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Today I want you to meet 3 more wonderful, beautiful ladies :)

Becky from A Becky Blog

"Hi, friends! My name is Becky and my blog is A Becky Blog...orginal, huh?  I am a wife to a wonderful husband and a puppy momma to a 106 pound labrador.  I am also a brand spankin' new blogger who started my blog to post my ideas for decorating and crafts as I make our new house a home.  I have always had a love for homemaking from an early age- I would even opt for home decorating or improvement shows instead of Saturday morning cartoons as a youngster.  But what started as a craft and decorating blog quickly became a way for me to also share my faith and my walk with Christ as I strive to become a more godly woman and wife.  In the WHOLE month I have been blogging, I have felt so inspired and encouraged by those who read my blog and by the blogs I read.  There are some AMAZING women out there...let me tell ya!  Oh... and I am flighty and blonde and there is no way around it...so there are bound to be some laughs. 
Come on by A Becky Blog and let's have a chat and share some ideas!"


"Hey y'all ! I'm Britt, and I blog over at The Magnolia Pair! With my husband in medical school I have a lot of free time, so thanks to my new found love of blogging, I enjoy to write about cooking, fashion, photography, and our puppy! I am very laissez faire and enjoy a good belly laugh over watching my favorite youtube videos. Come on over and say hello!"


"Hi there! I'm Marissa from Everyday Lounge Act. I am a wife, mother, & student @ Boise State University. I'm currently earning my teaching degree in Secondary Education - Spanish. I'm a big fan of home decor, DIY, crafts, fashion, beauty, cooking, travel & photography. I started blogging as a way to express what's happening in my life & have an outlet where my creative energy can run wild! I love cats & have vicariously adopted Boots - Jess' cat. I've been truly blessed to have met some inspiring young women taking this journey with me & I hope you will join me as well!"


I'm pretty sure they all encourage blog stalking so go visit & say hello
from Lovely Little Things :)

Enjoy this beautiful Saturday!


  1. Hi Jessica:

    I have nominated you for the Versatile blogger award!

    I will also be checking these bloggers out.

    Happy Weekend!


  2. Thanks for sharing! I loved your 3 from last week and I already read 2 of these ones!
    Have a great Saturday!!

  3. THANKS doll! I can't wait to read more from these lovely ladies!


  4. Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to check these out.


  5. All three of of those ladies are wonderful!


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