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My professor cancelled our Friday class...so at 3:15 PM today, I will be
DONE. Seriously so unreal! The past 4 years has
both dragged by & flown by. Walking around campus this week has
made me kind of emotional to be honest...and I've never really been
involved in at USF but still...I've spent so much of my time there since I was
18 years old. But I'm ready for the next step :)

I shared on Tuesday that I plan on going into the health & fitness field.
That being said, I'm kind of wanting to incorporate a little bit more of
that into my blog...don't worry, I'd only talk about it like once a week!
Thoughts on that?

Today I want to share my current workout essentials!

1. My Nikes!

Honestly, I've always been a Nike girl.
There's not a particular reason...I'm just loyal to the brand.
And I love their outlook on fitness.
On their Twitter profile it says,
"If you have a body, you're an athlete."
I love that - and I totally agree!

This particular pair is from the "Nike Training" line: Free XT Motion Fit.
Obviously I love the coral ;)
But they are super lightweight, which is the reason that I bought them.
I tend to go for darker workout shoes, because if I get white ones I always
see the scuffs and that bugs me.

 2. A headband & hello...a high pony!

I can't stand when my hair is in my face when I workout. Drives me INSANE.
I normally wouldn't choose such a thick headband, but since my hair is
still pretty short, I need it to hold all of my baby hairs up.
Hey, I'm just happy that I can do a high pony now...holllaaaa!

3. H2O & a sweat towel!

Water is essential for any kind of physical activity.
It's super important to keep your body hydrated throughout your workout,
and really just throughout your day period.
I make sure to drink a full bottle during my workout.
It really helps me power through it without feeling sluggish.

Oh and you may not need a sweat towel, but I sweat like a beast
so I most certainly do :)

4. A kickin workout playlist!

And this armband to hold my phone (which is what I use to listen to music)
while I'm running...seriously a life saver!

I've had a "Work It Girl!" playlist since I was 17.
I don't really listen to music during my strength training,
because I'm focusing on counting reps & sets, but music is
essential when I'm doing cardio. Especially if I'm running outside.

It helps me to push through when I'm getting tired...
I think "Okay just run through one and a half more songs..."
and then I end up getting lost in the music and running for 3-4 more songs.
It's awesome!

I've had a lot of people ask me to share my workout playlist...
SO I'm gonna do just that.

Disclaimer: A lot of the music that I listen to when I work out is vulgar...don't judge!
It gets my blood pumping I guess...?

Also, my workout playlist changes like once a month.
And I never listen to it in the same order...I always just hit "shuffle" 
before I start my workout.

My Current "Work It Girl!" Playlist

1. Magic by B.o.B
2. Boom Boom Pow by Black Eyed Peas
3. Imma Be by Black Eyed Peas
4. Honestly by Cartel
5. Forget You by Cee Lo Green
6. Paradise by Coldplay
7. Heartbeat by The Fray
8. Could It Be You by H*Wood
9. Ridin Solo by Jason Derulo
10. Down by Jay Sean
11. Blow by Ke$ha
12. The Show Goes On by Lupe Fiasco
13. Shake It by Metro Station
14. Cooler Than Me by Mike Posner
15. Little Secrets by Passion Pit
16. Born For This by Paramore
17. 1901 by Phoenix
18. She Got It Made by Plies
19. No Hands by Waka Flocka Flame (Side note...I had to rap this song to 2 strangers on my 21st birthday...that was interesting. Maybe I'll vlog it for you one day ;))
20. Black & Yellow by Wiz Khalifa 

SEE...so random!
I hope you don't think I'm super weird after reading that ;)



  1. nope - not super weird :) and i finished school (just for the semester) last week and am dedicating spring to getting into shape. so...thanks for this motivation :)

  2. Lucky you on your last day of college. My last day is the second week of May. I only have one final that I have to actually go to so next week will be the last week I have to sit through a 3 hour class. SOO glad to see the finish line.

    I love my Nike's to.

    AND I like all the songs on that playlist. Sounds like a good one to me. Ill tell ya if you like her Lady Gaga is great to run to since most of her songs are so upbeat.

    Also I do Tone up Tuesdays and ive been thinking about making it a link up. Maybe we could partner up for that.?.? Just a suggestion.

    Happy Thursday!!

    Sarah @ Crazy Beautiful Life

  3. Happy last day of college!! Love your playlist - I'm gonna have to download some of those :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. I love good music to work out too!! And Paramore often shows up on mine. ;-) I also love to listen to Skillet, Red, Flyleaf and a few others. :)

  5. last day of class ever!? yayyy! i remember the feeling! so exciting! congrats, gorgeous!

