I've Been Poshed!

Hi friends :)

Today's Product Spotlight is a good one!
I've been hearing about this line of stuff for awhile now,
but I'm just now getting the chance to actually try it out...
so glad that I did!

Have you heard of Perfectly Posh?
Don't worry, here's the run down:

"Posh offers you things made from the very best ingredients on earth. From luxurious shea and cocoa butters, to indulgent and nourishing oils, you can be sure that our products are the highest-quality formulations you can find. Find peace of mind knowing we're:

• SLS-free
• Paraben-free and paraffin-fre
• Gluten-free
• Soy-free 
• Using essential oil and fine pthalate-free fragrances
• Natural: Full of butters, oils, and other nourishing ingredients
• Preserved with gentle, effective vitamin E

We offer pampering that is spa-grade, long-lasting, and a fabulous experience. Perfectly Posh uses tocopherol (vitamin E) as its primary preservative, and we fragrance with high-quality perfumes and essential oils. Take care of yourself with products that will please you both mind and body."


you know exactly what is in the products that you are using!
No nasty chemicals that will dry/break out your skin...

Tiffany was kind enough to send me a few products to sample.
I haven't used all of them yet, but the things that I have used...love!

Don't mind if I do...thanks Tiff ;)

My absolute favorite thing that I've used is the Paper Moon
body butter. I have yet to find a lotion that I love all around, but this one has met all of my
lotion needs. It smells SO good (like kiwi), and it's a light weight lotion that keeps my skin
moisturized all day. I hate lotions that leave my skin feeling greasy/slippery and this
body butter didn't do either of those things.

Interested in getting poshed yourself?
Tiffany would be happy to be your Perfectly Posh consultant.
Check out Tiffany's site and get to shopping :)

If you'd like a product of yours to be featured on a 
Product Spotlight just shoot me an email & we'll set something up!

AND I have a couple of small ad spots left for the month of May :)


  1. I like their graphic design! Cute :)

  2. Woo hoo! Let's posh more and more of America! ;-) thanks girl. You picked a good favorite that's for sure. ;-)

  3. Oooohh! Such a cute little bundle of stuff...i could go for some chemical free pampering :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. I've never heard of Posh, but they sound like amazing products!

  5. How fun! You got some great and fun products to use :)

  6. i wanna get poshed!! loving your blog :) would you like to follow each other?! (i'm going to go get poshed now)

    xo's, Vanessa


  7. i wanna get poshed!! loving your blog :) would you like to follow each other?! (i'm going to go get poshed now)

    xo's, Vanessa


  8. Perfectly Posh... what an ADORBS name!! Love it... and LOVE the fact that you said the lotion doesn't leave your hands greasy! I hateeeeeeeeeeeeeee that feeling..what's the using lotion?!?!

    Happy Tuesday gooooorl!

  9. Soo cute! The designs are awesome too

  10. very cool! i love bath and lotion products!!
    im hosting a giveaway right now! I hope you come check it out and enter :)


  11. I love you products and your concept of the products. They are adorable, lovely and indulgent...everything I want in a a product to spoil myself! Your blog site is very informative capturing all of the questions I might want to ask before I even ask them. Thanks Jessica!

  12. These look so great! Cute and natural. Doesn't get much better than that! :)


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