Make A Statement!

Something that I really want to try to rock this season...
statement necklaces!

My style is kind of plain-jane.
Crazy for me is a stripe pattern...yeah.
So I'm really trying to be a little bit more bold in my
fashion choices, because I want my style to
reflect my personality better :)

I feel like I can get away with wearing plain colored tops/dresses
and still make a statement if I add a bold necklace like one of these:


I've always been a statement earring kind of girl, I think because
of how short my hair used to be. But now that my hair is growing out,
I prefer to wear a necklace over earrings :)

Not gonna lie...I was kind of scared of statement necklaces at first!
(Does anyone else get scared of fashion related things...or is that just me?)

But when I saw some statement necklaces being worn by others,
I realized that if you wear them right, they really can make an outfit without
making you look like a crazy!

I love how these ladies did it:


And see...they all have on plain colored tops!
My kind of girls!

The only thing that I'm still scares me about statement necklaces is
the price tag...yikes! Forget all of those ones that cost
$150+... Target has plenty of cute ones that won't cause you
break the bank!

So how do you feel about statement necklaces?

Of course, I'm linking up with the lovely Michelle from The Vintage Apple!


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  1. I've always had a thing for statement necklaces. Back in the day my idea of statement was a large pendant necklace (the pendant being large, chain small and delicate). My only complaint is that they can be uncomfortable…some are heavy and make me sweat. Haha, kind of weird I know. But don't let that scare you! Go for it! It's the perfect way to amp up an outfit. :)

  2. I definitely get scared of fashion things! I'm so with you! But you can ROCK a statement necklace...I just know it. The key to "scary" fashion things is just throwing caution to the wind and saying "what up world, I'm wearing this today!" lol

    Forever 21 will also be a great (and cheap) place to get statement necklaces this season!

    Ahh....I just saw that you are reading The Lucky One right now! BEST Nicholas Sparks book EVER! You will not be disappointed!

    Happy Wednesday!

  3. I just recently got into statement necklaces. LOVE em! Plus I love that Anthro one you put up. If it wasn't almost 50 bucks I would totes get it :)

  4. Oohhh SO pretty! I love statement necklaces. 4 & 5 are my fave (I have 5 in another color and wear it all the time)!

    The Other Side of Gray

  5. those are beautiful! I like 2 and 7 (maybe I need some more mint things since I have none!) I have one statement necklace that is coral. I got it years ago and just started wearing it because I was not sure I could pull it off. Now I need another one. : )

  6. LOVE <3 I can't decide which one is my favorite! I think it comes down to 1 and 3.

  7. I'd be scared to wear these too! Just give me a single pendant necklace and I'm ok!

  8. I totally feel ya on being afraid of fashion! I have absolutely THE most boring style ever and am afraid to try new trends haha. With all the cute colors and pieces and jewelry that I've seen this season it makes me really want to do a humongous wardrobe upgrade...now if only I could win the lottery! ;)

  9. I have been researching statement necklaces b/c I'm down to rock one for my wedding!! So I feel your LOVE for em :)

    My fave is the coral and gold one (#3)!! Classic! But seriously how can you stay away from the blue and teal colored ones?!?! Oh the choices!!

  10. I love statement necklaces, but I have yet to invest in one. Some of them can get pretty pricey! I think they look best with a plain colored shirt or dress.

    Penniless Socialite

  11. I was just talking about statement necklaces and how they scare me! I know the feeling! I think I always feel like I would have a very limited amount of outfit options for them. This post is making me feel better about it :o)

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  13. I love them too but chicken out every time I put one on!

    I have heard that there is a knock off of #3 in the second set of pictures on Ebay. I have seen multiple bloggers that purchased it for WAY less on there.

    Can't wait to see how you wear some statement necklaces!

  14. Surprisingly, I like necklace number 3 the best, then number 4. Thanks for sharing these :)

  15. I'm in the same boat as you! Being a teaching major, I tend to buy plain colored clothes so I can wear them out and to teach in. But I'm always on the hunt for jewelry that can make an outfit less boring! I'm in love with #5!

  16. LOVE statement necklaces! I get scared too and I've passed up several on my trips to Target because I was too nervous about them. Hopefully I'll get braver :)

  17. I have thought so many times lately about how I want to start wearing statement necklaces... but my follow through needs some work! Maybe this will be the extra inspiration I need to make it happen! :)

  18. You and I have similar style. My style has been referred to as clean and classic. The nice way of saying boring? Hahaha!

    I love statement necklaces too! Nice virtual collection you started in this post. :-)

  19. love statement necklaces! very cute :)

  20. oooh, love them all! So pretty!

  21. So lovely, I need to get more of these type too. :)

  22. I love the idea of statement necklaces, but I too am scared of them. Have you tried Francesca's? It's trendier than target, but not as expensive as Anthropologie. They have super cute pieces for under $30!

  23. Loving #1 & #7 and I think #6 would look AMAZING on you with a cute little summer dress!

  24. i have become so obsessed with necklaces! i brought so many to barcelona but it's kind of dangerous to wear flashy jewerly here. such a bummer.

  25. I love statement necklaces and am trying to wear them more because I'm also a plain Jane kind of girl most of the time. It's such a great look though!!

  26. Love all of these necklaces!! My faves are #3 and #6. Oh man, I'd love to add those to my collection!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  27. I love these! I need to get some statement on my neck asap!

  28. The statement necklaces are great - I just am not very good at pairing jewelry with outfits, so I'd be a little worried about actually wearing one. I love how they look, though!

  29. I LOVE these!! Especially the very first #1. So pretty!

    Your blog is seriously like my little breath of fresh air every day - inspires me!

    Hope you're feeling better today after the tea and rest! :)

  30. I just found your blog and I can totally relate to you about being scared to try the statement necklace but now i love them and your picks are perfect for Spring. Great post, following you now


  31. So into statement necklaces right now! The last one is my favorite! Great picks.

  32. I just found your blog and it is lovely! These necklaces are so fun, 2 and 3 are my favorite! I'm like you though, I was nervous to try it at first too :) I'm your new follower!

    Happy Thursday

  33. Love statement necklaces...took me a while to get hooked though.

  34. #2 & #7!!

    okay i love statement necklaces but i have this phobia that they make my head look bigger than it already is.

    Weird I know.

  35. I love statement necklaces! I'm obsessed with #5!


  36. I need more statement necklaces! I have some, but don't wear them as much as should, which means I must need new ones ;)

  37. I think I'm goint to give the statement necklace a try :)
    I am SUCH a scarf person and that might be the perfect switch for the summer :D
    Have a great weekend!

  38. I've always been a huge fan statement necklaces! I went through a Lia Sophia phase at one point so I got plenty in stock! And I absolutely love your choices here, especially the 2nd one... damn, if seafoam green was a man I'm pretty sure I'd be in the middle of a super hot love affair :P

  39. You can purchase knock-off J Crew Bubble Necklaces on Ebay. I have 2 that came from there. One was less than $14 shipped!


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