Macaroon Madness!

Is it just me or have macaroons been all the rage lately?
I'm not really sure if certain foods can be "in" 
but I feel like macaroons are totally "in" right now.
Weird? Maybe. Whatever :)
Adam & I went to lunch last week and the restaurant had macaroons
on the dessert bar. So of course I just had to try them.
I have to say - party in my mouth. So delicious.
Look at me go...macaroons & mint chocolate chip ice cream within two weeks...
time to chill out with the desserts ;)

I did save 2 from lunch to use in a little photo shoot that Adam & I had!
(I use the phrase "photo shoot" very loosely...it's really just us running around
like awkward, crazy people with my iPhone 4S camera)

Here's me being bossy and embracing my very type-A personality ;)

And here, I'm trying to decide whether or not it was a good idea to eat those after
I'd been carrying them around with gross, sweaty hands for a few minutes. 
Just so you know...no, it was not a good idea. I spit them out into a nearby bush ;)

As always, photo credits go to my wonderful boyfriend :)
We just used my iPhone 4S..that's all I have!

Outfit Credits:
Top, Belt, Sunglasses, Cross Body Bag // Target 
Shorts // Express
Bangle // Forever 21
Shoes // DSW
Nail Color // Navigate Her by Essie

My product spotlight post will be on Thursday this week.
I'm working on something that I can't wait to share with you guys!

Oh and I only have 1 large ad space left for May...they're going quick!
Head over to my Advertise page and get your spot :)

Enjoy your day, loves!


  1. i've never had a macaroon, but i'm dying to try them! i dont think we have anywhere in Memphis that makes them :(

  2. love that shirt! so cute :) and I love your hair, it's so fun!!

  3. You look pretty on your photos! Nice shots! :D


  4. Macaroons ARE all the rage right now...which means I've never had one! I'm always so late to hop on the bandwagon with these things, haha. But I totally want to go hunt one down after reading this...because who DOESN'T want a party in their mouth? :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  5. Yep. Macaroons are "in" here in Virginia... not really sure how a food becomes the in thing - but they are. I have yet to try one though! :)

  6. ooohh I want to try them TOO... likelyhood of finding them in my microscopic town... BAHA Ill be on the look out in one of my big city ventures!

    I have said ths 1566841 times buyt seriously YOU ARE TOO CUTE AND I REALLY LIKE YOU AND YOUR CLOTHES. Amen.

    Love love loveeeee happy tuesday!!!!!!

  7. i <3 macaroons myself :) hope you're have a great week!

  8. Looking beautiful, Jess, as always!
    And I totally agree that macaroons seem to be "in" right now. Funny isn't it?!?

  9. I've never had a macaroon. Does that make me a bad person, or just a bad blooger?

    Anywho, love your outfit/hair/everything.

  10. Love your outfit! And are macaroons really that good? I've never had one!

  11. What a cute, casual outfit! I'm not a huge fan of macaroons...I'd rather eat chocolate for dessert :)

    The Tiny Heart

  12. Well, I feel totally special, because I got the outfit credits before this post. :-) It must be sister privileges or something!

  13. Macaroons have been on the top of my "to try" list for a while now ... not only to they sound delish but they are just so pretty in their pastel colors :)

    Love your chambray and your blog!



  14. I heart macarons! They are the first on my list to learn how to make! My sister made them for me for Christmas and they turned out divine!

  15. I really love this outfit on you! your legs look hot girl!
    I've not tried those type of macaroons. But I have some coconut macaroons that don't look pretty like that. But they taste yummy.
    Im amazed at the high quality that iPhone has!
    I wonder what yiur product review could be? ;-)

  16. Macaroons are definitely "in" right now. First it was cupcakes, then cake pops, and now macaroons. :) Here in Chicago we have a macaroon truck that drives around (kind of like a cupcake truck). I think I've only had one macaroon in my whole life so I think I may have to try them again.

    Also, love your shirt!!

  17. I've never tried macaroons! Maybe I will soon :)

    I LOVE that shirt :)

  18. I'm not entirely sure if I've ever had a macaroon but that's not the point of this comment.

    The point is that when you posted that little sneak peak on Instagram I was so confused. I thought they were like ping pong balls or something. I was so lost.

    So thanks for clearing that up for me.

    love you,

  19. I've never had them!!!!! Def need to get on that. Cute photos, by the way. I want a 4s just for the camera. It takes awesome pics!!! Happy Tuesday! Can't wait for your product spotlight. :)

  20. *sigh* Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream & NOW Macaroons... Jess, what are you trying to do to me??


  21. Can I just say that I've missed
    your blog this weekend?
    And how wonderful it was coming
    back to your blog with such a fun

    Ha! I've been MIA for the long
    weekend, but it looks like yours
    was grand.

    Happy Tuesday! :)


  22. Macaroons are definitely "in" right now. I've never tasted one, but they are just so cute to look at! I'll have to actually try one now!

  23. Such a cute outfit :) & yeah, macaroons are definitely "in", I think thats so weird for a food to be... hip.
    I've never tried a macaroon, but they look so yummy!
    xo Heather

  24. Ummm I'll take your whole outfit...yes, please! And a macaroon!! I've never had one.

  25. My Grandad's all time favorites were Macaroons! PS. When we finally meet, can we go shopping?! Because you seriously have the cutest style EVER and I could benefit from your expertise! :)

  26. Can you believe I've never eaten a macaroon?? Also- You are FABULOUS!! LOVE your blog.

  27. I love Macaroons! And that outfit is gorgeous.

  28. you are SOOOO cute! and your hair is looking extra awesome in these pics!


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