Saturday Lovin & Blog News

Happy Saturday!
I'm not gonna lie - it's kind of throwing me off that I don't
have to worry about doing homework anymore...
but hey, I'm not complaining ;)

Before I introduce you to some sweet bloggers,
I want to let you guys in on a few things:

- Starting in May, I will no longer be posting on the weekends regularly.
But don't worry, Monday-Friday I'll be blogging my little heart out!
And maybe a weekend post once in awhile.
I want to spend my weekends out doing things rather than behind the 
computer screen...I'm sure you understand :)

- I've decided to incorporate my passion for health/fitness on
my blog a little more. So you'll be seeing a few more posts 
about that.

-Also in May, I will be showing off my sponsors during the week
rather than the weekend. Since I am charging for sponsor spots now, 
I want them to get maximum exposure!

Today I have 3 lovely ladies for you guys to meet!

"Hey! My name is Beverly, and I'm a 20- something year old gal who is a newborn to the blogging world! I am a native to Southern California... where the sun shines, the smog is thick, the traffic is bumper to bumper, and where you can be in the mountains, beach, forest (ok... Rainforest Cafe), and desert in ONE day!! I "temporarily" live in Oregon, going on for 3 years this July (I know... not so much temporary, but I still tell myself that to get through each day). I love pink, high heels, and Lauren Conrad!! At this point in my life, I'm learning to let go, and accept the present for the here and now! la la Love, Learn, and Laugh is a lifestyle blog consisting of graduate school, work, family, and a glance of my limited play time (which covers DIY's, Pinning and some!). I'd love to have you over and explore the bloggy blog world together!"

"Hey there! My name is Meghan and I blog over at The Struggling Cyster. I started my blog to connect with other ladies who have PCOS but it has turned into so much more! This month is by far the best month of blogging so far, It's my birthday month, so stay tuned for a pretty awesome giveaway! You can find me blogging about things I maybe shouldn't, baby loss, and everything in between. I'd love it if you'd look around a bit :)"

"Hi everyone, My name is Nicole. I am a twenty something living in the wonderfully eclectic city of Portland, OR. I have a degree in finance and currently manage a small non-profit. I live an active lifestyle and enjoy running, weightlifting, graphic designing, DIYing, cooking and my newest hobby- horseback riding. 
My blog is focused on finances (I’m slightly nerdy) healthy living and my faith in God. You will also probably see some…ok a bunch… of pictures of my adorable puppy Penny, food/fancy coffee and random finds. I hope you stop by!"

You know the drill...
go say HI from Lovely Little Things
& spread some blog love :)

enjoy this wonderful Saturday!


  1. Great post, can't wait to check these out.

  2. Don't feel bad for having a life girl!
    Can't wait to see your fitness posts!!
    Have a great day!!

  3. I understand your need to want to take weekends off, it's good to get out there and do things. Unfortunately for me, a lot of my blogging is done on weekends because I work during the week. But I try to do a few weekday posts too. I can't wait to check out your sponsored blogs! Hope you're having a great weekend!

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

  4. Love to Love ya goooorl!! Thanks for spreading the love in your hood!

    And I didn't "announce" anything, but I took down my weekly line up for Sat and Sun's too... just too much pressure...ANDDDDDD I felt like the juicy posts were during the week anyhoots!!

    Cheers to the freakin' weekend!!!!!!

  5. i am so proud of you for not blogging on the weekends....

    1-everyone needs a break and 2-you will have extra interesting stuff to post about!! it's important to not be so blog focused! although...right now i should probably focus a little more! but school is out in TWO weeks! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!


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