Thank you to all of you who told me to enjoy my weekend
after having a not so wonderful week last week!
I enjoyed every second of the weekend, and I'm ready to take on the week :)

As always, Monday is all about Smell the Roses!
If you're not sure what it is, no worries, you can catch up here.
Last week's task was to surprise someone just because &
I think this has been my favorite task so far!
I love taking the time to give someone a thoughtful surprise,
whether it's a compliment, meeting them for a lunch date OR...
buying them tickets to a baseball game ;)

I decided that I wanted to surprise Adam. He's there to pick me up when I'm down,
to listen when I feel like talking nonstop, and of course to snap some shots when
I'm in need of some blog pictures!
(Although, my mom took these first 3, because I hadn't given Adam the surprise yet)

Instead of just handing him the tickets, I decided to get a baseball and write the game
info right on it. A little more creative & now he has a little keepsake!

Adam's a huge Rays fan & I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that he loved his surprise :)
Take this in...you rarely see a picture of him with a real smile!

We played catch with the ball, and I thought it looked cool dirtied up. 

Did you surprise someone this week?!
Grab a button, link up & let me know :)


This week's task:
Meet a need.

There are tons of needs that need to be met all around us on a daily basis.
Maybe you want to take a homeless person grocery shopping or volunteer 
for a local organization or pull your neighbor's weeds...it can be anything, the sky
is the limit :) So get out there and lend a helping hand, lovelies!

And because you guys are SO wonderful,
I have a little surprise for you in honor of last week's STR task :)

I'm giving away a small ad space for May!
You only have ONE day to enter to get to it!
I'll announce the winner on Thursday :)
Good luck!

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  1. I LOVE the idea of a surprise and this one is too cute...especially writing it out on a baseball! Yay! I'm a baseball fan, so, this was even more exciting to me...Yankee fan in particular...so...I really hope the Rays beat the Red Sox! ;) Have FUN!!! :) Oh and your outfit is adorable, as are you!

  2. SO CUTE! You are seriously the smartest ever!! I love Adam's big Cool-Aid smile too. Really does show it's the little things that count! Nice job doll. Have an amazing week!


  3. Love this! Your surprise is awesome! I don't have anything this week other than surprising everyone by remembering dishes and food during the move! hehe


  4. No idea you had such a bad week last week!! I am a horrible friend and have been caught up on my "problems". I'm sorry!! But good news is, you're adorable (like I always always tell you...does it get old?! Lol I hope not!) and I LOVED your surprise! So stinkin' cute/sweet!! Glad to hear you've had a better wknd. Miss you! Xo

  5. What a super duper cute idea :)

  6. I absolutely LOVE your blog! You definitely inspire me to make mine the best I can. And the idea of writing the game info on the baseball was adorable... I love your dress by the way as well.


  7. This surprise was so cute! My husband would love the same thing!

  8. Aw that is SO cute of you! Side note - love that floral dress :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  9. Your such a sweet girlfriend!! (: awhh i love that idea and I bet Adam loved it too!

    Happy Monday!


  10. What a great surprise!
    My hubby is a die hard baseball fan (he wakes up at 4am here to watch the games--darn time zone!)

  11. you are so cute! and I love that idea - way to be a super girlfriend. : )

  12. This is SO PRECIOUS! How cute are you?! I so wish we had a major league ballpark near us...I'd totally do this for my bf! He would just die. Happy Monday to you!

  13. What a cute and fun idea! Hope you guys have a blast when you go! :)

    Happy Monday, miss!

  14. Super cute way to give a a gift! :) Bet he's super excited! I entered the giveaway,even though I've already been featured on your sidebar! One last thing...your dress is adorable! :) Hope this week is better than last!

  15. You must have THE luckiest boyfriend in the world!!
    Looking forward to this week's challenge..i Just have to figure out what it will be..
    Happy (?) Monday girl!

  16. so sweet of you! :) Have a great week.

  17. Loveeee the idea of the baseball for his surprise! So cute! :)

    Have a fabulous week!!

  18. Great idea and sweet way of giving him the surprise! Your dress is super cute too! And your hair is getting sooo long! Love it girl!

  19. That is awesome. Love that idea!! Your dress is adorable. too.

    What a fun idea!
    I am sure that Adam was so happy he had such a wonderful girl friend! What a wonderful smile too!

    You look incredibally cute! Which isnt surprising!

    love love loveeee ya!

  21. You are FANTAB!! He's so lucky to have you, and I know you KNOW how lucky you are to have your endless support!! This is the best idea of telling him the surprise of getting him tickets!!

    It's the small things that make the BIGGEST differences, right?!?!


  22. Such a fun gift idea! You know I share your love of baseball, so I would love to get this as a gift too!

    Happy Monday :)

  23. Wow, that's so creative Jess! Love that little surprise.
    I haven't seen the rays play in ten years. Yeah, it was a school trip back in middle school. And they were horrible so we didn't even watch. Lol I'd love to see a game now though!

  24. This is an amazing idea. I knew I wanted to surprise my boyfriend with Milwaukee Brewers tickets sometime soon and I am in love with this idea to make it extra special. Thank YOU! :)

  25. What a cute way to surprise him with tickets!

  26. That is the sweetest thing! It looks like he really likes the gift :)

  27. Seriously, adorable!

    I love these little challenges! I can't wait to play next week!

  28. Such a cute challenge idea...I have a feeling your blog is going to be a frequent read for me-).

  29. That's too freKing sweetl following you now

  30. Your surprise was awesome! I surprised M with another bottle of his favorite scotch. I poured him a glass of the previous bottle, which he knew was the last glass since it was near empty. And when he asked if that was the last of it, I said nope! And he goes "you're the best!" Good team work :)

  31. Aww, sweet idea. Also, love your dress!

  32. that's such a great surprise!! I bet he had fun with that :)

    glad you had a great weekend :)

    {I have a giveaway going on now & would love for you to enter! amyreneonline.com}

  33. LOVE that gift idea.. you are so creative! :) and I love your dress.. you're just gorgeous! :)

  34. Okay, this is ADORABLE! You are such a sweet and thoughtful girl! :) I'm sure he LOVED that surprise. How fun!

    Looks like you had a restful weekend :) Happy Monday, friend!

  35. I agree, this is adorable. Never thought of surprises that way. Great inspiration.


  36. HI, ADAM!

    So perfect, Jess! Great idea, and I love the pictures your mom took!

  37. So fun!!!! You are too cute! Stumbled upon your blog! Nice to see another FL blogger :) I hope to make it to a Rays game this year!

  38. That was such a cute surprise! Thanks for the great ideas and linkups! :)



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