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"Hi Lovely Little Things readers! My name is Holly and I blog over at Running in Stilettos!
I'm a twenty-something wife, fur mommy, full-time professional, and part-time grad student, who loves life and most of the things in it. Running in Stilettos is a lifestyle blog. I love clothes and shopping. I love Chipotle. I love running (weirdo). I love my crazy cute dogs and cat. I love my witty husband. I love traveling and exploring new places and ideas. I love my family. I love laughing til it hurts. I love good wine. I love thinking outside the box and random awesomeness. And I especially love "meeting" new bloggers, so stop by and say 'hi!'"

Susan @ Suzels Says

"Hi there! I'm Susan from Suzels Says. About 5 years ago I ventured down to college in the South. I liked sweet tea and the world y'all so much that I decided to stay! Now I'm in the real world, trying to figure out who let me graduate and how to act like a grown-up. I love Jesus, photography, my friends and family, and my boyfriend David..who happens to be a minor league baseball player (not as glamorous as it sounds :). My blog is a reflection of the above and this charming little life that God has blessed me with. Hope you stop by and say hi, I love new visitors!"

"My name is Kelsey and I'm the blogger behind Glistening Ambition!  I'm a 20 something, God loving, nursing student who is blessed beyond measures and is slightly obsessed with fashion and DIYing.  My blog is a fashion and lifestyle blog with a touch of anything and everything in between.  I started it as a creative outlet and a way to document the things I love.  I hope I can inspire you to glisten in all areas of life!"

I still have a few small ad spots left for May!
Enjoy your weekend, lovelies :)



  1. Three more great blogs to read! Can't wait!!
    Have an awesome Saturday girl- only a few more of these Saturdays before Summer Freedom!!!

  2. Yay...time to go blog stalk. Haha. Happy Saturday!

  3. You have a very beautiful blog with a lot of inspiring posts! I'd like to invite you to be my friend and follow each other:)

  4. Definitely checking out their blogs - have a lovely weekend!


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