  6. I love the quote from Nike! I'm super un-athletic and I only go for walks/runs because my dog makes me, but that quote makes me feel like I can (and should) SUCCEED at fitness. Thanks for sharing your playlist, too...I feel so motivated to work out now haha.
    Have a great LAST DAY of University!

  7. Congrats on graduating! I think it's an awesome choice to go into health and fitness. Can't wait to see weekly fitness posts! :)

  8. I love your workout playlist. I will be adding some of these to mine. I think i need a bigger headband too.

  9. congrats on a the last day of college. I am with you, a headband and tight high pony tail make you feel that much more intense.

  10. My workout essentials are almost identical, minus the headband (they always slip off my head). oops!

  11. oww oww work it mama!
    Look at how long your hair has gotten!! Im so impressed!

    I am loving your playlist! I am in desperate need for some "work it girl" tunes totally gonna copy you.. duh.


  12. Woohoo you did it!!!! I am so super proud of you! Not many people can make it through college (like me lol), that is why it's tough! If it wasn't, everyone would have a degree. Be proud of yourself girl!

    As for your shoes, I am in need of a more light weight pair! Nike is my go-to, too and really the only brand I wear also. I will have to check those out :)

    Love your playlist& love you!

  13. I think adding fitness to your blog rotation is an awesome idea. Obviously something you are passionate about! I have to have music even when Im toning too it keeps me pushing through.

  14. I think music is key to a good workout! Love your playlist, I am definitely adding some of those songs to mine. Congrats on the last day school!

  15. Jess you're so close!!!! Soo excited for you. It's the best feeling, ever :)

  16. Congrats on deciding to follow your passion and on finishing college -- doesn't it feel so great to be done?!?

    Also, I'm glad you also sweat like a beast when working out. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one dripping at the end of a workout. :)

  17. I'm definitely going to have to write down that playlist!

    Thanks for sharing!


  18. I'm definitely going to have to write down that playlist!

    Thanks for sharing!


  19. After tonight, I'll be done with undergrad! (Three more summer classes for grad and I'll be completely done!)

    It'll be so nice for two weeks to have the time to exercise - and then when I start having a set big girl schedule I can legit have time to workout (plus my building has a gym in it, so saving money and just working out after!).

    And I love Nike shoes too! I love their Nike Training Club app - I've been memorizing the workouts on there so once I have time I can do all of those!


  20. Awesome workout list! I listen to that kind of music too when I workout. A praise and worship song doesn't usually help when I'm trying to beast it through a workout. Ha ;)

    Have a wonderful day!

  21. I approve of your tunes...
    that's all i really cared about this post because I so do not work out. haha don't hate me, girl!

  22. Congrats on being done with college!!! I'm a year and a half out and I swear it's still sinking in.

    Love all the workout tips!

  23. I would totally love to see some more health/fitness stuff incorporated into your blog. Always good to have some extra motivation for myself ;)

    And congrats on the last day, woooo!

  24. Love your playlist! Always looking for awesome work out music myself! I just started up a blog and talked about you in my post today, love if you checked it out! Congrats on finishing school!!
    xo Carly


  25. Aw your last class! So exciting...and so emotional. Love seeing your workout essential too.

  26. You seriously make working out look like fun! I wish I was as into it as you are. I just can't seem to make myself like to work out. Which is sad because when I do work out, I LOVE the way I feel after and I love it while I'm actually doing it (I listen to vulgar rap when I run too! It gets me pumpd! lol) I just can't GET myself there. BLAH...sorry for rambling comment! Can't wait to follow you as you become a personal trainer and all around wellness BA! :) PS. You're done with school which means we have to meet IRL now! :)

  27. I LOVE Kei$ha for a work out! Almost the entire CD. My students saw I had her on my iPod and they all called me out for her bad language. Whatevs..

  28. Keey up the good work!!

    and congrats on being done with college :) How exciting!

    <3 Jamie

  29. i love finding someone who appreciates Cartel!!! i love them!! p.s i found a few gems in your playlist that I def downloaded :)

    Cute Blog too!!!


  30. Definitely taking that playlist to recreate on my Spotify account :) Thanks!!

  31. Thanks for all the good workout songs! I struggle with finding good songs to workout to. I have tht same armband too (: I love this workout and fitness post (: looking forward to more!


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