Mix It Up!

Hi lovelies :)
I hope your weekend was full of fun & relaxation.
Mine definitely was...and it was homework free...woot!
It's nice to have time to spend on Pinterest without knowing that I'm
putting off writing a paper ;)

If you didn't see my post on Saturday, I announced that I'm only going to
be blogging Monday-Friday from now on! This Saturday will be my last
weekend post for a good little while. But I will be blogging my little heart
out during the week :)

Mondays will still, of course, be Smell the Roses (which you can read all about right here),
and I'm also going to do a weekly photo drop...basically just random pictures from my
week. YAY!

So I'll start with my (last) week in pictures:

one// Driving to my last day of classes...ah!
two// New bracelet that I won from a giveaway last week.
three// Celebratory saki after finishing my last class...not sure why I look orange?!
four// Sitting in my last class...Advertising Creativity.

five// Firehouse Subs with my love. I ask for a smile and this is what I get...
six// My kitten is so lady-like...this is her position of choice.
seven// Beach day with my cousin...perfection! Florida is awesome.
eight// I may or may not have eaten sushi twice this weekend.

nine// I ADORE this! It was a huge piece hanging in the Bare Escentuals store.
ten// Chicken & veggie salad for dinner one night.
eleven// Last night of homework ever!
twelve// New workout gear! Those shorts have a hidden key pocket so I don't have
to hold my apartment key while I run.

And now for Smell the Roses :)
Last week's task was to make a mix CD for someone.
I made one for my best friend, Brittany.
Her & I met my junior of high school and clicked right away.
BFF status ever since ;)

I made her a CD of all of the songs that reminded me of our time in high school!
I got a little emotional as I was choosing the songs, because it brought me back
to those times. Isn't it incredible how powerful music is?! It seriously blows my mind 
that hearing a song can take you to forgotten places of your past.
I love it! 

Some of the artists that I put on the CD were
A Day to Remember, Copeland, Jack's Mannequin, The Fray, Cartel, Mutemath...
and the list goes on. I even put a song or two on there from the band that
Adam used to play in...Britt & I used to rock out to that ;)
Love her so much!

Did you make a mix CD for someone?!
I want to read about it, so grab a button & link up with me :)


This week's task:
Do something that is out of your comfort zone.

Whether it's wearing colored jeans that you've wanted to wear but have been
intimidated by, talking to a stranger that you've wanted to approach for awhile,
or even trying food that you normally wouldn't. It's so easy for us to get caught up
in our day to day lives without venturing out of our comfort zones. Defying our
comfort is what causes us to grow & experience unforgettable things :)

Enjoy your day...I'll be spending my Monday in the office since school is over!


  1. SO happy for you that you are done with classes ! It's an amazing feeling! You go girl !
    Looks like an amazing weekend ! By the way, that bracelet is super cute !!

  2. haha you are so cute :0) mmm youre giving me a craving for sushi right now...rawrr!

  3. Such cute pics Jess! And I LOVE that you made a mix CD...such a cute & fun idea :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. Good for you for deciding to blog Monday through Friday! I changed that up a couple of months ago. It's nice to not have the stress of two additional days :) Enjoy you Monday!

  5. Is it weird that I am glad that you aren't going to be blogging on the weekend? Im just glad youll have time to take a breath and enjoy your FREE (no more school wooooohhoo) time!

    Lovin all your pics as usual! BUT I really Really REALLY love the bareminerals poster!!

    Love love friend!

  6. YAY for no more classes! Although I don't think that I would have chosen to drink saki to celebrate, but that's just me ;) And as for your "lady-like" cat, I love her for her not so lady-like position ;) I have NO clue what to do to put myself out of my comfort zone, but we'll see... Any ideas?

  7. Your so cute! Love your blog!


  8. I loveeee that bracelet you're sporting!! It's super cute :)

    And your new workout shorts... the whole hidden key pocket JUST for your key.. la la LOVE!! I bought a new pair of Nike leggings that has a pocket on the back waistband.. it can actually fit a key or your iPod if you have a Nano! LOVE it!!!!

    Love how you captured your bff holding the throwback cd! I'd love to hear what's on it... great idea girlfrannnd ... as alll your STR ideas are!

    Happy Monday as an official Full-Time adult with no homework! WOOOOP!

  9. Good job taking off Saturdays... you need time to yourself! Love your cute pics & CD :)

  10. Glad you had such a relaxing weekend! And it's ok to not blog on weekends! ; ) Gotta have time to live right?! lol PS. I wish I had had sushi twice this week! lol Hm perhaps well have to have sushi when we finally meet! : )

  11. Congrats on being done with classes! Isn't it amazing to relax and do things without feeling guilty? LOVE IT!

  12. So happy for you that school is over!! When's your graduation? I didn't get a chance to make the cd because if the hectic week last week, but I'll link up next week. That beach looks amazing! :)

  13. You had such an amazing weekend as far as I can tell- crazy how great 2 days can be!!
    I am going to miss your wonderful posts on weekends, but I guess I will survive!
    Hope you are enjoying your first week of freedom!
    p.s. those shorts are super cute!!
    Have a great day!!

  14. Love the bracelet you won...things are even cuter when they are free. :) And my cats do the same thing...they are so polite. Haha.

  15. Love all the pics!!! Sushi is the bomb and makes everything better ;) Still so jealous you live in Florida!! I totally keep missing the Smell the Roses...how awful am I?! But because of you, Meg made me a wonderful CD and can't thank you enough either for being such an awesome friend and person!!! Love you to pieces <3

  16. Can't wait to come up with something for next week's Smell the Roses! Hmmm.... what would be out of my comfort zone???!?!?

    Anyway, so glad i made my playlist for my hubby! Glad i did it!

    Have a great week!

  17. Look at your cute little workout ponytail. Love it! Mixed CDs are the absolute best, but I'm sad to say that I didn't get to participate this week. I'm back on for this week so bring on the uncomfortableness. Is that a word? Haha!

  18. I love that bracelet!! Sorry I didn't link up this week.. will for sure next week :)

    Have a great week girl!

    <3 Jamie

  19. Love the post! These pictures are all so much fun, and that sushi looks soo good! im addicted to sushi as of late. Im beginning to become addicted to your blog as well... hahhaa

    XO Kristine


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