new design!

    I hope BM helps work on your skin... I sooooo had to deal with this stupid issue too!

    love love ya

  28. I've never used Bare Minerals although I've always wanted to! It's just the price tag that's stopping this poor college girl from buying it!

    But I had all the same problems with acne! What I did start using is just the AcneFree facewash from a Walgreens/CVS/Target and it works so great! It's similar to ProActiv but much cheaper and it's only a 3 step process. It has worked wonders on my face and I haven't had a big breakout in so long. Just thought I'd give you another tip if BM doesn't end up working for you!

    P.S. Lovvveee the new blog design so much!

  29. I break out all the time. After literally trying everything on the shelf at Target, my friend told me about her Clinique face wash. I LOVE IT! It clears my skin up in a day! I also use the moisturizer and toner and all that stuff. I would highly recommend it to anyone with sensitive skin.

    Also, I love Bare Minerals make up! You're right, it is so easy on your skin and I love how it looks so flawless! Good choice in make up!

    <3 Jamie

  30. looks like a good weekend! I love your skirt!!

  31. I use Bare Minerals too! It really is the greatest! I love your sandals!! Happy Tuesday!

  32. Ugh...26 (going on 27!) and STILL dealing with acne! Frustrating...but I probably really need to try Bare Minerals! Great tips!

  33. First off, looove the new blog get-up! I'm can't wait for mine to be done :D Second, I just read your About Me section...one day when you decide to live in Cali we should totes be friends. Just saying. I am working on a COMMS minor, am always late, in love with Target, and Zooey Deschanel/New Girl, anddd I'm a horrible liar. Aka I'm not good at hiding my feelings or what I think! Gosh. I'm so proud of you and your blog :)

    And yes. I know I'm a dork.

  34. I heart BM. Wait, BM does not equal bowel movement. It means bare minerals. I have seen a huge improvement in my skin since I started using it.

  35. You're definitely not the only 22 year old who breaks out.. My face looks like a 14 year olds, as I type this. It's ridiculous. I've always attributed it to stress... Maybe it's the make-up I use! Where can I buy this makeup you write about? Adorable outfit!!!!!
    Also! I see that you have a picture of Scripture. How did you take that picture with your phone? Is the Scripture on your phone? Haha sorry.. I'm technology challenged..

  36. Thank-you for posting this! I seriously just read this with my mouth open. I'm also 22, and dealing with the pimples and acne, bumps on my forehead, etc. I always had clear skin but have been using MAC for about a year now and it's gotten worse. I thought that it couldn't be the makeup but maybe it is, I might have to try having a break! Seeing all the comments here too is making me realise that it was MAC that might have screwed my complexion...

  37. i'm so glad you love the BE products!!! i'm thinking of giving it another shot...it was kinda cakey on me...buuuut...i was using an oil moisturizer and i think that had a lot to do with the clumpyness!

    and yeah i looooove mac but it makes me breakout too!!

  38. I've been using bare minerals for about 6 years. I love it!!!!! I actually just use the foundation bc I'm too rushed, most of the time, to do all of the steps, but it's the bomb diggity! It seems to last a while too, which is always nice! I'm glad that you made the switch and that it's helping. I really struggled with acne in high school and I def feel your pain. But you should know, that I can never see anything in your pics. You are beautiful!! Xoxo

  39. Hey.
    I'm new to your blog and wanted to drop a comment to say Hi. And...
    Bare Minerals is AMAZING! I too struggled with acne as an adult (I've always struggled with it)...but Bare Minerals CHANGED MY LIFE (in the make-up way)! ;) I also use the concealer...which works wonders for concealing blemishes (if they do arise). The concealer also works wonders for covering the redness that tends to be around the creases in my nose and concealing dark circles under my eyes. Bare Minerals is just all around amazing!
    Great to find your gem of a blog!


  40. Love BM!!! Last year, for the first time in my life (I was turning 4-0 in December!) I was dealing with constant "facial blemishes". Since everything else started changing after I turned 37 (please note...ha ha), I just chalked it up to age. But it wouldn't go away and I'm pretty particular about my face so was desperate for something to work. I had a bag full of products I had tried, to no avail. I happened to turn on the tv (rare for me) and caught a BM infomercial...and actually watched it (even more rare). I was sold!!! I called my sister, convinced her, and we both placed our orders. A year later, I am loving it. My face cleared up instantly. Woohoo! It feels so light....that might be my favorite part.
    I am enrolled in the Beauty Renewal club...its a much better price, plus free shipping after $50. You can stretch your shipments out to four months too. They also send you free product samples...love the skin rever-upper and their mascara!! I say Bare Minerals definitely changed my life. Good for you too!!!

  41. Me too I thought as you age you'll have acne free face haha!I haven't tried Bare Mineral but I will.I love the campaign!


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