I Actually Tried Stuff From Pinterest?!

Yep, you read that right!
I decided to put some of my pins from Pinterest into action.

I have a bad habit of pinning & pinning & pinning,
but slacking on actually DOING anything with the pins.
Please tell me I'm not the only one with this problem.

So this week I decided to take a two pins and...
bring them to life :)

The first thing I tried was a new recipe.
It's chicken salad, but instead of using mayo you use avocado.
So delicious.

What You'll Need:

// 1 Avocado
// 1 Lime
// Handful of sliced green onion
// Cilantro leaves (I use the spice rather than fresh)
// Shredded chicken (I use Tyson as pictured)
// Salt & Pepper

What You'll Do:

// Start by putting the chicken in a medium sized bowl.
// Add entire avocado to bowl and mash/mix.
// Sprinkle in sliced green onion & cilantro.
// Squeeze juice from lime into bowl.
// Add salt & pepper to taste.
// Mix everything together.

I ate mine in a whole wheat sandwich pocket.
And I had enough left to eat some with pita
 chips the next two days after I made it.

Guys, this was seriously SO good.
I will definitely be making this weekly :)
And it's way healthier than normal chicken salad.

Original pin here.


And the next pin I tried was from my "Work It Girl" (aka fitness) board.

I saw a pin that claimed to link to Carrie Underwood's leg workout.
In case you haven't seen her legs:

Yeah, see why I wanted to give this workout a shot?!

So I did just that.
It was only 3 moves so I figured it would be a breeze.
And I won't lie to you, the workout itself wasn't too difficult to get through.

It is now TWO days later and I don't think my inner thighs have ever been so sore.
EVER. And I'm a workout-aholic so that's kinda saying something.

You can find the pin here, but it just links to an article describing the workout.
I don't know about you guys, but when I try a workout I like to see photo demonstrations.
So I took some pictures of how I did the workout for you :)

Back lunges with a bicep curl

(Do 3 sets of 15 reps for each leg)

Step back into a lunge position.
As you bring your leg back, bring your biceps up into a curl.
Stand back up.

Front lunges with a torso twist 

(Do 3 sets of 15 reps for each leg)

(The original workout says to use a medicine ball but mine
is at my parents house so I improvised)

Do a forward lunge.
Twist body toward knee that is in front.
Lower weights (or medicine ball).
Raise back up to standing position.
This should all be a fluid motion.

Jump squats 

(Do 25 reps)

Start in a squat postion with arms extended out in front of you.
Jump up and land back in squat position.

If you have any questions, you guys know where to find me :)

And another thing - when I finish school (22 DAYS) 
my goal is to somehow find a way to take better pictures! 
I can't afford a camera, but I need to take the time 
to find some good spots outside and get a backdrop for inside pictures...
you know, try to make my pictures not look yellow ;)


  1. girl Carrie's legs are uh-mazing!! totally need some, err lots of toning on mine. will have to give this.one a try!

  2. Did I hear you say "inner thighs"?! I am so there. Inner thigh workouts are so hard to find! Excellent.

  3. So I have been doing the workout that you already put up (not 6 days a week, but I don't generally work out that much so doing it occasionally is a great stride! lol)
    and I MUST add this in to the rotation!
    And that chicken salad thing looks friggin' delicious!

    Man! Pinterest is awesome but you foraged through and found some AWESOME stuff to share with us!

  4. Wow - her legs are ahhh mazing! And what an awesome healthy version of chicken salad - definitely have to try that :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  5. Ow OW! look at you with your Carrie Leg work out... When I get the stamana to stay in the gym longer than 5 mins ( I kid I kid) I will have to try that!

    And really... there isnt anything better than avacados.

    Happy 3 day weekend (I am assuming you have tomorrow off!)

    XO XO

  6. Okay that avocado chicken salad looks SO DELISH! I need to try!

    Oh and the Carrie Underwood leg workout is something I desperately need... if I can actually keep up with it! super excited to try.

    love this post! it's inspiring me to actually TRY some of the amazing things I need on Pinterest!


  7. Girl look at that body! She works out! ;) Yes, I just sang to you in my comment!

    AS for that pita, it looks both tasty and healthy! I'm impressed!

  8. I so need to try that thigh workout. I have skinny chicken legs but bigger thighs so it is impossible to find pants that fit!

  9. get it goooorl!! gettin fit getting right! love your still shots :) you belong on pinterest yo' self ... actually you are!

    that meal looks easy peasy and scrummy! may have to try it myself for lunch :)

  10. I have to say I love love love when you share workouts :)
    I will give that a try tonight!!

  11. Wahoo for putting inspiration and pins into action! I love it! You go, girl! Love!

  12. That chicken salad looks SO. GOOD. I wish I was having it for lunch! I love that you're "doing" your pins - every now & then I give it a whirl too, I call it "Pinspired" when I post about it.

    I hope you post more of your pins! :)

  13. Love that recipe! It seems so simple to make and looks delish too! Funny, I mentioned Carrie's ah-mazing legs on my blog today too haha. Thanks for sharing the workout!

  14. haha you're amazing - so proactive! can i come over for a carrie underwood work out..and then dinner?? ha

  15. Oh girl..I've pinned soooo many things and have yet to do majority of them. Two in one week is awesome!!

  16. So excited I found your blog...how am I just now following? Loving it. Thanks for posting this chicken salad recipe...I LOVE avacados and HATE mayo...so this will be perfect! Gonna try it as soon as I get to the little ol' grocery store! Looking forward to more posts!
    Giveaway @ Because Shanna Said So

  17. Ummm have I ever told you how awesome you are??? I should pay you for taking pics of these moves. Makes my life so much more simpler. I'll def be incorporating these moves into my workout routine. I mean who doesn't want carries legs? Ok going to work out now. Haha! Happy almost Friday

  18. That recipe looks yummy!!

    Also, I praise you again for having so much motivation :)

    <3 Jamie

  19. Um YUM! That sounds delish! And I just bought some avocados! You and Meg man...showing off awesome recipes for me to try! I like it! :)

  20. I've tried this workout a couple of times now since you posted it - so sore!

    Another one I love is the nike training club app for the iphone- have you heard of it or used it? Super cool because there are several workouts on there and it gives you verbal cues throughout and you can play music in the background.

  21. Jess, I just tried the pitas and they are AMAZING! But I think with my leftovers I'm going to add olives.

    Thanks for the great, easy recipe introduction!


  22. Thanks for posting your workout photos, I've started doing bodyweight exercises & blogging about it to motivate me, I want to tone up so will incorporate your lunges too. I had to do squat jumps in my fit test and I hate them with a passion....so that means they must be good for you lol! x

  23. The salad looks amazing! I will have to try it. We always have avocados around here. YUM. Don't be afraid of mayonnaise, though. As long as you're using full-fat REAL mayo it's actually good for you. Check out the nutritional info on the back of a jar of Hellman's. GOOD FATS! The same ones in avocado and salmon. Pretty cool, huh? Just stay far, FAR way from low-fat mayo. It's just junk.


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