Week Without Words

one// Kiss for Keisha...yay for new friends :)
two// Friday night was girls' night...2 for 1 sangria...yum!
three// Boots learned how to get on top of the fridge...NO!
four// It rained here pretty much the ENTIRE weekend.

five// My attempt at writing an 8 page paper...the night before it was due. Oops.
six// My beautiful new wedges!
seven// Getting my work out on! The elliptical was "out of order" for a few weeks so I was
stoked to be able to use it again.
eight// I made a bet on October 20, 2011 with a guy a work. He said I couldn't
go 6 months without cutting my hair...I WON!

one more thing that I did this week but failed to take pictures of...
I actually hung out with another blogger :)
It's kind of a funny story.

Adam was in a band in high school.
One of the guys that did vocals for a little while was (and still is) married to Sara.
I didn't really know Sara very well but I always looked up to her as being a 
super creative/crafty person. I secretly stalked her blog way back in the day.
Actually, her old blog was the first time I'd ever seen/read a blog...crazy!

Anyway, she took a year or so off of blogging and during that time my blog was born.
Remember...Sara and I didn't talk really ever...
But one day she posted on my Facebook wall that she loved my blog
and added it to her Google Reader list...I freaked out!
We exchanged lots of Facebook messages about blogging - I told her
I used to read her blog and how I looked up to her as a creative person.
And she also told me that she was starting a new blog!
WHAT! I was so excited :)

Anyway, Adam & I met up with them Saturday night and grabbed dinner
at a cute local burger place and then went back to their place for dessert.
It was SO much fun! Sara and I literally talked for 3 hours non stop.
The guys had to come in and break us apart...twice....so that Adam & I could leave.
Adam & I both talked about how great it was on the way home.

Yay for old/new friends because of blogging :)
I finally have someone to hang out with that understands blogging!

 I know you're just dying to check out her blog now that I've raved about her

the lovely lemon, crafting goodness and everyday life

Well there you go! 
Her husband & I are working on convincing her to get Twitter, too ;)
Go check out her awesome craft skills and read about her cute life!

Happy Sunday, loves!

P.S. Melissa from Grin & Barrett kindly nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award.
Just wanted give her a shout out...thanks girl :)


  1. Oh my goodness you are so sweet! We had so much fun last night! But we MUST have our own little date without the boys so that we can talk AS LONG AS WE WANT! lol

    by the way...I will be setting up my Twitter account today ;)

    Thanks lady!

  2. Awww Boots lol! Love the wedges, super cute!

  3. My beautiful BLS/Mint Mac! I love you!

    Also, I just started following Sara's blog, and I left a note to be sure that she knew I arrived at her place from LLT! :-) I also made mention of Twitter, so hopefully that helps to convince her too!

  4. 2 for 1 Sangria? Yes, please! Love the wedges! Umm can I have your legs?? Lookin great girl! Sounds like a fun blate :)

  5. Those wedges are AMAZING! I have to have some! Hope they're comfy too :)

  6. LOVE those wedges! And I have the same coffe rug in my kitchen that I spy in the background :)

  7. This is a really cool story. Sounds like Sara is a kindred spirit! :) How wonderful to find someone who understands what you love, especially someone you've followed and looked up to for so long! So few people really "get" our blogging thing, even if they support it, and it is the BEST when you find a friend to go on and on with about blogging, life, etc and they totally get you :) Love that!!

    Hugs to you and prayers that you're feeling better!! XO :)

    ps - I feel like every time I comment on your posts it's a short novel...and each time, they keep getting longer and longer :/ haha!

  8. Could those wedges be any cuter?! Glad you're loving them! And how about all this rain?! Our electricity was acting all crazy yesterday because of the storm from Friday! But we've needed the rain so it's ok! :) Hope your weekend has been great! :)

  9. you are so cute! and too good for working out for that hot bod of yours! haha ps so jealous you are hanging out with bloggers. still gotta make a date with you my pretty girl! x

  10. Check out them wedges!! So glad you got them from your sweet grandma :)

    And yayyy for meeting up with a fellow blogger!! You were in a band?! sayyy whaaaa?!?! with your soul mate??? AWESOME POSSOM!!


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