Craving Coral!

Wednesday = Oh, How Pinteresting with
Michelle at The Vintage Apple!


I decided to give the whole theme thing a try this week to shake things up a bit :)
I really wanted to do an awesome collage with pretty fonts...you know, the works.

BUT I don't have/know how to work Photoshop.
So if any of you know of a different program that makes awesome collages....
help a sista out?! ;)
My theme this week is Craving Coral!
Coral is my go-to shade in the spring & summer.
It has been for as long as I can remember.
Is it just me or does coral look good on just about any skin tone?!

On to the pins...

I'm seriously considering buying either a coral or a mint cross body bag!
This is making me consider it even MORE ;)

Oh, she's rocking 2 shades of coral - sassy!

Size 6... please, please, please!

Perfect for a lunch date :)

Just YES.

My style in a nutshell.
Living in Florida, I basically live in sundresses 3/4 of the year.

 Coral AND turquoise...I can't even handle this!

How cute are these nails?
And it even looks like something I can manage!

Like what you see?
You can find my pin boards here :)

So what do you ladies think...
Do you like when I do a theme
when I just post my 10 favorite random pins?!



  1. Loving # 4 , #6 and #7. Love coral! I like pinteresting posts, but I will say I've been enjoying themed ones for myself and others too recently! Mine this week is Mint! Great post lady!

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. I love all of this! I think I love themed editions, because it's focused and cohesive. Pinterest is all-encompassing as it is, so I feel like themed editions are more of a thoughtful collection. But that's just my two cents! All of your prior non-themed posts were perfect too!

    Heck, do whatever you want to, girl! I love you either way! Always and always! From Texas to Florida!

  3. i NEEEED that coral bag! omg I'm obsessed! & those coral nails are lovely :D i'm been craving coral lately too!


  4. Do you by any chance have Lightroom?!


  5. I've been wondering how to make the cute collages too! If you figure it out or get tips from someone who has, you should definitely post about it sometime.

    BTW, I #2 and #6 are my favorites...

  6. I love everything about this! I'm all about coral! and those nails are to die for! So so cute!!!

    Happy Wednesday!

  7. Coral...ahhhh, my favorite. You knew just what to post to make me happy, didn't you?! I love every bit of this...I need all of it, too. And coral and turquoise, hello--perfection. Seriously. We'd be bff in real life, for sure :) Happy Wednesday!

  8. Your Pins match your BLOG!
    I must have that striped dress… but then again I feel like I need to have all you pins!!

    Really my obsession with coral is kinda out of control. Oh well I guess there are worse things I could be addicted to!

    Love love loooooveeee!!
    Happy Wednesday!!!

  9. I like this theme!! I want those wedges and the striped dress!

  10. Bah I adore these pins because I too adore coral! :) And I too live in sundress 3/4 of the time because I live in FLorida! But also because it is the easiest outfit EVER! Throw it on, add a necklace, and BOOM you're ready to go! :) Have a great wednesday, girlie!

  11. So pretty!!
    As I think of it, I don't have any coral!! Shopping trip together would be fun! ;-)

  12. Love that second picture! I have a pair of coral skinny jeans I need to break in!

  13. it's closing in a few days, but i use picnik to make collages

    this post made me fall in love with coral, seriously!

  14. I think i like coral an awful lot now! I will definitely have to get me something coral.. Thanks for sharing.

    Check out my giveaway for girls at http://lifeofamother2three.blogspot.com/2012/04/etsy-giveaway.html

  15. Love coral-I especially adore six and seven!

    Great pins:)

  16. The shorts in #2 and nails in #8 are my favorite! Actually who am I kidding?! I love them all!! I think a theme each week would be so fun!! And I can see coral being so pretty on you, with your hair color! CUTE!


  17. that coral bag is so pretty!!! & love those nails! great pins girl

    Happy Wednesday
    xx, ashlyn

  18. i love all of the coral! have you seen the coral crochet toms? so cute!

  19. LOVE all of these!

    I like themes. I do that when I get in the mood.

    Happy Hump Day!


  20. Oh my goodness - drooling over everything in this post! Those striped nails are awesome, and love the SM wedges :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  21. Coral is one of my favorite colors to wear! I am going to be sneaking a peek at these pins, for sure!

