What's Not to Love?

Happy Good Friday, sunshines!
Unfortunately I will be in class & then at work, so if you have
a 3 day weekend enjoy it enough for me, too ;)

I'm linking up with the oh, so lovely Lauren at From My Grey Desk
for some High Five for Friday action!


All you have to do is name the top 5 things from your week!
And to be honest, this week was SO hard for me to narrow
it down to just 5. Lots of fun little things made this week a great one :)

After realizing just how much coffee/caffeine I consume in a day after
doing this post, I decided to limit myself to one cup of coffee
a day. ONE. That's huge for me. I normally down at least 3 cups every day.
Well I did it! And guess what - I fell asleep before 3am every night...imagine that ;)
More sleep = happy Jessica!

I've been drinking tea instead (caffeine free of course) and it's actually pretty good.

I finally found a pair of white jeans that fit! And they were on sale!
Thank you for having petite clothes LOFT :)
You make shopping for us short people so much easier.
Along with the white jeans, I got some cute coral wedges.

Actually, I posted about these wedges in my Craving Coral post on
Wednesday and my Grandma read the post and ordered them for me...
um can you say BEST GRANDMA EVER?! Outfit post coming soon :)

Remember when I told you guys that when I hit 500 GFC readers
that something exciting was going to happen? Well I'm at 497...close enough ;)
I'm getting a CUSTOM blog design...AH! I am beyond stoked and can't wait to see it!
It'll be awhile before it's installed, because I'm #10 on the waiting list,
but I just couldn't keep it a secret any longer.

Today is the Rays' home opener!
I don't follow a lot of sports, but baseball is an exception.
LOVE. Can't way to get to a game!
Go Rays :)

I got to spend the whole day with Adam yesterday!
He had off work, because he was supposed to be getting his
tattoo done (rescheduled for May 31st), and I had already planned
to skip class to go with him. So we grabbed some lunch and then
walked around historic Plant City. We mostly hung out near an old
train station type place (now the Welcome Center) and took a few pictures.
Oh, and I finally got to try a macaroon...delicious! Be on the lookout for an outfit
post dedicated to our Plant City hangout next week :)


And last thing,
I never heard back from the winner of my giveaway, so
I went back to the Rafflecopter widget and had another
random winner chosen:

Congrats to
Jill Schlegel Snethen 

Send me an email within 48 hours with your shipping address,
and I'll get you hooked up with Ashley 
so she can send you what you choose from her shop!

Happy weekend, friends!

Linking up with Hollie, too :)


  1. super cute shoes :) I can't wait to see your new design!
    Happy Good Friday to you!

  2. Jess, I love your blue shirt and white shorts outfit! Super cute... and the oxfords!!! :)

    Also, I used to write at Coffee, Chocolate & Pen and had to shut it down.. I'd love for you to check out the new site! (I broke up with my boyfriend and there were so many things on there about him that I wanted to start anew.)


    And I'm excited to see your outfit post with your new shoes!! Such a sweet grandma! My favorite color is coral, so this is obviously a favorite trend of mine.

    -Andrea Loree... or just, Loree

  3. lets go Rays!! I wear my rays tshirt here and everyone gives me crap for it...whatever I gotta rep my home town whenever possible!

  4. 1. One cup a day.. PROUD OF YOU SISTA.
    2. My grandmother can barely turn on a computer MUCH less purchase something for me… BUT I am going to see her this weekend so I am SURE I will end up with some kind of treasure!
    3.YAYYYYYY new BLOG DESIGNNNNNNNNNNNNNN. The extra letters say it all.
    4. I hate baseball. Go Rays? haha :)
    5. you.are.too.cute.can.we.befriends?
    6. the end
    7. LOVE YOU
    8. Happy easterrrrrrrr

  5. Yay for a new blog design! :) Can't wait to see it! Glad you had blast with your boy in Plant City! I've heard good things about that little town! Also your outfit is ADORABLE! I want to go out and recreate it RIGHT NOW! :) Hope you have an amazing and blessed Easter weekend! PS. We really need to figure out a time to meet! :)

  6. Your grandma reads your blog? Haha that is so cute :) My parents don't even know about my blog, much less my grandma (Yeah, I don't know why I haven't bothered to show them) I love those shoes she got you!
    Yay new blog design!
    & I've never been to a single Rays game, how sad is that?
    & I love the outfit in the last photos! :D
    xo Heather

  7. Look at you getting all fancy win your outfit post!!!!!
    How fun that you got to spend a whole day with Adam. It's those days that keep us going and keep us sane. I'm excited to spend tomorrow with my lucky guy. It's literally his first off day in a month and he is spending it with me. :). How lucky am I? I hope you have a fabulous Easter weekend!

  8. That outfit is so, so cute!

  9. Cute outfit!! Can't wait to see the new blog design!! I am getting one too, but it won't be until sometime in May!

  10. Ahhh I am SO in love with those shoes - you have the best grandma ever :) You look so cute in your little white shorts and those oxfords. And that's so exciting about the custom blog design, I've been toying with the idea of doing it myself...can't wait to see how it comes out. Have an awesome weekend Jess!

    The Other Side of Gray

  11. I wish I had today off too! Looks like you and Adam had fun yesterday! And I am dying for those wedges too...I bought a similar pair from his line last year...wore the soles off! ;) Happy Friday!
    Giveaway @ Because Shanna Said So

  12. love this!

    1. yay for custom blog designs! SO exciting. can't wait to see it :)

    2. toy is the BEST - what a sweet grandma (i still want to be friends with her)

    3. love your outfit in number 5 - so perfect for spring.

    have a happy, happy easter! and try to survive at work ;)

  13. I love TAZO tea, LOFT, those wedges, baseball opening days annnnd your always-so-cute outfits. Happy Easter weekend!!!

  14. Your outfit is super cute! And again, I'm soo jealous over your Grandma! lol! She is too cool!

  15. This whole post is filled with winning! Lol
    So if we do meet up in may, we will go to teavanna and I will educate you on tea blends. Tea is just so yummy! ;-) and healthy too. Lol
    That's so sweet of your gma! If she's reading this now, you rock!
    Love the outfit. It's perfection that will go up on pinterest.
    Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

  16. That outfit SO cute!! Pinning!!

  17. Aw, your Grandma sounds so sweet!! What a nice thing she did! And the wedges are just too cute!! Hope you have a great weekend!! :-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  18. What a sweet Grandma!! I just purchased some pretty similar coral shoes online yesterday from Target, and am soooo excited for them to arrive!

  19. Just found your blog and loving it! Grandma's are the best, aren't they? Sweet woman and adorable shoes!

    And it's funny because you never realize how powerful a caffine punch coffee has until it's too late.

  20. That outfit is perfection on you!
    Where are those oxfords from? I've been on the search for the perfect ones for a while now.
    Also, your grandma is adorable!

  21. Oh and RAYS GAMES! ...Hello double date idea!

  22. Found you from Story of My Life ... lovin it over here! :)

  23. I am LOVING your hair// your outfit// your shoes// your bag.... oh shucks, I just love you!

    Happy Friday (:

  24. Love the wedges! I have got to find some similar to them!

    p.s. Love the blog!!

    -Alexis :)


  25. I lurrve your outfit!! Could you be any cuter?? Happy Friday lady!

  26. way to go on drinking less coffee, hun! :) i've tried to do the same, and you're right.... to bed a little earlier than the middle of the night is nice haha! and isn't that tazo tea the BEST?!

    your love for life and sweetness continually inspires me!

    happy easter weekend, doll!

  27. You're too cute for words in the last few pictures! Glad you got to have some quality time with Adam the whole day!

  28. Adorable!
    i love that outfit!

  29. Isn't it so weird to go to bed earlier when you're used to going at 2 or 3am? I always feel a little confused when I go to bed before 1230.

    That's super exciting about your new blog design! Who are you having design it?


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