  22. You can make beautiful collages on picnik until April 19th for FREE! yay! Sadly, picnik is closing on the 19th but there is new one to replace it called pic monkey! (but picnik is awesome you need to check it out!) Just hit the "library" tab and then you will see where it says collage! Loving that purse too!

  23. I'm totally digging your theme this week! You knocked the ball out of the park with this coral post. You're making me love coral LOL! I think the denim shirt w/ coral shorts is my favorite! Happy Wednesday :)

  24. Sister!! Coral is soooo gorg to me tooo!!!! Love love love it and it brings me sunshine (in my head of course!).

    I wish I knew how to mess with photoshop.. I"m simple and sticking with Instagram, and the other "fancies" on iPhone, but if you figure it out, HAYYYLP US ALL!!

    I have a coral cross body bag (sort of similar to the picture, but no straps) and it's by Jessica Simpson.... the best money I've spent to date on a purse and the more I wore it the more I fell in la la love with it!! So get one!!!!! You must!

    and those Steve Madden wedges are BAGNIN!!! Love me some espirelles!!! Happy Wednesday lovely!!

  25. i'm obsessed with coral this year!

  26. Looooove coral this year!! I have been wanting a pair of coral shorts BAD!

  27. Love the coral! And about the collages, try using Picasa! It's put out by google and is free, fast, and fun!

    Love your blog!

  28. Everything on this list is adorable! I especially love the first bag!

  29. Coral is my fave!!!!!! I adore these pins especially the coral shorts with lilac heels! So gorgeous!!

    As for the collages, I use picasa

  30. Oops. As I was saying, I use Picasa and it's freeeee!!! I love it! I hope you have a ridiculously amazing day! Xoxo

  31. Amazing pins as always! I love love love coral! The dress in your 4th pin, gorgeous!

  32. I just bought a mint cross body bag at Target last week. It looks almost exactly like that! And I LOVE it!

    Fun pins this week!

    Leanne :)

  33. Coral is definitely my favorite summer color. I just can't get enough! :)

  34. I love all of these - so cute!


  35. I would like two and six please and thank you! I have one coral cardigan in my wardrobe that I definitely think I need to incorporate more into my work attire. Happy hump day!

  36. Favorite color ever! Totally repinning half these :)

  37. I love that lunchdate dress and those nails. so pretty!

    I usually use Power point for the collages, because I don't have Photoshop either. It's limited on what you can do, but it works.

    I like the theme pins. It gives so much inspiration to that one subject.

  38. LOVE the coral!! Sadly, I think it would wash out my already pale skin haha

    I do love that striped dres :) And your gma is the best for ordering those shoes for you! I hope you have a great rest of the week!

    <3 Jamie

  39. Coral & I have a love affair going. Its been going on for quite sometime now..don't try and come between us :) Looove that purse! I MUST HAVE IT!!

    Luv ya Jess!


  40. i LOVEEE everything coral. such a cute and fun spring color!

  41. I'm glad you decided on the theme ~thing. I'm really loving this color,too. It's really pretty. Oh,you should check out Photoscape. I think you can do collages on there,but not sure or check out robertsproductions.net for some photoshop tips (that's the site I use). Good luck!

  42. Loving coral!! I think that color is here to stay!! I like when you do a theme and when you pin random faves. Either way is fine by me! :-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  43. Love the coral & white striped dress - I hear you on the sundresses in FL. Kids at school get worried when I show up in anything other than a dress, haha :)
    & love those pretty nails! May have to try that!
    xo Heather

  44. Love coral for spring! Especially that little handbag!


  45. Jessica ! I can see you in every one of these outfits! I think you should re-create one! Also, I am loving the pin themes!

  46. Also...as far as collage-making google "Blog Stomp" it's a program I use on my mac but there is a Windows version . The only think is that it is not free, but I think it's pretty cheap if I remember correctly , like $30 maybe? I love is because it is SO easy to use!

  47. Those coral nails with the stripes are fabulous!

  48. I am loving every. single. thing on this post. I love, love, love coral!

  49. um, hi.

    i want everything in this post.

    that is all.

    p.s. just followed you on pinterest... why i'm just now starting to i don't know!


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